There are many ways to maximize space on your office desk. You can add shelving to the walls, or install a cabinet and drawers. You can also use zoning and Stealtho products to keep your items neat and organized. You can also install a table lamp with an adjustable base and lampshade. It’s also a good idea to keep your lamp below eye level. You can also use cardboard dividers as file organizers.


A pegboard desk organization solution is a great way to organize your office supplies and maintain an organized workspace. Not only does it look cool, but pegboards are durable and can hold a variety of items. Pegboards can also be customized to fit your desk’s specific needs. For instance, you can hang magazines, pens, and notebooks from the pegboards. You can also attach clip-on organizers to the side of your desk to hold small office supplies, including your phone and a notebook.

Pegboards are extremely versatile, and you can add additional pegboards as needed. You can also use a pegboard to display small objects, such as plants or concert tickets. You can even add a neon light to your pegboard if you have a space for it. Just make sure to leave enough space between items to ensure that everything fits properly.

Another option for office desk organization is using binder clips to keep cords organized. Then, use colored tape to distinguish electrical cords from the rest. The resulting grouping can prevent the tangle from being as visible as it once was. In addition, a pegboard office desk organizer can double as a decorative piece of artwork. The organizers can be made from recycled materials, and they can be used to hold your stationary or other office supplies.

Another great use for pegboards is in the kitchen. Using pegboards to hold kitchen gadgets and office supplies can free up valuable counter space. Pegboards are easy to install and don’t cost much. They are also great for displaying items, such as keycaps or electronics. They can also serve as a way to hang artwork and clothes, and make a room look more organized and modern.

Honeycomb shelves

If you want to maximize storage space, add a few honeycomb shelves to your office desk. They have an attractive, geometric shape and are easy to install on a wall or desktop. These shelves are made of bamboo wood, which is strong and lightweight. They also feature a minimalist quartz clock and hexagonal design.

To install your honeycomb shelves, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, paint or stain them as desired. Using painters’ tape, mask any edges of the hexagons you want to stain. Once the stain has dried, install hanging brackets in the corners of the top hexagons. Attach the brackets to the wall studs with 1/2-inch screws.

Another office desk organizer shelf is a wooden one. It has compartments for files, sticky notes, and a coffee mug. This piece of furniture is weatherproof and can even be placed outside in the backyard. That way, you can escape the distractions of your home while working. It’s also soundproof and provides 120 square feet of storage space.

Aside from having the best storage space for your work materials, a desk organizer can also keep your desk looking neat. Its unique design resembles a lunch tray, with indented sections to keep important work items within easy reach. Some people have trouble keeping things organized on a large desk. For those who feel overwhelmed by the space, a smaller desk can help them contain their thoughts and keep things organized.

Metal wall organizers

Office desk organization can be difficult, but metal wall organizers can help you get organized. These handy devices hang from the wall, and their modular design lets you rearrange them as your needs change. They include magnetic panels, shelves, and dry-erase boards. You can also get a hand-finished acrylic wall organizer that holds your office supplies.

This wall organizer has multiple features, including open pockets that keep items off your desk but within easy reach. It also can be hung multiple times for added storage capacity. It also blends in with the industrial look of your office decor. It is attractive and functional. You can arrange the pockets as needed to suit your style.

Desk organizer trays are typically designed for the desktop. You can also choose wall-mounted desk organizer trays to save space. Desk organizer trays are great for organizing your office supplies, but if you don’t have much room, you can opt for a desk organizer that’s mounted on the wall.


If you have a small office or are working from home, a whiteboard on your desk may be a great option for organizing your workspace. Not only will it save space, but it will also increase your productivity. It is easy to use and can even be moved from one place to another. Some whiteboards even come with an easel.

You can also use a whiteboard as a calendar or to-do list. Make sure to use a different color marker for each task. This way, you’ll have a way to easily transfer ideas from one whiteboard to the next without losing them. You can also decorate your whiteboard by adding colorful tape to the surface.

Another whiteboard organization idea is to organize students’ toolkits. Each student can have their own set of materials, including a whiteboard, marker, and eraser. A large gallon bag is a great size for these supplies. Putting these supplies together in a toolkit keeps them organized and saves you time.

Using a cork board for notes, calendars, and to-do lists is another excellent idea. If you don’t want to use a whiteboard, you can hang a pegboard backdrop for storage and decoration. You can even use the pegboard to hang up pictures and decorations.

Another useful office desk organization idea is to use whiteboards as a collaborative space. They can help you to brainstorm ideas, pitch products, and plan efficiently. Visualizing things reduces distractions and improves creativity.

Storage boxes

Investing in office storage boxes will help you maintain a tidy workspace and keep important documents in order. These containers can be used in an open office environment, as well as in a locked unit. The snap-lid storage bins are ideal for storing paperwork and other office supplies. In addition to being compact, they are also secure against spills and accidents. The lids of these boxes can also be locked to prevent accidental spills.

Another great office desk organization idea is using Konnect ™ Stackable Pencil Cups. These containers stack together and can replace a messy pencil drawer. They’re also perfect for organizing loose items. These storage boxes are designed to keep pens, pencils, and other office supplies neat and organized.