Shimla is known as the Queen of the hills. It is a popular destination that deserves many visits. Fortunately, you can visit Shimla throughout the year. Here are a few places that you should visit while you are in town. The Kali Bari Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kali. It is located near Mall Road.

Shimla is the Queen of the Hills

If you’re looking for a beautiful hill station to visit, you can’t go wrong with Shimla. This picturesque town experiences mild winters and pleasant summers. During the winter, the town looks glistening and frosty. In spring, the city is alive with blooming flowers.

To get around Shimla, you can take the public bus system or hire a taxi. Local buses run regularly on a circular road in the city center. You can also hire a tourist taxi if you’re going out of town. Locals generally traverse the city on foot. Private vehicles are prohibited in the Mall area and the surrounding markets. Bikes are also available for hire for 500 rupees each.

The city is dotted with quaint old-world architecture. One of the best streets to walk is Mall Road, which is crowded with shops and restaurants. A stroll down this street offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Another popular place to explore in Shimla is Scandal Point. This historical site is named after a former Maharaja of Patiala who had an attachment with the Viceroy’s daughter, which caused him to be exiled from his home.

It is a popular tourist destination

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the charming hill town of Shimla offers a host of activities to visitors. The town is home to attractions such as the famous Johnnie’s Wax Museum and the Viceregal Lodge. If you’re looking for something to do that doesn’t cost a fortune, visit the Annandale Army Museum or the aptly named Annandale Golf Club.

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in the state. At approximately two-thousand meters above sea level, the town is surrounded by pine, deodar, and oak forests. It is home to a number of historical and cultural sites that draw tourists from all over the world.

Regardless of the season, Shimla is a beautiful location to visit. Temperatures here are typically mild in October and March, but temperatures can dip to the low teens during the summer months. In December and January, heavy snowfall is common, bringing the green hills to life.

It is a place that can be visited throughout the year

As a hill station, Simla is a great place to visit anytime of the year. The summers are warm and pleasant, and there are many activities that you can enjoy. You can go paragliding, go trekking, or even try rafting. There are plenty of festivals held here throughout the year.

If you plan to visit during the winter season, you’ll need to prepare yourself for chilly temperatures. Temperatures in the winter months drop to below zero degrees centigrade. Consequently, you’ll want to pack plenty of warm clothes, thermals, and hats that cover your ears and throat.

The best time to visit Shimla is in October or November, although you can also visit in February and March. December and January can be chilly, with occasional snow flurries. For most domestic visitors, April and June are the busiest months. During this time, you can also celebrate the Hindu festival of Dussehra, which commemorates the victory of goddess Durga over the demon Balabash. During this time, bonfires are lit and feasting is common.

It has a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Simla has a UNESCO World heritage site that you can explore by taking a train ride. The Kalka-Shimla railway is one of the three mountain railway routes in India to have earned this distinction. The train runs through beautiful mountain scenery as it passes through the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a 96.6-kilometer long railway that takes you from Kalka to the town of Shimla.

The British established Shimla as their capital city in 1864 following the first Anglo-Gurkha war. Before that, the city was known as Simla. It was the location of the Simla Accord of 1914 and the Simla Conference of 1945. After independence, it became the political center of Himachal Pradesh. In 1971, it became the capital of the Himachal Pradesh state.

In addition to the river island, the Kalka-Shimla railway and the Great National Himalayan park in Kullu were both recently named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The River Island of Majuli, located in the middle of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, is also up for the honor.

It has a natural dale

The Green Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Simla. It is set against the backdrop of lush green forests and snow-capped mountains. The valley is carpeted with greenery, making it a perfect honeymoon destination. This popular place is open all year round, although it is most beautiful in the summer months.

It has a wildlife sanctuary

Simla has a wildlife sanctuary that offers visitors a chance to see the local wildlife. This pristine area is home to Himalayan Black bears, European deer, and wild boar. This area was originally protected by British India as a catchment area for the city’s water supply, but was turned over to the state after 1947. In 1952, it became a protected forest and was connected to the Chail Sanctuary. The area is largely a temperate coniferous forest.

Wildlife in Simla includes Himalayan Black Bears, Brown Bears, Barking Deer, Gorals, Indian Red Foxes, and Striped Hyenas. In addition, visitors can spot Yellow-Throated Martins and Himalayan Pied Woodpeckers. The sanctuary is open to the public all day long.

For those interested in nature, there are several hiking trails within the Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary. This 14-km-long park offers a glimpse of a variety of wildlife. Bicycles can also be used to explore the area.

It has a shopping area

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, Shimla has you covered. The area offers three great shopping areas for you to explore. The area is also perfect for people-watching. Shoppers can browse the displays of colorful ornaments. Some of these items will surely make you want to buy them.

The shopping area in Shimla is full of unique souvenirs, arts and crafts. Visitors can purchase a variety of items at reasonable prices. You can also buy woolen items and dry fruits. There are also stalls selling various foods and drinks. While you are at the mall, you can also visit the local church and enjoy the local cuisine.

If you love shopping, you will love Shimla’s Lower Bazaar. The area is home to many stores, including department stores, handmade items, and emporiums. You can find everything from colorful earthen pots to woolen socks and carved wooden sticks. It’s also a great place to find some rare medicinal herbs.