The unincorporated census-designated place of San Andreas is the county seat of Calaveras County. It has a population of 2,783 as of the 2010 census. It was founded during the California Gold Rush. The population was 2,615 at the 2000 census.

Island House Museum

The Islena House Museum is an amazing place to visit for those who are interested in the local culture. This museum was built by the native people of the island and it gives you a chance to learn about the life of the people who used to live here. The museum is located in the enchanting town of Cocoplumbay, which is a popular destination for tourists. This small town is known for its azure waters and white sand.

Another great place to visit in San Andreas is the Pinnacles National Park. This national park contains rocks that are not indigenous to the area. They were brought here by the Pacific Plate after it was split by the San Andreas Fault about 23 million years ago.

The San Andreas Fault runs under California and stretches for about eight hundred miles. Though the San Andreas Fault has not experienced a major earthquake since 1906, it remains one of the most studied fault lines in the world. You can sometimes find evidence of the fault line in the surrounding nature, including jagged rock formations and twisted trees.

Haynes Cay

If you have never been to Haynes Cay, you’re in for a treat. Located south of El Acuario, this sliver of heavy rock is accessible by foot. Just be warned that the rocks are sharp and slippery. To protect your feet, rent sea shoes at a price of 10k COP. You’ll also find lockers to store your valuables. You can also strap a waterproof drybag around your swimmers.

If you are looking for a beach vacation with a difference, Haynes Cay is a great option. It’s a small island, with just 50 people, and it offers plenty of snorkeling opportunities. It’s also home to a colony of iguanas and a few small restaurants.

You can also visit El Acuario, which sits next to Haynes Cay. This island is also popular with tourists, as it’s a lively island with natural pools and snorkeling spots. You can even rent snorkels for 10k COP.

If you’re visiting San Andres by boat, don’t forget to take a trip to the Aquarium of San Andres, which is situated off the eastern shore. It’s located on a sand bar about 200 yards north of Haynes Cay, an island adorned with a red and white lighthouse.

Johnny Cay

Johnny Cay is one of the must-see points of interest in San Andres. It is a tropical paradise that combines the decadence of the sea with lush, greenery. Its powdery white beaches are lined with coconut palms that look as if they were painted. The waters here are warm and calm, ranging from cerulean to champagne green.

A short boat ride from the mainland brings you to Johnny Cay, a beautiful island with a nice beach, good snorkeling spots, and plenty of iguanas and lizards. While staying in Johnny Cay is not possible, you can always catch a boat from the island back to San Andres. For those who wish to stay overnight, Sweet Island Apartments and the Hotel Casablanca offer affordable accommodations nearby.

When you visit Johnny Cay, you will be greeted by a lovely woman who welcomes you to the island. You can also visit Morgans Cave, where you can view a museum dedicated to buried treasure. You can even buy a life-size figurine dressed in Spanish or Morgans-era attire. It costs 17k COP to visit the museum, but Trip Advisor has a mixed review.

Another of the island’s famous attractions is the Eco Parque West View. It’s the perfect place for swimming and has a giant water slide. It also has a bar on site. This one is a private spot, and you can only visit it in the afternoon or at sunset.

El Acuario

El Acuario is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a small island with a lot of activity, but the area is also home to a good number of natural pools. The place also offers snorkeling tours, and you can rent a snorkel for about 10k COP.

You can visit El Acuario by boat from San Andres. It’s located at the east end of the island, next to Haynes Cay. The boat ride costs about COP$15k. The water is clear and perfect for snorkeling. If you’re not a good swimmer, bring along some snorkeling gear and wear comfortable shoes.

There are several boat tours departing from San Andreas town. The most popular tour option is a day trip. This option is the most economical and provides the most bang for your buck. It’s a great way to spend a day in the San Andreas area.

Visiting the botanical gardens is another good choice. This place is very educational. It takes about an hour to tour the gardens. Entrance costs 10k COP. You can also visit the town’s main little kiosk for lunch, but it’s important to note that lunch is more expensive than lunch on the mainland.

The island is about a two-hour boat trip from town. From here, you can take a tour of the surrounding area, including Johnny Cay. The trip cost approximately 60k COP for two people. You can also get a chance to snorkel manta rays and coral reefs.

Another interesting attraction in San Andres is the Henry Morgan cave. A few legends claim that Henry Morgan hid his treasure in a cave there. This exhibit is accessible via golf cart and features various knickknacks and quirky exhibits. Visitors will see rows of carved coconuts, rusty pirate objects, and local art. Then, they can finish their tour with twerking lessons!


Vespucci Beach is a beach in Los Santos that is modeled after Venice and Santa Monica. The beach is home to an open-air fitness center called Muscle Sands. It was named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, who famously proved that the “New World” was not Asia, but instead a new land mass. Players can also find Blazer Lifeguards and Seasharks on the beach.

Vespucci Beach is home to several restaurants. It also has jet-ski tours and scuba diving. You can hear music playing all over, and the vibe is extremely positive. The Vespucci district is situated in the west of Los Santos, and is a good choice for tourists. Tourists often flock to this area to shop, and the sidewalk is the perfect place to sit and relax. Be aware, however, that Vespucci can be crowded during the daytime.

Vespucci has been updated in GTA Online. It features a new version of the Vespucci Job mission series. Players can now drive trucks, muscle cars, and helicopters, and take on the roles of either a runner or a squad car. The Vespucci Job is now available with Double GTA$ until April 23, so make sure to check it out.