Lowellville is a village in eastern Mahoning County, Ohio. It is part of the Youngstown–Warren metro area. The village has a population of 996 as of the 2020 census. There are several places to see and do in the town. Here are some of them:

Lowellville Pool

If you’re in the mood for some swimming, then you might want to check out the Lowellville Pool. Lowellville has more than 10 different pools. Most of them get an average grade of 7.2. If you’re staying in Lowellville, make sure to book a hotel with a pool.

The pool is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day. It has a kiddie section and a water slide. You can also learn about the history of the village by visiting the Lowellville Museum. There are also many displays of period clothing and artifacts. Lowellville also has several restaurants, including Dairy Queen and McDonald’s.

Little League Complex

Lowellville’s Little League Complex is an excellent place to play baseball with your children. The town is also home to several parks that offer swings and other fun activities for kids. You can also check out the Lowellville Museum for a glimpse into the town’s history. It features artifacts and period clothing. For food, you can enjoy a tasty treat at a local ice cream shop or dine at the Lowellville Diner.

Lowellville has 7 ball fields for baseball games, walking trails, and an open space for playing. This ball park is also a great place to get exercise, whether you like to jog or cycle. Lowellville has a bike path that is a great place to practice.

The Lowellville Little League has many games throughout the year. Teams play against other local schools in the region and across the county. On April 14, Southern/Lowellville will host Lisbon at 4:30 p.m. Then on April 26, the Badgers play St. Thomas Aquinas.

Central Park

Central Park is a great place to take the family and relax. It features a variety of places to sit and relax, including a turtle pond. The park also has a picturesque area called Cherry Hill, which includes a Victorian fountain and a labyrinth of cherry trees. If you can, visit the park during the months of April to May to see the cherry trees in full bloom.

The Central Park Conservancy website offers a free map that details points of interest in the park, including visitor centers, paths, and major roads. You can also use the map to find nearby subways and bike paths. Biking through Central Park is a great way to get around the park and adds a fun element to your day.

Central Park also has a 106-acre reservoir called the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Central Park Reservoir. This body of water, which covers one eighth of the park’s surface, contains more than a billion gallons of water. The reservoir is also home to the Jacqueline Onassis Memorial Running Track, which is a 1.58 mile running track.

Central Park is a great place to walk around. Its mature trees create a lush canopy that provides a shady refuge during the hottest months of the city. The park has ample benches for you to sit and relax on. It is also home to the famous Literary Walk, which has busts and statues of great writers.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are a great way to support local businesses and vendors, and they also offer a variety of unique and seasonal items. Each market is listed here for convenience and interest, and many include a seasonal operating schedule. You can find more information on these markets on their website and Facebook page.

Art Studio

When it comes to finding a Lowellville Art Studio, you should consider the location. If you’re looking for an art studio that’s close to home, there are several to choose from. There are plenty of activities for all ages, as well as various types of classes and workshops. Lowellville has several parks and open spaces for families to enjoy. The community’s public library also has several activities, including story time, and parents can participate in a Parents Night Out program. Several of the restaurants in Lowellville are locally-owned and are great for eating.

Lowellville’s mayor has long advocated a revitalization of its riverfront area as an economic engine for the area. He points to a mural drawn by Jan Hudak in 1987, which envisioned a riverfront village with public architecture and safe river access. Although this vision took almost 30 years to come to fruition, the city is now thriving.

Students in the Art Studio program will be given the opportunity to explore a wide range of artistic mediums. They will develop skills in visual communication, aesthetics, and conceptual thinking. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the history of art and the function it serves. Students will also be involved in two student-run art galleries.

Days with most clouds in Lowellville

The weather in Lowellville, MA varies significantly throughout the year. The clearest part of the year starts around May 7 and ends around November 10. This period is followed by a cloudy period that lasts 5.9 months. The average monthly rainfall is 3.4 inches, with the lowest monthly total being 1.2 inches.

The cold season in Lowellville lasts for 3.1 months, with the coldest day being around July 19. The average daily temperature in Lowellville is under 43 degrees, with low temperatures at 20 degrees. The figure below shows the average high and low temperature for the month of January. This data is also broken down by day, with the shortest day of the year being December 21 and the hottest day of the year being June 21.

January is the cloudiest month in Lowellville, with a 70 percent chance of overcast skies. In June, there are 11.4 days with a precipitation total of 0.04 inches. While winter is a relatively dry month in Lowellville, the rainiest months tend to be April and August. Lowellville’s rainy season is less severe than that of other parts of Ohio, where rainy days last for a little over two months.

During the summer months, Lowellville experiences warm temperatures, which are usually warm but not very humid. This means that temperatures will be moderately hot during the day. At night, however, the temperatures will drop to the mid-50s.