If you are planning a trip to Irwin, Pennsylvania, you’ll probably be curious about what this borough has to offer. Located in Westmoreland County, this city is just 22 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The area is home to extensive bituminous coal deposits.

Fort Irwin

If you’re an outdoorsy type, you’ll love Fort Irwin, which sits isolated in the Mojave Desert. The area is teeming with natural resources and is an ideal destination for nature-lovers. This remote area is a glimpse into America’s frontier past.

There are many exciting things to do near Fort Irwin, including whale watching, which is a must-do during your visit. You’ll be able to watch dolphins and whales, as well as take in the inspiring scenery. You can also take a whale watching tour, which departs from Fort Irwin daily.

Rainbow Basin Natural Area

The Rainbow Basin Natural Area is a unique landscape that is one of the best places to visit in Irwin, California. This Area of Critical Environmental Concern is filled with paleontological and geological features that will awe and intrigue you. The landscape is characterized by colorful rock formations and scenic canyons and is home to many types of desert-adapted wildlife. It is located 6 miles northeast of Irwin and can be reached via Route 58.

The area has a small parking area. It offers great views of the valley below and makes an excellent spot for a picnic. It’s also accessible by hiking around the area. For those who prefer to stay on the ground, you can also take the Rainbow Basin Loop, which connects to the basecamp and the beginning of the road.

A great place to stay near Rainbow Basin is the Rainbow Basin. It’s located about 20 minutes from Barstow and is next to the Calico Ghost Town. You can reach the natural area by driving through the city of Barstow and then taking Irwin Road northward until you see the Rainbow Basin sign. Alternatively, you can use Fossil Bed Road, which is a gravel road that will take you to the natural area.

The rock formations and fossil beds at Rainbow Basin provide information about life during the middle Miocene epoch. You can also visit the Calico Early Man Site located to the northeast of the area. The Barstow Formation is also part of this area.

The Rainbow Basin Natural Area is known for its amazing colored rock formations. These rock layers are formed by a massive batholith. This mass of igneous rock formed deep in the Earth’s crust. Its name comes from the colourful display of rock formations.

There is limited camping at Rainbow Basin, but there are campsites available in the campground. The Owl Canyon Campground, managed by the Bureau of Land Management, is one of the best-maintained in California. The campground includes tables, a shelter, and a campfire ring. This campground also has vault toilets and insulated water containers.

The Rainbow Basin Natural Area is a beautiful, natural area close to Irwin. The area is relatively undeveloped and you can spend up to two hours exploring the area. Alternatively, you can drive around the scenic area. It’s best to bring a 4WD vehicle.

Cosmic Bowling

If you’re looking for a unique place to spend your Saturday night, Cosmic Bowling is a great option. They have tons of lanes for you to choose from, and the prices are quite reasonable. For instance, it only costs $3 per person to bowl, and you can also rent shoes for $3 each. The fun doesn’t stop there. You can also visit the nearby Rainbow Basin Natural Area. This area is a stunning area that is only about a 2-hour drive away.