If you are a traveler to the Hawaiian island of Lanai, you may want to see the various landmarks on the island. A few of these sites include the Mike Carroll Gallery, the Manele Golf Course, Shipwreck Beach, and Polihua Beach. However, you might want to make your way down to the island’s northern shore to see some of the famous green turtles.

Shipwreck Beach

One of the most interesting places in Lanai is Shipwreck Beach. This beach is located on the northern shore of Lanai. It is a white sand beach known for its many boats. However, this beach is not recommended for swimming because of the rough offshore waves and shallow reefs that lay beneath the surface of the water. This beach is a great place to enjoy a picnic, take photos, and explore the area.

To get to Shipwreck Beach, drive for about 30 minutes north of Lanai City. Make sure to bring a four-wheel drive car, as the roads are not very well-marked. Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll see ruins of a lighthouse that once stood in the area. The beach fronts the lighthouse ruins and stretches for several miles. There is a trailhead that starts right from the beach and leads to the lighthouse ruins.

There’s also an eerie atmosphere at Shipwreck Beach, where a 1940s oil tanker lies half-sunk in the ocean. It is an eerie sight and a constant reminder of the power of mother nature. Despite its eerie atmosphere, Shipwreck Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lanai.

Shipwreck Beach offers wonderful views of Maui and Molokai. While not suitable for swimming, this secluded beach is ideal for relaxing in the sun. Nearby, visitors can also view ancient petroglyphs at Po’aiwa Petroglyph Site.

Shipwreck Beach is located on an offshore reef. Visitors should take precautions when visiting this beach, as the waves can be extremely high. However, the beach is a popular destination for whale watchers in the winter months, as humpback whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii each year. Moreover, it’s perfect for beachcombing.

Shipwreck Beach is also home to a WWII shipwreck. A WWII vessel, which was christened the Liberty Ship, was sunk on purpose in the ocean off Lanai City. It was carrying tons of silver and gold and was deliberately scuttled to save its cargo. While the ship sank, some of its treasure was recovered, but the rest remained at the bottom of the ocean near Shipwreck Beach.

Manele Golf Course

Set on a cliff above Hulopoe Bay, the Manele Golf Course in Lanai City is a challenging yet scenic course. The course features three holes along a cliff with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. The course is also known for its pro shop, restaurant and locker rooms.

The course offers two ocean/cliff side holes that make it the most scenic golf course in the state. The 17th hole features a powerful dogleg right that follows the natural contour of the lava rock wall that separates the land from the sea. The slope of the green is further masked by the presence of a high lipped bunker, which is strategically placed in front of the green.

The Manele Golf Course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and is a great place to enjoy a round of golf. Located above Hulopoe Bay, this course offers dramatic ocean views, lush green fairways and black lava outcroppings. It was one of Jack Nicklaus’s most beautiful designs and is ideal for both championship events and casual play.

The Four Seasons Resort on Lanai has its own 18-hole golf course. Located on the sparsely populated south shore, the golf course is a great place for a game of golf. Guests of the Four Seasons can use a shuttle from the resort to the Lanai Golf Course.

A short drive from Lanai City, the Manele Golf Course offers superb views and challenging play for golfers of all skill levels. The course is also well-groomed, with beautiful greens and fairways. The golf staff is able to give golfers tips for a great round. The Manele Golf Course is a great place for regular rounds, and is a new favorite for golfers in Lanai City.

Mike Carroll Gallery

If you’re looking for something to do while you’re visiting Lanai City, consider taking in the artwork on display at Mike Carroll Gallery. This art gallery is owned by Chicago-based artist Mike Carroll, who relocated to Lanai 20 years ago. In addition to his own paintings, the gallery also features the work of more than 30 other artists. Many of these artists are award-winning painters who have garnered recognition from across the island.

The gallery’s owner, Mike Carroll, is an artist from Chicago who made the move to Lanai City after deciding to pursue his dream of living in Hawaii. Visitors can choose from a variety of works, including framed art pieces that range in price from $85 to $3,000. The gallery can also ship you items.

Another place to go in Lanai City is the Lanai Cultural and Heritage Center. Located in the old Dole Administration Building, this cultural center is a must-visit when in Lanai City. Its exhibits trace the island’s history, from Polynesians to the rise of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Visitors will also be able to see a number of other fascinating exhibits, including the works of local artists.

Another place to go in Lanai City is the Blue Ginger Cafe. This restaurant serves breakfast every day and is a favorite among locals. It also has a plethora of baked goods. Its cinnamon buns, blueberry turnovers, and omiyage are local favorites.

Outside of Lanai city, you can enjoy the Keahiakawelo “Garden of the Gods.” You can enjoy the lush landscape, scenic canyons, and native dry land forests. This scenic spot is especially spectacular at sunset. A short drive from Lanai City, it is an ideal location for a Hawaii getaway.

While in Lanai City, you can check out Mike Carroll’s art. He has created many beautiful paintings of the Hawaiian Islands. One of his paintings features Sweetheart Rock in the background. He also creates a series of limited edition canvas giclee prints of popular artists. These prints are signed by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity. There are 75 to 150 prints of each piece.

Polihua Beach

Polihua Beach is about a 30-minute drive from Garden of the Gods. The beach is a two-mile stretch of sand. It was once a major nesting ground for green sea turtles, but they are now rare to see. You might see humpback whales if you’re lucky.

This secluded beach offers panoramic views of Oahu and Molokai, and is perfect for a picnic or a quiet walk. You’ll want to make sure you visit early in the day. The windy weather can make the beach unsuitable for swimming. You’ll also need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to access the beach. There are no restrooms or showers, but there are great views of the island.

Polihua Beach is located at the end of Polihua Road, a four-mile jeep trail. Once you arrive, you’ll see vast sand dunes that have been shaped by the wind. While there are few ocean activities here, many visitors enjoy the landscape and the lack of facilities.

The north shore is another popular spot for beachcombing. It is home to the wreck of a World War II Liberty Ship. Although the ruins of the rusty ship are not visible from the shore, the beach is a great place to watch whales. This is a popular place to see whales from December to April. You may want to rent a four-wheel drive vehicle to get there.

Another popular beach on Lanai Island is Manele Bay. This secluded beach is about an hour’s drive from Lanai City. The beach is also relatively quiet, and the waters here are relatively calm. This beach is also home to many local fishermen. The water is clean and clear, and the reefs are beautiful.