There are many things to do in Goodwater, Arkansas. From fishing tournaments to the large Fourth of July fireworks display, this area has something for everyone. The area has several beautiful parks, too, including Wind Creek State Park, which is great for hiking, picnicking, swimming, and more.

Goodwater’s livability

Goodwater’s livability score is above average. This measure is based on a combination of variables that includes crime, education, and cost of living. It also considers residents’ happiness. The median age is 46, and the average family has 3.5 members. Goodwater has an average SAT score and a high graduation rate.

Goodwater is home to over four hundred and forty restaurants, but the wages paid to employees have not kept up with price increases. This is creating pressure for restaurant businessmen to keep prices low and pay livable wages. The unemployment rate in the community is %. The good news is that Goodwater has a number of affordable housing options available.

Its proximity to Alexander City

Goodwater, Alabama is a small town located in Coosa County, just northwest of Alexander City. It is surrounded by mountains and has several lakes. It is close to Lake Martin, the largest man-made lake in the United States. It is also convenient to Atlanta and Birmingham. It’s also just a three-hour drive to the beaches of south Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

If you’re interested in exploring the local area, a list of nearby cities is a good resource. You can also use the list to find cities that are within four hours’ drive of Goodwater. Having a list of nearby cities also allows you to easily plan road trips to explore more of this beautiful area.

Its livability score

A livability score measures the overall happiness of a community. This measure takes into account many factors, including crime, cost of living, and education. Goodwater has a livability score that is above average. Residents in Goodwater are generally satisfied with life, according to the city’s livability score.

Goodwater is a relatively small city, with only 1,311 residents. However, small cities tend to have less stable economies than larger ones. As a result, poverty is a high problem here, with a poverty rate of 24.5% compared to ten to thirteen percent for all cities in the United States.

Livability scoring uses metrics and policies to measure community livability. They are based on publicly available data and information. People’s preferences vary, so the scoring system strives to reflect this range. As a result, some communities may be higher-scoring than others. Goodwater’s livability score, however, is above average in many areas.

Its diversity

Goodwater, AL is home to a diverse population. Its median age is 45.4 years, and its median household income is $30,417. The majority of its residents are White, but there are also a number of foreign-born residents. In the 2020 census, 3.92% of Goodwater’s residents were born outside of the United States.

Goodwater is somewhat ethnically diverse, with residents identifying as people from many different racial groups. White and Black are the two most common races, while Italian, Scottish, and Haitian ancestry are also represented. In addition, a majority of the population speaks English as their primary language.

Diversity is important when evaluating a community. Goodwater offers something for everyone. With its low population density, it is a peaceful and safe place to live. It has a low number of loud groups, including families with young children and college students. Nevertheless, there is a noticeable absence of public transportation in Goodwater, making it ideal for a family with young children.

Goodwater’s diversity is also evident in its student body. While it has an average enrollment of 342 students, it is significantly lower than the state’s average student-teacher ratio of 22:1. As for gender and race, the diversity of the school population is evident in the fact that there is a significant presence of women and minorities.