Follett, Texas is located in the state of Texas. There are several places to visit in Follett, including hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Here are a few of them. You can also find great book stores and other types of shops in the town. Follett is a beautiful place to visit, and it is an easy drive from Austin.


Bookstores in Follett, Washington, serve the needs of college students by providing a range of materials. These include books, stationery, and school supplies. Many of these stores are also online. They offer online textbook ordering as well as a variety of other services. The Follett Corporation, which started in 1873, is now one of the largest college bookstore chains in the world, operating more than 1,300 locations in the United States and Canada.

Follett’s online offerings are designed to complement the brick-and-mortar store experience. The Follett website can be configured to serve as a purely virtual experience or as a hybrid model. This way, students can choose how they want to shop for textbooks. And, Follett’s eFollett store allows students to order from home, which is convenient for those who do not have time to visit the physical store.

Follett was founded by three Folletts, each of whom had their own distinct roles in the company. In 1958, R.J.R. Follett graduated from Brown University and completed post-graduate courses at Columbia University. After graduating from college, he joined Follett as a retail stores supervisor, before rising to the position of president of the college stores division. In 1989, he was succeeded by Christopher Traut, who had worked for the company’s software division.

C.W. Follett had been in the book business for 51 years. He married Edythe Benepe and had four sons, Charles, Dwight, and William. The family continued to grow the business and eventually became Follett College Stores and Follett Campus Resources. Follett’s first bookstore was located in Wheaton. Follett’s bookstores were also expanded, with the addition of three family members.

Follett’s retail and publishing divisions grew as the company expanded and began expanding into suburban areas. The company also opened Efollett Bookstores, which provided convenient pickup and return services and offered less expensive used textbooks. Follett had two million books on hand in the United States at that time.

Follett’s college division grew through innovation. They started using computers in 1952, implementing an IBM punch card sorting system. They also developed software applications that allowed libraries and schools to manage their inventory and orders. In 1989, Follett introduced the Tom-Tracks computerized college bookstore system, which was installed in schools and libraries.


For those who love fried chicken, there are some great restaurants in Follett. KFC is one such restaurant. You can find store hours and even information on organic chicken. Also, you can find out if a particular location offers drive-through options. If you have a dog, consider looking for a dog-friendly hotel in Follett, TX.


Whether you’re planning a business trip, vacation, or just want to spend some time with your family, Follett has many great lodging options. Hotels in Follett, Texas can meet all of your needs, and they can even match the amenities that you want. For example, you may want to book a Follett hotel that has a spa, free breakfast, or gym. You might even want a hotel that offers a casino or is pet-friendly.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family reunion, Follett hotels offer cheap lodging. Browse our list of Follett hotels below to find a great hotel that suits your needs. You’ll find a wide selection of cheap and luxury hotels in Follett, Texas, and nearby cities and counties.


Follett, Texas, is a small town located in Lipscomb County, Texas. The town was founded in 1917 and named after Santa Fe railroad locating engineer Horace Follett. The town has a population of 459 as of the 2010 census. Its residents include many people from the nearby cities of Houston and Lubbock.

If you’re visiting Follett, you’ll want to find a comfortable lodging property. The local area is home to many affordable accommodations, including motels and bed & breakfasts. If you want a more personalized experience, consider staying at a bed and breakfast in Follett.

Another fun thing to do in Follett is to visit the Follett House Museum, which has four floors filled with exhibits telling the history of Sandusky. The museum also has a rooftop Widow’s Walk, which gives you a great view of downtown. And while you’re there, check out the Sandusky Library Archives, which document the town’s history.

The Follett House Museum is located two blocks south of US 6. This is the home of a prominent businessman who fought against slavery and helped establish the Republican Party. The museum also contains Civil War artifacts and items from the Confederate officers’ prison on Johnson Island. Those who want to learn more can take an hour-long guided tour.