There are a variety of places to visit in Dundee, Scotland. Explore its historic waterfront, and you’ll find 2 museums celebrating its nautical past: the RRS Discovery, Captain Scott’s Antarctic expedition ship, and the HM Frigate Unicorn, a 19th century warship. You can also visit the Verdant Works, a museum celebrating the area’s jute manufacturing heritage. And while you’re in Dundee, make sure you visit the McManus Art Gallery & Museum, which features art, archaeology, and archaeological finds.

Camperdown Wildlife Centre

The Camperdown Wildlife Centre is located in Dundee’s Camperdown area. This beautiful park was originally the grounds of Camperdown House, which the city of Dundee purchased in 1946. Today, the park is home to a wildlife centre and recreational facilities.

The centre has over 300 animals, representing 50 species. These include birds, reptiles, and mammals. The pine marten, one of the most endangered mammals in Britain, is one of the many attractions at the centre. Other animals include macaws, lemurs, meerkats, golden eagles, and otters. The Camperdown Wildlife Centre also performs conservation work for these species.

While in Dundee, don’t forget to explore the Old Town Center. This area is home to several great restaurants and shops. Walking around the city on foot is also a great way to enjoy the beautiful views of the city. You can also explore the extinct volcano, Dundee Law, which stands at 572 feet.

Another free place to visit in Dundee is the Dundee Museum. Located in a former jute mill, the museum features fully restored machinery and multimedia attractions. Admission is free, and there are daily demonstrations. The Museum also has a gift shop.

The Dundee waterfront is home to the famous Tay Rail Bridge, which was built in the 1870s. It was once the longest bridge in the world. However, a storm caused the bridge to collapse in 1879, killing 75 people. A memorial to those killed in the disaster is located on the waterfront.

The castle at Broughty Ferry is another interesting site to visit in Dundee. Built in the late fourteenth century, Broughty Ferry Castle played a significant role in several wars between the English and the Scots. The Dundee City Council manages the castle, and visitors are welcome to visit the museum for free.

Discovery Point

The Discovery Point is an outstanding museum with nationally recognised collections. It has won numerous awards and is a five-star visitor attraction with VisitScotland. In 2008, the museum was recognised as a Recognised Collection of National Significance. It is free to visit and offers a wonderful insight into the history of Dundee.

Designed to bring the history of Dundee to life, Discovery Point is an internationally-acclaimed visitor attraction. It revolves around the RRS Discovery, which was built in Dundee by Captain Scott. Visitors are able to climb aboard the ship to see first-hand the hardships and triumphs of the Antarctic expedition. It is an excellent day out for the whole family.

A new exhibition at Discovery Point will explore the ship’s history. It will include an interactive gallery and information about the RRS Discovery, one of the most famous scientific research ships of all time. The RRS Discovery was built in Dundee in 1900 and carried Captain Scott on his first Antarctic expedition. It returned to Dundee in 1986.

The Discovery Gallery will connect historic objects with cutting-edge research from world-leading partners. The new gallery will offer an immersive and interactive experience of the history of Dundee. In addition, the gallery will explore the less glamorous aspects of Dundee’s environmental history. Visitors can learn about Dundee’s whaling heritage through the inspiring story of the second expedition to the Antarctic in the 1920s.

The Discovery Point has a large number of exhibit areas. The exhibitions provide an illuminating insight into the ship and the man. The new exhibition space will also feature more touring and temporary exhibitions, allowing the museum to host more diverse events. Ultimately, it’s a great addition to Dundee’s cultural life.

The Royal Geographical Society needed a ship for Antarctic exploration. Dundee Shipbuilders’ Company took on the task. The ship was launched on 21 March 1901 and cost over PS34,000 (plus an additional PS10,000 for its engines). The ship was under the command of Captain Robert Falcon Scott.