If you love wildlife, birding, and fishing, Port Lions is the perfect place for you. It offers all-inclusive packages, fishing excursions, and a vibrant living museum. Whether you’re visiting on business or for pleasure, you’ll be able to find something to do in Port Lions.

Port Lions is a great place for wildlife viewing, birding, fishing and more

Located at the northern tip of Kodiak Island, Port Lions is a wonderful place to visit for birding, wildlife viewing, and fishing. The area was named after the Lions Club International, a service organization that helped build the village after the Good Friday Earthquake. You can visit Port Lions on a scheduled flight from Kodiak, and you can also take the Alaska Marine Highway ferry to explore the protected waters.

While you’re in the area, make sure to bring binoculars to enjoy the wildlife. You can spot various species of birds, including elk, muskrat, and a variety of waterfowl. During July and August, the wildlife is the most abundant. You can even go birding with a guide, as there are many birdwatching opportunities here.

It has a vibrant living museum

The fishing industry is a vibrant part of Port Lions, providing the people with food, tools, and cultural characteristics for centuries. To honor this history, the organization has updated its logo and website to reflect the colors of the ocean. The new logo incorporates the blue fish hook icon, representing the harvest of the sea. The gray background, reminiscent of rocky shores, represents cloudy skies. A traditional handmade fish hook also represents the long-standing history of the Port Lions people.

Fishing is one of the primary industries in Port Lions, and visitors can enjoy fishing charters and guided fishing tours from the community’s fishing lodges. The town is accessible by air from Kodiak and by water via the Alaska Marine Highway. You can also rent kayaks at one of the fishing lodges and explore the protected waters of the surrounding bay.

It offers fishing excursions

Located at the northern end of Kodiak Island, Port Lions is a great location for fishing, birding, and wildlife viewing. Port Lions is named after the local Lions Club International, which helped rebuild the town and relocate residents after the tsunami devastated the original village of Afognak. Guests can enjoy a wide range of activities, including sea kayaking, whale watching, and hiking. During your stay, you will be provided with knowledgeable guides, warm meals, and fishing equipment.

The town is located on the coast of Settlers Cove, which is accessible by causeway. Charter boat services provide access to this cove and others nearby. The waters are home to many marine species, including puffins, orcas, and sea lions. The area is also one of the richest saltwater fisheries in Alaska. Visitors can fish for trophy king salmon during the months of May through September. Those who visit during the month of July are often lucky enough to catch a mixed bag of kings.