If you have a small bathroom and you don’t have built-in medicine cabinets, bathroom countertop organization ideas can keep your things off the counter. One simple idea is to install a shelf near your vanity. This will keep things off the counter but keep your daily essentials within reach. You can also add a decorative tray to hold small items. This will make those left out essentials look purposefully placed. Instead of cluttering up your counters, your small products will look like a curated collection.

Storage solutions for bathroom countertop

A bathroom countertop is an excellent place to hide many of your bathroom essentials. Storage solutions can be multi-tiered, wall mounted, or a single shelf. They can be aesthetically pleasing as well. To achieve the most aesthetic appeal, you should choose a storage unit that is narrower than the countertop and ideally below it. Some pieces of furniture even include drawer dividers, which can be useful for keeping your bathroom essentials in order.

A well-organized bathroom countertop will make your bathroom look beautiful. The counter should contain daily-use products so that you can reach them easily. However, it shouldn’t become a cosmetics museum. Choosing a minimal amount of decorative accents will help you avoid looking like a museum. When choosing a storage solution for your bathroom countertop, it is best to choose one that will complement the rest of your bathroom decor.

A bathroom countertop can be a great place to store small items like makeup products and toiletries. Some bathroom counter organizers are made from woven rattan. These are an inexpensive option for bathroom storage. They can be nailed to the wall or placed on shelves. You can also make your own storage bins with fabric.

The toilet tank can also provide storage space. A slim cabinet can hold the equivalent of five standard medicine cabinets. It’s ideal for narrow spaces. It also adjusts its shelves to fit tall bottles. These shelves also double as a place to store small items like small vases or potted plants. Using storage solutions for your bathroom countertop will give you more space for other items.

You can also use a wire basket to store extra towels. This container can also be painted decoratively, if you want. It could also have cute starfish adorning it.

Upcycling household items

One way to create a clutter-free bathroom countertop is to reuse household items for storage. Glass jars, for instance, can store all sorts of items that would otherwise be on the countertop. You can place them in drawers, under the sink, or on a shelf next to the mirror. Depending on your bathroom, you can even make your own storage containers out of a variety of materials.

Another way to organize bathroom countertops is by using wall storage. Instead of relying on cabinet space, you can also make use of shower curtain hooks to store small storage containers. This option can also make the bathroom appear more organized. Moreover, a decorative tray for storing beauty supplies is also an ideal option. You can also upcycle household items like shoe boxes by covering them with decorative paper or attaching pictures of your favorite shoes.

Another option is to use old file holders or spice racks. Old file holders can be mounted on the vanity cabinet or wall. Lazy Susans and spice racks can also be repurposed for storage. You can also use a dish rack as a under-the-sink organizer.

Using nesting trays

Using nesting trays on your bathroom countertops can help you organize small items without cluttering up the surface. You can use them to hold small items like your keys, mail, and beauty products. They can also be used to keep small office supplies organized. You can find a wide variety of nesting trays, from the traditional wooden variety to modern ones in bright colors.

Bathroom countertops can easily become a clutter haven, especially if other areas of the bathroom are already organized. However, by using containers or drawer dividers, you can maximize the storage space on your countertop. Remember to take a few minutes to put things back where they belong. Keep a cleaning cloth under the sink for quick cleanups.

Using trays can add decorative accents to any bathroom. In addition to helping you organize small items, they can help you make the space look clean and organized. And since you will be placing these items on the countertop, they will add a stylish touch to the space. You can use them to store simple items and even create a stylized vignette with the corresponding items.

Using nesting trays on bathroom countertops can help you organize small items and make them easier to find. These clear containers make it easy to see what is inside, and they can be easily stacked on shelves. Using labels on your containers is also a great way to keep your items organized and visible.

Adding a hutch to a double vanity

Adding a hutch to paired bathroom vanities is a great way to maximize storage space. The top shelf can hold the most important items while the bottom shelves can be used as a temporary home for items you may not use on a daily basis. You can even add a small holder to hold a few small items that are easy to misplace.

A shelf next to the vanity keeps things off the countertops and puts daily necessities at arms reach. It’s deeper than a built-in medicine cabinet, so there’s more room for small items. Using decorative trays for small items makes them look purposefully placed. It also makes the collection look more curated.

Another bathroom countertop organization idea is a floating shelf. These shelves make a great way to display beauty products. They can be filled with trays and baskets. You can even keep extra shampoo or nail polish in them for instant decoration. In addition to shelving, you can add hooks for utensils.

Towels and other bathroom essentials can be easily organized by using baskets. You can even make your bathroom more organized with fabric organizers. You can store these items in a color-coordinated way. A wooden shelf can even house an indoor plant. You can even create an attractive display out of unexpected items, such as a wine crate. By repurposing unusual items, you can save space and create stylish storage space. One repurposed wine crate, for example, was converted into a vintage-style storage cabinet with a space perfect for bath towels. Over the toilet cabinets are another great storage solution and can double as towel racks.

Using ladder shelves to prevent mildew buildup

Adding a ladder shelf to your bathroom is a great way to save space while adding storage. You can use the shelf to store towels or to hold items like a soap dispenser pump, canister, or other odds and ends. It can also draw the eye up and add character to your space. An over-the-door shelf is another great way to add extra storage space.

If you don’t have much space on your bathroom floor, consider adding an above-the-toilet storage cabinet. This type of shelving provides you with ample storage space for your small bathroom items while allowing you to use every corner of your bathroom. The best part is that it wraps around your toilet and includes an open shelf and a cabinet to keep small items in place.