The Alwaro cattery produces world-famous cats. Gaia has four big babies that are black silver and white. The Alwaro cats are beautiful, well-grown and reserved. They are all tested for common diseases and come with all the proper paperwork. Their parents are from the famous cattery.

Lola is the daughter of Top Coon Z’Air Force One & Cotton Coon Givenchy

Lola is a stunning cat with a pedigree to match. Her parents are Top Coon Z’Air Force One and Cotton Coon Givenchy and their lines go back nine generations. Lola’s pedigree also boasts many Champions, Grand International Champions, European and World Champions. Lola is also a show-quality cat and is an absolute delight to watch.

The Maine Coon was originally entered in the Foreign Section where it competed against more established breeds. The breeders were happy with the Merit Certificate, but they didn’t expect to earn rosettes alongside their Merit Certificates. However, as time went by, more of these cats were being entered into side classes and rosettes were being awarded. Some early breeders from the South began to enter these cats into shows, including Tex and Sue Morgan and Toni Cornwall.