Akasha is the unknown, everything and nothing, the force of nature that breathes life into every living thing and in the end takes it away. That balance that sustains all things around us, seen and unseen, the universe and all that resides inside of it. We feel its energy in that place in between our minds and hearts while we look out at some strange magnificence in our own personal time and space. Like the presence you feel while stepping out onto a ledge to stare out at a mountain range.

Some people even argue that the soul of living things, is a fraction of Akasha dwelling inside us. Being recycled over and over again until it returns out, into the space, from whence it came. If this is the truth, not that we could ever know, then it is a great honor. Which would also explain why we have a constant battle between our light and dark sides of ourselves.
In a way Akasha is the mother of the elements that appear on our planet; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. She is the spirit and the void, the triangle in the middle of a see saw that keeps either side from tipping from one side to another. Without her the elements we hold dear could never have become what they are today.
Akasha’s energy has a complete and utter lack of direction its energy may go up, down, North, South, East, or West. It gives the world a place to build and destroy. The space for which our universe dances upon. So have you felt the warmth of its healing after its cold, icy grip grabs a hold of you? Coming to terms with an abrasive yet soft reality, like this one, will help you to bring balance and strength into your life.