To maximize space in the pantry, organize containers by size and shape. Square containers are more space-efficient than round ones, and can be stacked on the same square-foot footprint. Use square containers to hold dry goods, seasonings, and spices. Label the containers with letter-stamped clothespins.


Pegboard is a great solution for reorganizing the storage area in your pantry or kitchen. This inexpensive system can be cut to fit any size pantry and provides flexibility when arranging items. You can also hang longer or shorter hooks on the pegboard to accommodate various sizes of items. Another option for your pantry is an over-the-door shoe rack. This piece of furniture hangs from the back of the pantry door and is an excellent place to store smaller items, such as cleaning products and paper towels.

Pegboards are also great for displaying heavy items in your pantry. You can use pegboards to hang jars and other containers. There are also options to use traditional ceramic jars with labels. These containers can be easily stacked and are spill-proof. You can also get custom containers that slide out of shelves for easy access.

You can also install pegboard storage inside the door of your pantry to create more storage space. This method also frees up space in tall cabinets. It also works for baseball caps. You just have to make sure you leave enough space between the rows of grippers. Besides this, the organizers come with two shelves that can be stacked or used separately. The shelves are made of perforated steel and are suitable for countertops and cupboards.

The pegboard can also be mounted on the side of your refrigerator. This way, you can use the space to store pots and pans. Moreover, pegboards are also great for organizing the room of your child’s bedroom. They are convenient to store items, including pens, pencils, legos, and other items. They are also suitable for storing glass jars and can even be customized with your child’s favorite colors and decorations.

Spring rods

If you’re looking for a quick way to organize your pantry cupboard, consider using tension rods. These rods are easy to use and don’t require any tools to install. You can adjust their length and tightness to fit your needs. They also don’t damage your cabinets or surfaces.

Tension rods are also useful for storing things like wrapping paper and ribbon. You can place them in the alcove at the sides of your cupboard. You can also use them to hang bags and binder clips. In addition to pantry cupboard organization, these rods are also great for other storage areas, like closets and bookcases.

If you don’t have much space to store your items, tension rods are a great solution. Not only are they easy to install, but they’re also affordable, practical, and versatile. You’ll be able to customize the height and placement of your rods as well.

Tension rods are also perfect for small bathrooms and kitchens, where space is at a premium. They can hold a variety of objects, including purses, utensils, and dish towels. Tension rods also work well for hanging odd-shaped dishes and cutting boards.

Chalkboard labels

Adding chalkboard labels to your pantry cupboard organization system is a great way to organize your kitchen and make your pantry look tidy and organized. You can use them for a variety of purposes. For instance, you can use them to label indoor plants, as place cards, or to label food. Chalkboard labels are also an excellent way to organize children’s toys.

The best thing about using these labels in your pantry is that you can reuse them for new items. This makes it more convenient to find the items you need. Plus, you can use them to identify what’s in what jar or canister. Whether you’re baking, cooking, or storing food, you’ll be able to keep track of everything easily with the use of these labels.

Vertical racks

If you’ve been searching for a better way to organize your pantry cupboard, vertical racks are the answer. These storage systems feature pull-out drawers and are stackable, making them more versatile. Some models also have a basket shelf. These shelves are easy to install and don’t require any tools. However, be sure to be careful of the sharp edges.

For added space, consider storing a magazine rack on the back of a cupboard door. Just be sure the rack is bigger than the depth of the cabinet door. This way, you can easily access items that are stored in low shelves. You can also use a basket to store items that you use most often, which will free up space on counters and cupboard shelves.

A vertical rack can be attached to the inside of a pantry cabinet using clip strips. The shelves are made of perforated steel and can be stacked to make another tier. The shelves can also be used independently, giving you even more space for storage. A single tier is usually enough to store one to two pounds of food. You can use two shelves to store cereal or other items. These organizers also look great on a counter or display.

A utensil holder is a useful addition to a vertical rack. It provides easy access to small items like cans and bottles and adds more storage space to the cabinet. It can also be used to store baking sheets, muffin tins, and cooling racks.

Small baskets

Small baskets for pantry cupboard organization can be a handy way to store canned goods and other bulk items. Most of these baskets have a flat bottom and can be placed in a cupboard or on a countertop. However, baskets may scratch a fragile surface if they are placed on a counter. A wood table or buffet can be a better place to store the baskets. The size of the baskets is not suitable for a standard cupboard. A non-slip shelf liner helps prevent the containers from sliding around.

If you are using a bulky box to store your pantry goods, consider using small baskets to organize them. These will make them easier to find and are also great for hiding unsightly items. Another option for storing pantry items is to use reusable totes. Similarly, using drawer organizers will help you prevent items from tipping over and causing a mess.

For smaller items, consider stackable containers. For example, small plastic bins from The Spruce Home Organization Collection can be used to organize canned goods. They measure about 14.5 x 8 x 4 inches and can hold several items. You can also use them to corral your yogurt, dry beans, and other small items.

Another option for pantry cupboard organization is to use pegboards. These can be installed on a free wall. This will help you display heavier items. A pegboard on a free wall is also helpful for organizing bulky items.

Over-the-door shoe rack

Unlike traditional shoe storage, an over-the-door shoe rack offers a streamlined storage solution for a large amount of footwear. It is a versatile storage solution that is perfect for small closets or tight spaces. Its eight-tier structure holds up to 32 pairs of shoes. It also provides additional shelf space and three functional cubbies for storing additional pairs of shoes. Moreover, this rack can be stacked to accommodate large collections of shoes. Another convenient, compact design is a shoe organizer bench that tucks neatly into a corner of any room. It comes with an integrated powder-coated steel rack and extra shelf space for slippers. It’s also eco-friendly, being made from sustainable mango wood.

Besides storing your shoes, you can also store seasonal items in this storage solution. During the holiday season, this shoe organizer is a great way to keep gift wraps, gift bags, and paper. Another advantage of an over-the-door shoe organizer is that you can see what’s inside. It can save you space in your closet and allows you to easily find your shoes without having to dig through the mess.

Besides being an elegant storage option, an over-the-door shoe organizer can be used for many other purposes. It can keep your children’s shoes organized and prevent puddles from ruining their fun. It can also serve as a place to store snacks and toys. Moreover, it can also be used to keep bathroom supplies organized. Camping trips can also benefit from this storage solution, since it can be conveniently folded away for transportation.