You can use different ways to organize your office space. For instance, you can divide your filing system into different color-coded categories. You can also label hanging folders according to their purposes. Moreover, you can use colored tape to differentiate your monitor from your neighbor’s space heater. Using colored tape helps you avoid accidentally shutting off the wrong device. Another great way to organize your space is by creating a daily docket notepad. It has an intuitive layout and helps you visualize your entire day.

Desk decluttering strategies

Your desk is likely one of the worst places to have clutter, but there are a few strategies that can help you get it under control. First, consider how you use your desk. Is it a command center for your side business, a place where you file important documents, or simply a place where you pay your bills? By thinking through what you use your desk for, you’ll be able to cut through the clutter and find what you need quickly.

To organize your desk, sort items into piles. Keep papers that you use often in one folder and documents that are important for your work in another. Use trays to store them in, and keep pens, paper clips, and other items in separate piles as well. You may also want to use alligator clips to organize the wires from your electronic equipment.

Next, consider donating or throwing out any unused items on your desk. If you’re an employee, getting rid of unnecessary items is essential to keep your desk organized. Don’t keep items that you haven’t used in a year. For example, if you’ve been using the same laptop for over a decade, it’s not worth keeping.

Another strategy for organizing a desk is to organize the drawers. Organizing your desk drawers is an excellent way to find unused items and create more room on your desk. If you don’t have desk drawers, try using wall organizers, cork boards, and shelving for more storage options.

Storage solutions on wheels

Office space organization is vital if you want to maximize productivity. Cluttered workspaces can adversely affect the productivity of your workforce. A well-organized workplace inspires creativity and vigour. Here are five ways you can get your workspace organized and productive. Try adding your own twist to each category.

One way to get organized and save space in an office is to use mobile storage solutions. Mobile storage solutions include modular storage systems and mobile pedestals with small wheels. You can also purchase mobile tables and desks, which have compartments for various items. You can combine these mobile storage solutions with other storage options.

Another option is to purchase modular furniture that can be repaired or upgraded as needed. Modular furniture is easy to move from room to room, and you can add additional tiers as you need them. Some work desks can even have an extra surface for extra storage space. Choosing the right storage unit is a key step towards optimizing your workspace.


Using corkboards as office space organization ideas is a great way to organize your workspace and keep important items in view. No longer will you have to search through stacks of papers or franticly find what you need. These boards are available for both home and office use and can help you organize your workspace in a stylish way.

You can find corkboards in a wide variety of styles. If you prefer a more artistic approach to your office space organization, you can choose a colored frame. Lighter shades of cork board go well with white or light brown walls. Darker colors do not work as well in brightly colored rooms.

Corkboards can also be used as flexible family calendars. You can adjust the calendars to different months, and you can pin important events and notes to them. You can also easily move them as the dates change. Generally, cork calendars are made with five rows and seven columns. On each row, there should be space for the month and days of the week. Make sure to label the days of the week as well, so you can see which ones are on which day.

In addition to using cork board as an office space organization idea, you can also organize your cork board using tiles. Tiles can be placed on top of the board and make the board look more attractive. This is a great idea if you have an outdoor office or a home office.

If you have a busy workspace, a large cork board is a great solution for keeping important reminders close by. Using a whiteboard for important plans and ideas is another great option. You can also use a cork board as a to-do list, which can help you keep track of everything you need to remember.

Wall pockets

Wall pockets are an inexpensive, versatile way to organize your office space. You can hang them on the wall or on a desk, and there are a variety of styles to choose from. Some look minimalist, while others are more contemporary. This wall organizer can help you keep everything within easy reach while maintaining a clean look. You can even hang multiple ones for maximum storage capacity.

For a more creative approach, you can spray paint some old clipboards to use as office storage containers. These are perfect for organizing things like binder clips and push pins. Another option is to use decorative boxes that match your office decor. These can be left open to allow easy access, or closed to hide less used items.

Floating shelves are another good solution to maximize space. They are much more space-efficient than dressers and can be used for storing less frequently used items. Using these shelves in your office space can keep your desk clean while keeping your materials close at hand. These shelves also look stylish and prevent you from losing important documents.

A wall pocket can be mounted on the wall or mounted on a file cabinet to free up space on your office desk. You can also use it to store cords. You can put them in a chic cord organizer box or label them to keep them separated. Another wall organizer idea is to hang a pegboard over your desk and use the pegboard to hang calendars, memos, and daily reminders.

Another useful wall organizer is the Susan. This wall organizer comes with a dry-erase calendar, a note-writing surface, a chalkboard to-do list, two cork boards, and two cups for pens.


When considering shelving as an office space organization idea, keep in mind that the shelves may not fit into every cubicle. In such cases, you can consider using floating shelves, which do not have visible supports and are popular among minimalist office dwellers. However, they require plaster walls in order to secure the hardware, so they are not suitable for fabric cubicle walls.

Wall-mounted shelving is another good option. It uses the unused space of a wall and provides a place to put books, pens, and decor. Corner shelves are also an excellent choice, since they utilize seldom-used corner space. You can even install separate shelves for small office supplies, such as a hole-punch and stapler. This way, you can keep all the essential office tools within reach without cluttering the floor.

Besides shelving, you can also install storage drawers. Clear drawer organizers are best for organizing papers and small items, and multi-drawer systems are ideal for storing small items. Alternatively, you can opt for closed shelving if you want a more minimalist look. These options can help you save space and make the space more organized.

Besides being a functional office space organization idea, shelves are also a great way to show off your personal style. For example, you can decorate the shelves with framed art or collections of books. Alternatively, you can decorate the shelves with textured baskets and pottery collections.

Basket-style shelves can also be effective office space organization ideas, because they allow you to store more stuff. Basket-style shelving, such as the CRUGLA basket-style shelf, is easy to use and convenient, since it can hold items that are often discarded or unneeded. It also provides a convenient place to put things like notepads, invoices, and extra staples.