If you’re looking for a fun day out in Kersey, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 524 places to visit in Kersey, you’re sure to find something to keep the whole family entertained. Some of the city’s top attractions are listed below, and you can use filters to refine your search.

Gerald Durrell’s animal haven

Gerald Durrell’s animal haven in Jersey was not the first place where the author sought to raise animals. He didn’t have any particular connection to the island, and was simply looking for the right setting to house his animal sanctuary. One of Durrell’s first wives suggested that he visit the island, and he found Les Augres Manor to be the perfect place to house his sanctuary.

After years of traveling to various parts of the world and studying various animals, Durrell decided to open his own animal sanctuary. His later trips were focused on collecting animals that were endangered, and bringing them to Jersey for breeding. As Durrell’s work gained wider recognition, he was able to raise funds to build an animal haven.

After Durrell’s death, the Trust he had founded in Jersey became known as the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. It has been renamed to honor the man who fought so hard to save several species from extinction. The Trust also has a special children’s chapter called the Dodo Club.

Durrell’s passion for animals began in India, where he began collecting local animals and keeping them as pets. In 1936, the family moved to Corfu, where Durrell met his mentor, Theadore Stephanides. The family returned to London in 1939, where Durrell worked at a pet store and aquarium. During WWII, he spent time on a farm.

The Durrell Animal Haven in Kersey, Jersey was first established as a conservation-themed zoo. It is now a 32 acre park. Durrell had the vision and the dedication to save his animals. He even named a species of gecko after himself!

Essex Country Turtle Back Zoo

If you are in the area and are looking for a fun family day out, then you may want to check out the Turtle Back Zoo. The zoo is open daily from 10am to 4pm and admission costs $17 per person. There are also kiosks with shaved ice available for purchase. It takes about two hours to see everything. You should wear sunscreen and a comfortable pair of sneakers to avoid getting too hot.

The Turtle Back Zoo is located on 20 acres in the South Mountain Reservation. It is part of the Essex County Park System, which is one of the oldest county park systems in the country. Originally designed to show off indigenous New Jersey animals, the zoo now features animals from all over the world. Approximately 1400 animals are housed here. The zoo is open year round, but there are seasonal special events, such as a holiday festival.

The zoo is smoke-free and offers many family-friendly activities. There are also numerous early childhood programs and zoo camps for children. In addition to the animals, the zoo has a mini golf course and picnic areas.

The zoo is located in the 2,110-acre South Mountain Reservation. The complex also has miniature golf, a children’s playground, and a 1.7-mile walkway. Several of the areas also offer paddleboating. The park also offers ice hockey camps and figure skating sessions.

The zoo also has a farm area, which has a number of animals. Pigs, goats, sheep, and horses live there. You can feed the animals at the vending machines, and pony rides are available for $2. Be sure to bring cash for the ride, though, as they are cash-only. If you have small children, this zoo also has a playground with climbing structures and slides in the shape of different animals.

Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory

If you’re looking for a unique place to visit while in New Jersey, you should visit the Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory. It’s an old brick factory that is about an acre in size and an official landmark. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes and protective clothing when visiting the site. Several hazardous objects are scattered throughout the site, so visitors should be cautious.

During its heyday, Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory could produce thousands of bricks a day. Sadly, after the owner died in 1908, the factory stopped making bricks. The company was left to the care of caretakers. In 1915, the factory was completely destroyed in a massive fire, which was caused by a nearby railway strike.

While visiting the Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory, you should plan to spend some time exploring the surrounding area. A local guide, David, enjoys outdoor activities. He loves taking photos and will find secret spots in the NJ Pine Barrens. The area around the brick factory is also frequented by dirt bike and ATV riders.

When you’re in New Jersey, don’t forget to visit the famous Blue Hole. This waterhole is a famous attraction in the state, but swimming in it is illegal! Another popular destination is the Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory in Kersey.

Bird watching

There are many prime bird watching locations in Kersey. The park is home to over 200 species, including migrant, raptor and waterfowl species. It’s also a great place to see migratory birds, such as the Bonaparte’s Gull. Its extensive forest is a natural habitat for a variety of species.

In spring, migratory birds and nesting beach birds make this a popular place to go birding. Hawkwatchers are also in luck, as raptors like to visit the area. Birdwatchers can also view migrating warblers at Princeton’s Institute Woods.

Cape May County, New Jersey, is a top spot for bird watching in the spring. The Cape May Bird Observatory and Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area are both prime sites for watching migration. The Cape May Bird Observatory hosts a World Series of Birding, a contest in which people can try to identify as many species as they can in 24 hours.

Bird watching is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends or family. It can also help you get out into nature, which is great for your physical and mental health. You can also make new friends while enjoying this pastime. If you’re new to the sport, consider taking a guided tour. You can book a guided tour on Eventbrite or sign up for an organized tour.

Another great place for bird watching is Garret Mountain. This high ground is ideal for watching migrant birds and raptors. It’s also a great place to listen for the Black Rail. Located south of Paterson, Garret Mountain has eight miles of trails for birdwatchers to enjoy. The park is part of the Delaware River Gap National Park Service and is a wonderful place for both recreation and birding.