Do you snore? Everyone hates the embarrassment and complaints that come along with snoring. It is caused by a slight obstruction of your throat. The air is unable to flow through while inhaling. This can happen because of a number of reasons; allergies, anatomical abnormalities, obesity, and upper respiratory infections. Nothing can guarantee that you will stop snoring but here are some helpful things you can try. 


Once a week you should be sure to thoroughly vacuum and dust to keep dust and other annoying particles. Also getting rid of feather pillows, keeping pets out of your sleeping area, and having an air filter helps to keep allergies down. Keep it clean and fresh!

Clearing Congestion

Someone who does not snore and begins to snore generally is very confused as to why now? Well most likely it is caused by an upper respiratory infection. Solution? Taking hot showers or baths before bed to loosen flem and mentholated balm on your throat and chest to clear up congestion.

Dietary Relief

Dairy products commonly cause mucus and congestion. Take out dairy from your diet for at least two weeks, that should difference. Also, avoiding alcohol and other sedatives many hours before bed. They tend to have a relaxing effect on the throat that can increase snoring and make it worse.

Elevate Yourself

Try placing 2 inch blocks under each leg of the bed, at the head. This slope will allow you to breathe more easily while sleeping.

Golf Ball Trick

People generally snore because they fall asleep on their backs, to prevent this make a special sleeping shirt. Sew golf balls to the back of the shirt or sew it in the front pocket and wear it backwards. Its just uncomfortable enough to discourage falling asleep on your back. Now remember none of these are a for sure fix, but it is a high possibility that at least one of these will help reduce snoring without having to choose an unnatural method to soothe that snore. Sleep well!