Whether you have a large or small bedroom, you can find ways to organize your bed by using a variety of storage solutions. These solutions can range from under-the-bed storage to decorative baskets and boxes. Using these storage solutions will make your bed more functional and more stylish. You’ll have more room to keep your things out of sight, too.

Under-bed storage

There are many options for under-bed storage that is functional and stylish. One of the most popular options is a basket or box. A simple basket or box with a soft-canvas lid can keep a variety of items neat and tidy. Another option is a wheeled storage rack. If you need additional storage for shoes, consider purchasing a wheeled rack.

Another advantage of under-bed storage is that it frees up prime closet real estate. You can store seasonal clothes, shoes, or even keepsakes under the bed. It can be a great way to get rid of clutter and maximize space. The under-bed storage option can be DIY-ed or purchased at a store.

When purchasing a storage bin, make sure the container is deep enough to fit under the bed frame. It should also be at least an inch shorter than the bed frame. Lastly, remember to choose a storage bin that is deep enough to hold bulkier items. It can be helpful to think about the items you will be storing before you purchase a storage container.

A shoe organizer with adjustable compartments is a great option. It can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. It also has a clear plastic cover so that you can easily see what is inside.

Decorative baskets

Decorative baskets can provide a stylish storage solution for your bed. You can use them to store blankets and extra blankets during the colder months. Baskets can be found in many different styles and colors, and some are even made with woven colors that add personality to any room. Whether you are designing a contemporary bedroom or a classic one, there are baskets that will fit in perfectly.

There are many different styles and sizes of baskets. You can choose large baskets or tiny ones to fit under your bed. A good basket must have the right measurements and an open top. Because of their popularity, there are several alternatives that you can choose from. You can use them to store a variety of items, from clothes and books to shoes and toys.

If you are a recreational reader, woven baskets are the best solution. They are sturdy and come in a variety of sizes. They are ideal for book club reads or keeping other cozy essentials in. If you have a small room, you can use woven baskets with handles.

Crown molding

If your bed has a crown molding, there are a lot of storage solutions you can use to keep everything organized. One great option is to create a shelf on the crown molding. The shelves can either stand alone or be paired with a mirror to create a stylish storage system. You can build these shelves using either unfinished solid wood crown molding or painted versions.

If you have an eight-foot ceiling, you can use two and a half-inch crown molding. For nine and ten-foot ceilings, you can install three to seven-and-a-half-inch crown molding. You can also use a hidden nailer strip to provide more surface area for the nails to penetrate. This will give you extra surface to nail into, which is great for hiding extra pieces of crown molding.

You can also add style to your crown molding by using corner blocks. These can be used either inside or outside corners of a room. This will give the room a more polished look. Whether you choose to buy your own crown molding or purchase one, you can find a variety of clever products to suit your taste and budget.

Under-bed boxes

Whether you’re organizing your bedroom to maximize space or you just want to keep items off the floor, under-bed boxes can provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal. These versatile storage options are great for storing bulky items, such as blankets and pillows, and are especially useful for storing clothing that’s out of season. These space-saving containers are also great for keeping delicate items protected from dust and humidity.

The best storage option for under-beds are containers on casters. This type of storage is specially designed for this kind of space. You can stack the bins in a row to maximize storage space. They can be secured with a lid to prevent dust and debris from building up inside.

The Container Store’s Under-bed Box is a popular storage solution among professionals and homeowners alike. The sturdy thermoplastic storage container is virtually unbreakable, and comes with a clear lid for easy identification. The transparent lid and latch make this box easy to open and close. There’s even a wheeled version available for a more convenient storage solution.

Bookcases are another good option for under-bed storage. They’re perfect for sliding under the bed, and feature built-in storage for a variety of apparel. Whether you have a closet or drawer for clothing, this storage is a convenient solution to an otherwise cluttered bedroom.

Under-bed caddy

Under-bed caddies are an excellent way to store a variety of items. They’re especially useful for keeping items that might otherwise take up valuable space, such as old photos or memorabilia. You can also store items in drawers or totes and use dividers to keep them separate from each other. Depending on the age of your child, you might want to label the storage boxes or totes to keep track of similar toys.

Fabric bins are another popular storage option. They’re not as rigid as their plastic counterparts, but are ideal for seasonal clothing, blankets, linens, and keepsakes. They can be purchased at stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Overstock. Using fabric bins is also an excellent way to achieve a blend of storage and style.

Containers with wheels are another option for under-bed storage. These are usually designed specifically for under-bed storage and can be lined up in rows. A lid is an added benefit, as it keeps dust and dirt out.

Corner shelves

If you’re looking for a way to organize the top part of your bed, corner shelves are an excellent choice. They can be made from a variety of materials and can be used to store many different items. The most common materials are wood and MDF, but there are also options for iron, plastic, glass, and stainless steel. Even cardboard can be used to create a corner shelf.

Tiered corner shelves are functional and stylish. They are easy to create and only require cutting a slab of wood and staining it. The thick wood draws the eye up and accentuates the space. Another easy-to-make corner shelf is the tapered one. It is made with two symmetrical trapezoidal pieces and has levels made of quarter circles of varying sizes. The metal frame and textured wood elevate this shelf to a more contemporary style.

Corner shelves also make an attractive focal point in a bedroom. You can decorate them in a simple, minimalistic way, or add a decorative accent. For a child’s bedroom, books can add a playful touch. You can also place the shelves on either side of the bed or above a glass desk.

Built-in storage solutions

Bed storage solutions come in many forms, but the most common are those that slide under the bed. They can be tall and wide, or they can be low and narrow. Built-in drawers create a neat look, and they can store a variety of items, from shoes to blankets and even bed sheets. The other option is wall-mounted storage. This option is flexible and can include an entire organizational unit, such as a headboard storage unit with a hanging board to hold scarves.

Built-in storage is a great way to keep items off the floor and out of sight. It’s also a great way to organize bedroom miscellany. Many storage beds have shelves built-in, and you can use them to display books or magazines. Other storage options include under-bed cubbies and racks in the closet.

For occasional use items, you may want to consider a rolling cart. It can serve as a makeup organizer, additional book and magazine storage, and a place for electronics. It keeps clutter at bay while keeping your favorite items within easy reach. This type of storage is also a great idea for dorm rooms. It can hold school supplies, electronics, and snacks.