Insomnia is generally caused by muscle tension, stimulants like coffee, and major anxiety. If you eliminate all of these things and you will have wonderful nights sleep. There are several ways to naturally get yourself to sleep. Let’s take a look at some simple and natural remedies for these so you can get some sleep. This tea will leave you restful because of the gentle and soothing effects it has on the body. For this tea you will need one teaspoon of passionflower (dried) one teaspoon of chamomile (dried), and one cup of boiling water. Second, get a coffee filter. Third, place the passionflower and chamomile into the filter. Fourth, take a piece of string and tie the filter around it tightly. Fifth, pour the boiling water into your favorite tea cup. Sixth, place the filter tea bag you made into the cup of water. Seventh, let sit for about five minutes before consuming. Warning: only drink this at night before bed, if you drink it work you may pass out. Hops and valerian help to relax your nervous system which will in turn get rid of insomnia. For this herbal sedative you will need; one fluid ounce of valerian extract, half a fluid ounce of of hops extract, and a small amount of water. First, grab a small dark glass. Second, mix the valerian and hops together into the dark glass. Third, after mixing grab a cup and put that small mount of water into it. Fourth, take one teaspoon of the sedative and pour it into the water. Fifth, drink and repeat as necessary. (Wait 20-30 minutes between doses) Warning: Only take 20-30 minutes before bed. Do not take if you have depression. Do not take more than what is recommended. May cause muscle spasms and headaches. Kind of self explanatory, but fresh air helps to relax you. Keep your window open a tiny bit. Even when its cold. Soft music will give you a relaxed mind that will help to chill your mind. Relaxing with book in bed will keep your mind busy to the point of passing out. Keep a routine of going to bed at around the same time and your body will respond to think of that time as your time to sleep. Avoid it at least two hours before bed. Be sure to keep the light out of the place where you sleep. Just before bed, try a bath with Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts are full of magnesium which helps to relax the nervous system and muscles. This bath will cause your body and mind to release its tension and in turn relieve insomnia. All you need is two cups of Epsom salts and your choice of a soothing essential oil. First, draw a bath of a comfortable temperature. Second, pour the Epsom salts into the bath. Third, place roughly ten drops of your choice of essential oil. Fourth, get in and think of relaxing thoughts. Fifth, after your bathing routine get into bed while still thinking of those relaxing thoughts. Insomnia is an annoying nuisance that can be avoided without taking pills. The more natural the better. Generally your body will respond better the more you they something. It takes awhile for your body to get used to something new. Try all of the above before even thinking of taking pills and poisoning your body just to get some sleep. I do almost all of these before bed, just one does not always work.