When most people think of dance, they think of huge performances or people grinding on each other at raves. Well dance is far more soulful and fun then people think, when you dance you release endorphins. Endorphins are the things in your brain that make you understand that you are happy. When this happens you lose all worry and just become a part of the music. Every one should dance whether it be for fun or taking lessons. When you dance for fun it is all about being free and losing yourself. Put on some of your favorite music and let the rhythm get under your skin and the lyrics fill your brain. Generally when you do this your body will start moving, whether it be tapping your toes, moving your hips, or bobbing your head.  Since you are moving now, let’s take this to the next level. Move your legs to the beat, step side to side and move your hips. Doesn’t that feel great, perhaps a little embarrassing but it feels good. Continue with that and move your arms, clap to the beat as well. There now your dancing! Keep it going and add your own personal style to it. Make the steps your own and have fun with it. Get others to dance with you soon enough you will be dancing for no reason.  Dancing for no reason is how you truly let go and let those endorphins flow. The more you do this the happier you will be. That stress melts away. Change that unhappiness to happiness. Keep that groove going and eventually you will dance to get rid your problems and just become a flowing beauty. So if you enjoyed doing this or if you already do this maybe it is time to take your skills to a whole new level and begin taking classes. Before you decide be sure to have a few things in mind; health and time. Are you healthy enough to begin dancing in a class? The only way to know for sure is if you go and get a physical at the doctors. Also injury prevention is a huge issue amongst dancers professional and non professional. Be sure to always listen to your instructor and your own body. Even your instructor can’t tell you how you feel. Your health is the most important thing and this is a good way to check your health for your own peace of mind. Now do you have the time? Time to go to class or even practice. Practice is one of the key ingredients to learning new steps and all that takes time and patience. Learning the basics takes a lot of patience, the same kind of patience it takes to control your anger. So the time you take to yourself to practice and go to class you will learn the patience needed for everyday things. For me it always helps with controlling myself when I get impatient with my little brother. Dancing is probably one of the only things that will allow you to have an amazing feeling and be healthy while you do it. The training is full of rewards for your body, mind, and soul. Its like veggies for your soul. Keep it strong, and you will be good. So whether you decide to have fun on your own or take a class remember you will be getting a lot out of it. Happiness, time for yourself, and patience the tools you will need to bring some kind of control over your own life. Be happy, be healthy.