If you’re looking for a stylish dish storage rack that will save your countertop space, the Yamazaki dish storage rack is a great choice. This product has a two-tier design that keeps dishes and plates in an organized fashion. This piece also features a removable tray so that you can store other dishes.

Tower Two-Tier dish storage rack

Our products are all designed in-house in our facilities in Nara, Japan. You can find no other authorized resellers on Amazon. We have the highest standards for our products, and you can trust them to last for years. Our dish storage racks are slim and adjustable, saving you space and money.

Unlike other dish racks, the Yamazaki dish rack comes preassembled, saving you time and effort. This means you won’t need to dig out a toolbox and read a bunch of confusing instructions. Many dish racks are bulky, take up counter space, and aren’t designed efficiently.

This versatile dish rack features a two-tier design with a compact footprint. It’s made of steel, silicone, and ABS resin, and is certified BPA-free. It also comes with hanging hooks and a rotating water spout to help keep your dishes clean. It also has a removable tray for utensils. It is available in black and white and comes with a removable draining tray.

Another great feature of this dish rack is its double drying capability. It can be used on either level, making it ideal for the kitchen sink. You can also use the lower level to dry larger pots and pans. Both levels come with removable trays, and the top one has a rotating utensil tray.

Easy way to store plates

One of the easiest ways to store plates in the kitchen is with a Yamazaki dish storage rack. This durable rack has three compartments and a silicone-wrapped horizontal bar that keeps your plates from rubbing against each other. Its clean, simple design fits well on open shelving, and you can easily dry your plates on the rack, allowing you to save counter space.

Another option is the Umbra dish rack, which fits into tight spaces and fits over the sink. It expands with a rubber handle and looks similar to a shopping basket. Another advantage is its low-profile design, which doesn’t make a large impact on your kitchen design. While the Umbra rack is an excellent choice for a small kitchen, it may be a bit bulky for a larger room.

If you have a large family or cook a lot, you’ll definitely want to consider a sturdy dish rack. A yamazaki dish rack can hold a lot of dishes, and the water from the dishes doesn’t spill on the countertop.

Takes up too much countertop space

A Yamazaki dish storage rack is designed for efficient space management, without taking up too much counter space. Its multiple compartments and rotating spout allow you to store dishes, glasses, cups and even a coffee pot. It costs about $60 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

However, some racks take up a lot of countertop space. This can be a problem if you have a small kitchen or if you live alone. In these cases, a compact dish rack might be the best option. If you have a dishwasher, you can opt for an in-sink rack, which eliminates the need for counter space.

Another alternative is a two-tier dish rack. This kind of rack saves countertop space because it keeps items stored vertically. This way, you can use valuable counter space for other things. The top rack features slots for plates, while the bottom one provides racks for smaller pans. It also has a removable cutlery bucket.