Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food has a few ingredients that are good for your cat. This brand is enriched with Nutraceuticals and chicken fat. It also contains 66.7% protein, which is a good amount for a cat’s diet. However, if you are considering this food for your cat, you should be aware that Wysong has recently been recalled.

Nutraceuticals are enriched in wysong uretic dry cat food

Nutraceuticals are a key component of good cat nutrition, and Wysong uretic dry cat food includes a number of them. While these ingredients are not required for a cat’s diet, their inclusion in this food is a welcome addition. These supplements include vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Wysong is a holistic pet food company founded in 1979 by Dr. Randy Wysong. The company creates and manufactures food for cats, dogs, ferrets, and horses. It uses an in-house team of pet health doctorates to formulate its food. The company’s food is made in the USA and is suitable for all life stages and breeds.

While vitamins and minerals are common in most cat foods, this particular product is noteworthy for its inclusion of a number of hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Among these are taurine, zinc sulfate, and L-Lysine monohydrochloride. These ingredients are all beneficial for urinary health, but they don’t meet dietary requirements for urinary health cat meals.

Wysong uretic dry cat food contains chicken fat as an excellent source of fatty acids. This type of fat is cheap and easily digestible, making it a great addition to any cat food. While fats are needed for a cat’s diet, they should not be the main ingredient. That’s why Wysong uretic dry cat food uses chicken fat as the second ingredient.

It contains chicken fat

Wysong uretic dry cat food is an option for your cat if you want to help your cat reduce urinary tract issues. It contains an optimal balance of nutrients and minerals that keep your cat’s urinary tract healthy. The food also helps keep your cat’s urine acidic, which helps minimize the formation of crystals. It also helps keep your cat’s bladder healthy and helps prevent bladder problems.

The chicken fat in Wysong uretic dry cat food is a good source of fatty acids. It is also easy to digest and makes your cat’s food tastier. While fats are important to your cat’s diet, you don’t want them to be the star ingredient in your pet’s food. This is why Wysong has added chicken fat to their food as a secondary ingredient.

This ingredient is an excellent source of taurine for your cat. Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. It has numerous benefits for the cardiovascular, central nervous, and ocular systems. It also contributes to muscle recovery and is an antioxidant. Chicken meal in Wysong is an excellent source of taurine, as is tomato pomace, which is not a cheap filler. Additionally, turkey meat is a high-quality source of protein and is rich in essential fatty acids.

Wysong has two types of dry cat food. One is called Epigen and another is called Original. These are both species-appropriate kibble, which has low starch content. They are available in four and sixteen-pound boxes. For cats that need to reduce their weight, the Epigen dry cat food is a good option.

It is good

Wysong uretic dry cat food contains a special formula designed to keep your cat’s urinary tract healthy. This formula contains no excess minerals that can cause crystals in your cat’s urine. It also helps keep your cat’s urine acidic, which means it’s less likely to cause bladder problems.

This food contains a lot of chicken fat, which is good for your cat because it’s easy to digest. It also helps make your cat’s food taste better. However, it’s important to note that while fats are essential for your cat’s diet, you should not make them the primary ingredient in your pet’s diet. It’s best to replace Wysong with a similar food gradually to avoid any potential side effects.

A major part of Wysong uretic dry cat food comes from chicken. Chicken is a domesticated bird and is often the main source of protein in pet food. It also contains chicken meal, which is made from ground up chicken meat. Although chicken meal is not an essential ingredient in cat food, it is considered a good source of protein.

Another reason to choose Wysong uretic dry cat food over other dry food options is that it’s formulated specifically for cats with urologic conditions. This food is designed with the urinary tract in mind and contains higher levels of protein, fat and meat than other dry cat foods. Also, the ingredients are USDA approved and made in the U.S. This means you won’t have to worry about getting a contaminated cat food.

It is bad

If you’re looking for a food for your cat that will provide high-quality protein, you can’t go wrong with Wysong’s Uretic dry cat food. This brand has been around for more than 30 years, and is developed by a veterinarian to provide a balanced diet for cats. The brand uses a mixture of poultry meal, chicken fat, and potato protein. It’s also grain-free and made in the United States.

In addition to a protein-based formula, Wysong contains a wide variety of vegetables and animal ingredients. It also encourages rotational feeding. Chicken fat is a good source of fatty acids and makes cat food taste better. However, fats should not be the main ingredient in a pet food. Fortunately, Wysong has a line of dietary supplements, which provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Adding potato protein may help prevent Wysong uretic dry cat food from making your cat sick. Potato protein is not a high-quality protein and can increase your cat’s blood glucose levels. It’s important to start replacing the food gradually. In some cases, the Wysong food may be too rich for your cat.

Wysong cat food is marketed as a holistic food for cats. While it is true that cats are obligate carnivores and would hunt small rodents to eat, vegetables and fruit aren’t part of their natural diet. Cats’ digestive systems were not designed to digest plant material and therefore cannot absorb their vitamins and minerals.