Many people have heard of essential oils and even used them in their day to day lives. But, most of us may not really understand what they are, what they do, how they work and why we need them. There are several reasons as to why we need essential oils.

While many plants naturally contain an oil, it is not necessary that the oil will be used for medicinal purposes. For example, oils from citrus fruits are used for flavoring foods and cosmetics. There are many other examples of this.

Essential oils are extracted from plants by using different methods. The carrier medium for the oil may either be water or alcohol. It is important to note that the carrier medium is what allows the oil to penetrate the skin to have its intended effect.

The carrier medium is the main type of carrier used today. There are other types available, but they are generally more expensive. In the past, people used volatile oils which are heavier, more viscous and often made up of a large percentage of saturated fat. This is not recommended.

Nowadays, more oils are being extracted into liquid form so that they can be used for many reasons including cosmetics, perfumes, cleaners and aromatherapy. One of the most common uses of these oils is fragrance. In other words, we use essential oils as scents in our everyday lives.

There are a number of different essential oils that are readily available at any drugstore or natural food store. They are used for aromatherapy. People have been using these oils to help them relax, calm and soothe them.

There are many different types of essential oils, and some are better than others for these various purposes. For example, those oils that are heavier and less volatile will take longer to penetrate the skin and they tend to give a pleasant aroma. Other types of oils have a scent that is preferred by some individuals, while others prefer a lighter, warmer type of scent.

These days, you can also find oil made from plants in the form of capsules, droppers and even sprays. You can find these too. The best type of oil is essential because it penetrates the skin and has an all natural effect. The plant has no chemicals in it that may be harmful.

Another type of essential oil is aroma type. They are sold in the same ways as fragrance oils are sold, although they don’t have the same positive reviews as fragrances. Still, they are readily available in both liquid and gel forms.

Oils from fruits are available in a number of forms as well. You can have a bath oil, spray, capsule or even liquid soap. Since they are oil based, they are usually very affordable.

So, just how do you use essential oils? They are normally used as scents in cosmetics and aromatherapy products. It may be considered a therapeutic use of the oils, but it does not impair the appearance of the skin.

If you haven’t tried essential oils before, then now is the time to give them a try. You will find that they are very relaxing and soothing.