The definition of what is aromatherapy may vary according to the person who defines it. The commonly accepted definition is “the use of fragrance, aroma, or the transfer of fragrance, aroma, or smoke, to create and maintain a state of comfort, well-being, relaxation, or rejuvenation.”

According to the book that was created by Dr. William Carpenter (the Father of American Herbalism) in 1867, “to see what is what” does not always fit with our modern view of what we consider “what is”. If we truly understood what aroma means, we would have a much better idea of what “aromatherapy” is all about. There are many different ways to describe the effects of aromatherapy, but they all refer to the same fundamental principle.

The name “aromatherapy” was derived from the Latin word aris, meaning ‘light ‘thera, meaning ‘to burn’. Since light is the absence of darkness, it was naturally associated with medicine. That’s when the connection between light and healing was made. The Indian concept of “healing the whole person” was closely related to what was known as “scents and mental health”. In other words, the sense of smell can be used to clear the mind of distracting thought patterns.

In ancient time, herbs were used to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit. In this modern age, they are applied to the body to create a relaxing and calming environment.

Today’s world has become so busy that we have lost touch with the natural products that exist. Aromatherapy, like the early world has a profound effect on our very nature.

There are many natural elements that can make a place that is both relaxing and meditative. When we allow ourselves to enter into a state of mind, body, and spirit, there is an uplifting effect on our everyday lives.

What is aromatherapy? It is nothing more than the blending of natural elements with botanical essences to create a pleasant scent, whether it is required for sleep, calmness, nourishment, or simply a fragrance that can be carried with the person who uses it. In order to maximize the benefits, the ingredients must all be compatible.

Those who use aromatherapy say that using aromatherapy is a much different experience than using aromatic herbs. They offer the benefits of the aromatic herbs without the danger. Even the most non-sensational persons can have a delightful, enjoyable experience by relaxing with aromatherapy.

What is aromatherapy? It’s the concept that any plant or herb possesses the power to transfer essential properties from its root system into the atmosphere around the plant. The various essential oils are then dispersed into the air.

What is aromatherapy? The idea of a “plant” that is capable of affecting the mind, body, and spirit may sound a little far-fetched. That’s because for many centuries, all of these effects were only felt in person.

This was the concept of aroma therapy until the realization was made that the world was expanding at a very rapid rate. It was recognized that people were becoming more remote from nature, and the return of the natural to the man of today, was necessary.

Thus, the awareness began to move toward the concept of creating plant based natural products to provide a soothing and calming effect on the whole person. Today, these natural products are making a major difference in the lives of many people.