If your closet is narrow, you have to think of some smart organization ideas. Here are some of them: Coat racks, Built-in hampers, and hanging clothes. You can even use magazine files to keep your clutches and jewelry. They will also free up some desk space. Studio DB also added stylish rods in the corners of her walk-in closet.

Built-in hampers

Built-in hampers can be used to store your dirty clothes. They come in wire basket or bag styles and hang from a steel frame attached to the closet’s drawer slides. Most are made from heavy-duty nylon but there are premium versions available in other materials or in decorator colors. Wire basket hampers are available with brushed chrome or oil rubbed bronze finishes. They can be tilted out or pulled out for convenient access.

Built-in hampers are a good solution for small closets with minimal space. They can be a great way to keep clothing organized while keeping the entire closet looking nice. You can install them sideways or above the cabinets to maximize the space. These units also come with extra depth so you can hang up items that are not suitable for a full-sized hamper.

Built-in hampers are a great way to organize your clothes. Ideally, you should have two or more hampers. His-and-hers hampers can be a great option, as can a series of hampers for your darks and lights. Adding a small foldout ironing board will give you a convenient place to touch up your shirts and other items.

Storage bins

There are many storage solutions for your narrow walk-in closet. One way to maximize storage space is to invest in bins. Storage bins are great for storing a variety of items, from folded clothes to miscellaneous items. These containers are available in several sizes, including nestable and stackable options.

Closets are prone to becoming a jumbled mess when not properly organized. Using storage bins to store and organize your clothes will make your space more accessible and free of clutter. Not only will you be able to find what you need quickly, but you’ll also be able to keep shoes and accessories in order.

While standard hanging rods are great for storing clothes, it’s important to find a closet system that will work with your space. Using different types of storage bins and cubbies helps you get the most out of your space. For example, you might want to place a basket on top of a hanger. Another great solution is to use a cabinet for shoe storage.

Coat racks

Coat racks for a narrow walk-in closet can be an effective way to organize your clothes. They are versatile, durable, and are great for storing multiple items at once. You can also use them to store smaller items like handbags and extra shoes. You can also hang them on towel or curtain rods, depending on the size of your closet.

Coat racks are traditionally used in mudrooms, but they are also a great option for a small closet. You can install one on the interior wall of your closet, or you can install one on the back of the door. Depending on your needs, you can choose a narrow coat rack that fits your space. A slim rolling coat rack is another option that allows you to easily move it from one spot to another.

If you need more space for storage, you can buy a small storage bin that fits in your closet. You can use it to store seasonal items or put away clean clothes. The bins come with clear windows and attached lids. They measure under a foot in height and fit on most shelves and closet floors. They also collapse, making them easy to store when not in use.

Hanging clothes

One of the best ways to organize a small walk-in closet is by using racks and shelves. This method is also good for organizing shoes and purses. You can use modular slots to hold purses, and you can also install small cubes or drawers to store folded clothes. The most effective way to hang up clothes is with ‘S’ or ‘L’-shaped hooks. These can be mounted on the walls or cabinets.

The first step in organizing your closet is to measure its width. You should allow at least two feet of clearance in all directions, and it will feel more spacious. You should avoid hanging on the sides of the closet entrance. This will make you feel hemmed in. It’s also best to keep long and double hanging at the back of the closet.

The second step in organizing your closet is to determine what is a “need” and “want” item. If you want to store more than one pair of shoes, create a divider. Using a section of drawers or shelving for shoes will allow you to separate these two areas and keep one side organized. Using a small trash bin and labeled “Donate” can be useful as well. Once you’ve figured out the best way to organize your closet, you’ll be able to apply the same principles to other areas of your home.

Adding a second level

Adding a second level to your closet is a great way to create more hanging space. Simply raise the top clothing rod and add more hanging space below it. You can also install a freestanding dresser or drawers for extra storage. If you don’t want to install a built-in system, you can buy adjustable expanders.

Adding a rod

The first step in walk in closet organization ideas is to empty out the closet. Once you have eliminated all of the unnecessary items, hang all of your clothes. Then, put away any accessories you may have. Your closet should now be like a clean slate. It’s easier to organize your clothes when everything has a designated place.

Adding a rod will give you extra space to hang your clothes. It will also help you organize bags and jewelry. You can also add hooks to the rods and drawers for more organization. The more hanger space you have, the more efficient your closet will be.

If your closet is too small for a rod, try hanging a shoe rack over the closet rod. You’ll have more space to hang your shoes, as well as a place to store extra shoes and hats. Also, consider installing a wicker hamper beneath the upper hanging clothes rod. This will eliminate the need for an unsightly pop-up hamper. Also, consider adding hooks for clothes and hats.

You can also add rods to the closet to add storage space. If the closet is narrow, you can also add shelves to make the space more usable. In this way, you can organize your wardrobe and make it look more spacious. A wall of cubbies is also a good addition to any walk-in closet.

Adding shelves

If you have a small walk-in closet in your home, adding shelves to it can be a great idea. The shelves can serve as storage areas for your shoes and accessories. In addition, they can act as a room divider. This allows you to utilize the area in another way, like creating a separate dressing area. Another option for adding storage is a bench seat that has a lift-up top.

To make the most of your limited closet space, you need to organize different types of items. You can use baskets, plastic bins, and open cubbies to separate different types of clothing. Most of the items you want to keep open can be stored in open cubbies, but other items such as shoes, purses, and small folded garments should be kept closed.

Instead of installing built-ins, install adjustable shelves to maximize the use of your closet space. Adjustable shelves are much easier to rearrange than built-ins, and they make it easier to find items. Store everyday items on lower shelves, and keep items on the top shelves that you rarely use, such as out-of-season clothes.