If you want to start a plant indoors or outdoors, you will want to purchase a potting tray. This simple but useful device will contain soil and water and keep your tools within easy reach. It has a comfortable handle so you can grip it without getting a sore wrist. The Tidy Tray is a one-piece lightweight potting tray that is great for corralling mess while potting up plants and starting seeds.

Tidy Tray is a lightweight, one-piece potting tray

The Tidy Tray is a lightweight one-piece potting tray with a low front that keeps your mess contained. It is made of recycled polypropylene and is waterproof and dirt-resistant. The tray measures 19″L x 19.5″W x 6″H.

It is based on the average potting tray found in most greenhouses

A potting tray is a simple tool used to contain soil. Available in green or black, a potting tray is a practical container for your plants. Potting trays measure approximately 47mm in width, 46mm deep, and 13mm in height. In addition to soil, you can also use used coffee grounds.

It allows you to corral the mess when starting seeds or potting up plants

When you start seedlings or pot plants, you’ll want to use a potting tray to corral the mess. These trays are made of sturdy polypropylene and have a shelf for small gardening supplies. They’re one-piece construction, so you won’t have to worry about them falling apart and causing a lot of mess.

Potting up plants and seeds is an essential step for achieving the best growth possible. It allows the roots to develop properly. Without proper root development, plants will struggle to grow or spread throughout the garden. Also, improper potting up can lead to stunted growth or root-bound plants.

The time of day you start potting depends on the type of seed you’re starting. Some seeds germinate within a few days, while others may take two or three weeks. Most plants are ready to be planted in two to three weeks from the time a sprout has emerged.