Unrefined sea salt is used in cooking and baking. It can be used to sprinkle on top of a cake or used as a topping for baked goods. Unrefined sea salt has the essential minerals and vitamins found in table salt.

Salt has many qualities that make it valuable to use in food. It provides flavor, aroma, texture and essential trace minerals. Here are some reasons to use unrefined sea salt:

Try Salted Bread. This grain free bread is made with oatmeal, white flour, sea salt and yeast. The result is a perfect natural bread made from whole grains. You will love the addition of sea salt to your bread recipe.

Make your own sea salt cookie recipe. Cook at home and get the best tasting cookies of your life. No chemicals, additives or preservatives needed here!

Add sea salt to bran cereals. Get the benefit of rich taste from sea salt and add it to your favorite breakfast cereal. You will love the taste and delight of the sea salts you can find in the cereal aisle.

Why not try adding sea salt to your coffee or tea? Use sea salt and warm your cup of java, or add it to your favorite hot drink. Feel the flavor and enjoy!

Sea salt is used in breads, cakes, cookies, and pastries. The essential minerals and vitamins are not lost when using sea salt. It provides the same taste, smell and texture of table salt. This makes it easier to use.

The minerals and vitamins that are in sea salt are lost when processed and heated. They remain intact when the salt is used as a seasoning or added to foods. Your body gets the minerals and vitamins it needs from the salt.

Salts Worldwide produces all natural salt by grinding the crystals from fine Himalayan salt and distilling the water. It has been patented to contain no sulfur or copper. Unrefined sea salt is the only salt worldwide that is pure, healthy and free of toxins.

This unrefined sea salt is just as good as the refined salt, but it has none of the undesirable properties that are found in commercial sea salts. You will never have to worry about mineral loss, color change, nor taste change. You also get a wonderful creamy texture.

It contains the same sodium content as table salt. It does not cause weight gain and therefore does not encourage the over-consumption of salt. It is healthy for diabetics.

It has a very low sodium content. It has the same electrolytes that are found in table salt. You won’t find that in any other type of salt.