Hindu traditional medicine that is native to India designed the Ayurvedic practice. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine includes magical cure for certain diseases. In India, it has always been known as the science of eight components.

Here are the eight components that are practiced:

  • Cure diseases affecting the body
  • Treatment of children
  • Surgical techniques
  • Treatments for teeth, eyes, ears and nose
  • Causes of disease, visible and invisible
  • Antidotes to poison
  • Rejuvenation
  • Healthy progeny


Ayurvedic doctors use holistic approaches to make a diagnosis. They use the five senses to accomplish this. Since ancient times, herbs have been used in treating diseases and it is the herbal medicine that is derived from the parts of the plant. Natural healing is the main key for this practice to be successful. For example: Oil and tar is often used to stop profuse bleeding.

Eliminating toxic elements from the body is called Panchakarma. In the Western world we know this to be detoxification or detox. The use of herbs and surgical instruments are quite popular in Ayurvedic medicine. Doctors from all sacross the world have traveled to India to learn the Ayurvedic practices. Today, you can find Ayurvedic medicine being marketed all across the United States.

In Nepal, about 80% of the population uses Ayurveda. Today, there are Ayurvedic institutions who are highly de3dicated to caring and healing the sick in any location in the world. More and more people are beginning to leave behind harmful substances and use all natural products and practices to heal and detoxify. There are4 a few states in this nation who have approved colleges, universities or schools for teaching the Ayurvedic practice.

Some Ayurvedic products contain metallic content, but the ingredients are listed on each label. Ayurvedic medicine can be made up of metals, minerals, gems, herbal products, and other natural substances. Doctors of modern medicine have a hard time understanding the Ayurveda practice. An Ayurveda practitioner will often misunderstand how modern doctors treat diseases using harmful chemicals.