Outdoor cat toys are a great way to keep your cat entertained. There are many types of toys available, including simple plastic and plush models and vibrating mouse models that can be charged by pulling a cord. They are fun to play with and stimulate the cat’s natural predatory instinct. They are also colourful, padded, and made with special attention to detail.

PetSafe Slimcat

Outdoor cat toys are a great way to encourage exercise and play for your cat. These toys come with a track that your cat can follow and will help him burn some energy. These toys are made of plastic so they won’t rust, melt, or decay, and are dishwasher-safe. Choose a toy that fits your pet’s personality and preferences. You can also bribe your cat with food to encourage him to play.

Keeping your cat active is important for the health and happiness of your pet. The PetSafe SlimCat Outdoor Cat Toy is easy to clean, safe, and a great way to help your cat get some exercise. This toy is made of FDA-approved plastic and is dishwasher-safe. It also comes in a variety of fun colours for your cat to choose from.

Another great option for outdoor use is a cat house. Many different types are available, including insulated and heated cat houses for harsh winters. But the basic outdoor cat house is still a popular choice. A simple outdoor cat house will make your cat feel safe and secure. You can even buy a multi-cat house to accommodate more than one cat.

Interactive cat toys can help fight boredom and engage your cat’s haunting instincts. These toys stimulate the brain and release dopamine, a hormone that helps keep cats happier. Playing with interactive cat toys is also a great way to bond with your pet.

Wicked Ball

The Wicked Ball is an interactive cat toy with a tiny plastic core, a high-performance six-axis MEMS motion-tracking device, and sensors that detect movement and touch. When a cat gets close to the toy, the sensors detect contact and move the toy. The intensity of the movement depends on the mode of operation.

This outdoor cat toy is available in two different versions. The first is for cats and dogs and comes with an artificial wool cover. The second is made of tough TPU and polycarbonate. It can also be used in a pool and is safe around water. This means your pet is less likely to break something while playing with the Wicked Ball. It’s made of durable plastic, which is perfect for any environment, including the water.

PetSafe Slimcat with night light

This slim, lightweight outdoor cat toy rolls around, dispensing kibble and treats as your cat bats at it. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The toy is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily. Its size is adjustable, making it easy to choose the right size for your cat.

This outdoor cat toy satisfies a cat’s natural hunting instincts. It features six small holes in the base, challenging your cat to pounce on it before it disappears. This toy doesn’t make a lot of noise, and you can replace the feather if needed.

Kiki delivery service cats with night light

Kiki the delivery service cat is a resin action cat that adds a touch of whimsy to the lives of busy people. With its night light and flexible tail, it’s easy to position the toy where you need it most. It’s also ideal for nighttime and calming down young children.

PetSafe Slimcat with rubber feet

Choosing a good cat toy for your pet is essential to ensuring that he stays healthy and happy. This slim cat toy has a durable, soft material and no sharp edges. It’s great for indoor or outdoor use and is dishwasher safe. Just be sure to pick one that matches his personality and size.

The PetSafe SlimCat Feeder Ball is a versatile toy that combines playtime with mealtime. Your cat can play with it while you feed it, and you can adjust the difficulty level according to your cat’s skill level. It’s also a great way to improve digestion and maintain a healthy weight.

This outdoor cat toy is made of plastic and rubber, which keeps your cat safe from dirt and other objects. It looks like an insect and uses vibration technology to attract your cat. Your cat will love to chase it, pounce on it, and swat at it. The toy changes direction when it comes into contact with an obstacle and flips back onto its feet when knocked over. Its brightly colored feather tail is designed to keep your cat amused.

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor cat toy for your cat, this motion-activated circuit ball is an excellent choice. The ball moves along a track with holes in it that your cat can poke their paw through. This toy is also big enough for multiple cats to enjoy at the same time.

PetSafe Slimcat with spiraling ribbon

A new interactive toy for your cat will help them fight obesity and improve their digestion. This SlimCat feeding ball toy will keep them busy while giving them mental and physical stimulation. It also helps keep destructive behavior under control. We tested it out with three of our office cats.

This toy features a concealed motion toy and colored lights that encourage cats to hunt it. The toy features adjustable speeds that make it easy to engage your cat. The toy comes with a small pouch for catnip and USB rechargeable. It will keep your cat entertained for hours.

This toy doubles as a play and sleep tunnel for your cat. It is perfect for a cat who likes to burrow. It has a cozy place for your feline to hide, and toys at the entrance are great for fun swinging. Your two rambunctious kittens might also love to chase each other while they play in the tunnel.

Another interactive cat toy is the Catnip Cat Toy. This toy comes with three different options for entertaining your cat. You can choose between a cardboard scratcher, a roller ball, and a spring toy. If your cat loves to play with stuffies, then this cat toy might be just the thing for your home. The toy will keep your cat busy and prevent them from tearing up your furniture. It will also provide a nice spot for lounging.