The Turbo Scratcher cat toy is great for cat owners looking for something that will keep their cat entertained and minimize the damage to furniture. This toy comes with a ball, scratch pad, and cat nip. It’s available in green or blue. It is made of plastic and is easy to clean.

Star Chaser scratcher cat toy

This Turbo Scratcher cat toy provides hours of entertainment while reducing furniture damage. It features a scratch pad, cat nip, and a ball. It’s available in green and blue colors. Depending on which color you purchase, your cat can have both a green and blue toy.

Star Chaser looks just like the original Turbo Scratcher, but instead of a solid ball, it has an LED ball that lights up. The LED lights flash red when the ball moves, and go dark when it stops rolling. Osito loves this scratcher and is very playful with it.

The motion-activated LED ball is sure to attract your cat’s attention, keeping it occupied for hours. Catnip keeps them entertained and away from your furniture, while the motion-activated ball keeps them entertained. Replacement scratch pads are also available for LED balls, so you can change out the ball and keep your cat happy.

The Star Chaser Scratcher by Bergan Turbo is a great toy for cats. It offers hours of entertainment, as well as reduces the amount of damage to furniture. The toy’s sturdy corrugated cardboard center allows your cat to play and scratch without any danger to your flooring. The toy’s non-skid feet help it stay stable on a variety of floors. The added bonus is that it contains catnip, which gives your cat an extra burst of energy. Catnip also helps to calm your cat’s nerves. It is also an excellent way to protect your furniture from scratches and other damage from claws.

Star Chaser’s scratch pad

Turbo Scratcher Replacement Pads are an economical, easy way to extend the life of your turbo cat toys and furniture. Made of corrugated cardboard, these pads will reduce your cat’s scratching activity without compromising the longevity of your kitty’s favorite toy.

Star Chaser is a sleek cat toy that comes with a scratch pad and motion-activated ball. It’s designed to keep your cat busy for hours at a time. The ball itself is shaped like a race track, and the scratch pad provides multiple interactive play options.

Star Chaser’s spinning ball

A Star Chaser cat toy is a fun, interactive toy for cats. Its spinning ball contains LED lights which are activated by motion. The lights flash red as the ball rolls and then go out when it stops. This toy is available in two different designs: the original version has a solid ball that your cat can play with, while a Star Chaser cat toy features a twinkle ball that your cat can play with.

The Star Chaser’s spinning ball is an interactive cat toy that cats can play with for hours at a time. It comes with a scratch pad that will keep your cat from chewing on it. It also contains a catnip infused ball for your feline friend to enjoy.

This cat toy comes with a rotating ball, a scratching pad, and catnip to attract your cat. Your feline will love to scratch its claws on the scratch pad and spin the ball around the ring. Owners rave about the adoration their cats show for this toy. You can even get replacement pads for this toy to keep your cat entertained for a long time.