Weve all heard about truffles and how much we like them, but have you ever heard of truffle salt? Well, you might have, if youre a fan of edible art!

If youre anything like me, then you are a true connoisseur of the taste of salted foods and know a thing or two about the science behind the process. There are many ways to add a little flavor and crunch to your favorite dishes, and one of the easiest ways is through the use of truffle salt.

The salts, or salts prepared from some other material, are an art that can be studied by people who wish to learn more about the human digestive system. They can be used in many different forms to give a flavorful twist to your dishes.

One of the most popular salts worldwide is salted caramel. Some people love the sweet flavor and a touch of buttery flavor in their dessert while others enjoy the spicy and metallic flavor. I know which I would rather have on my food.

Its this simple fact that make this salt so attractive to many, but it also has a very powerful and interesting taste. Many like it because it adds a bit of spiciness to their desserts and others find it to be very appealing for their savory dishes.

If you want to add some more sweet to your desserts, one of the many flavors that are available in salted caramel is called maple caramel. When combined with a nutmeg flavored butter, you will have a deliciously sweet and tangy combination.

Maple caramel is the same exact ingredients that are used to create salted caramel, only they are more expensive. However, it gives the flavors of the salted caramel a bit more zing. It is quite a nice addition when added to desserts such as banana pudding or brownies.

The Spanish salted caramel also has a bit more intense and flavorful flavor than the English version. The best way to enjoy this wonderful salty caramel is to add a pinch of it to every ounce of ice cream you are enjoying.

To give it a little more boost, you can dip your ice cream bars into it before you freeze them. I have a favorite way to do this though. Simply melt the chocolate in a double boiler until it has reached the consistency you prefer.

You will now want to add the chocolate to a tray, and place it in a bowl on the lowest setting of your oven. This will melt the chocolate faster, making for an even darker color, and a deeper flavor.

When you want to add your favorite delights to your diet, try adding a little bit of salted caramel to your treats. It might just change the way you eat.