Toys take up a lot of space, and sometimes they consume your entire house! Toys can take over your closet, shelves, and even the space above the door. There are ways to organize and store toys on top of shelves or in stackable containers. Then, you can use the remaining space for other things.

Drawstring bags

Drawstring bags are an easy way to organize small toys. Simply place the toys in the bag and hang it from a hook or door handle. You can even knit or crochet toy storage bags. You can use thick twine and large needles to create these bags. They are also washable if you choose the right fabric.

If you want to make a drawstring bag, you can start by cutting two 30-inch squares of fabric. Then, use a flexible curve tool to connect the dots in the fabric to form a curved line. Use a safety pin to tie a sturdy knot at the end.

Drawstring bags can also make excellent storage bins. The company called Telkiddo makes plaything storage bags in various sizes. These are reversible and eco-friendly. They are also made of organic cotton. They are also labeled with helpful symbols and words. You can use small bags for smaller items, while large bags work well for large toys.

Drawstring bags are a cheap and versatile toy storage solution. You can get them at any hardware store and they stack neatly. These containers will also keep toys off the floor. Moreover, they’re easy to use for kids. Kids can sort and replace their toys using them.

Bins with lids

Bins with lids are an inexpensive and effective way to organize your children’s toys. They work well for storing toys that don’t fit into rectangular containers, and they look cute on a shelf. These containers are especially useful for organizing Legos, which can get messy. They come with labels that help you easily identify each piece, and hinged lids make them easy to stack.

Bins can also be used to organize art supplies. These containers can be used on a craft cart, inside a closet, or on your child’s art desk. Bins can also be hung from the back of doors. Then, kids can see what’s in them. You can also use several of these containers for different categories of toys.

Bins with lids work well with almost any type of toy box, and the nesting feature is convenient for storing different types of toys. Canvas toy boxes are also popular, and are available in many colors. These bins can be used to store all sorts of toys, including large and heavy ones.

Another good toy organizer is a toy organization bag. These make toy organizing easy because they can be custom-sized. Many of these bags even have windows, so your child can easily identify the toys inside. You can even get swoop bags that open into a big circle for play time.

Modular storage shelves

Modular storage shelves are an excellent way to add toy storage. They are versatile and can be easily adjusted to accommodate growing families. These units are also easy to move around. If your child outgrows his or her toys, you can easily replace the old ones with new ones. Moreover, they can double up as storage units for other purposes such as media consoles and cabinets.

Unbreakable craft jars are also great toy storage. These containers are not only cheap but also look adorable on a shelf. Another great way to organize your child’s toys is to purchase small storage boxes. There are a variety of options for toy storage boxes, including twine-wrapped containers.

Modular storage shelves can keep your child’s toys out of the way and out of sight. Besides, you can also store a large number of stuffed animals on them. These storage containers can also be used as a comfortable bed for your child. They feature casters so you can easily roll them around the room.

Another easy storage solution is a wooden toy box. You can build your own toy box, or purchase a ready-made one. This will help you keep toys out of sight while still providing ample storage space for small toys. Also, you can choose a stylish wooden dresser to store the toys. You can buy three-tiered storage units with different compartments to keep all your toys organized.

Underbed storage

Underbed storage for toys can be a great way to keep clutter under control. You can store toys, books, and other items, then roll them up when not in use. To make life easier, underbed storage bins are available in several different sizes, so you can find one to fit under your bed.

Toys are a common source of underbed clutter, so you need an organized way to store them. You can use vacuum-packed space bags to keep clothes and shoes in a tidier manner, and you can also use organizers that have individual slots for socks and shoes. You can also use bed risers for extra height under your bed.

Underbed storage for toys can be made out of wood or plywood for under $10 each. You will need rolling wheels, wood nails, and chalk paint for the top and sides of the cart. The wheels can be painted or covered in rope to keep them from rolling away. Another great option is an underbed train table, which is simply pushed under the bed like a trundle bed.

For larger items, consider an Ikea drawer, which blends into the bed frame. It rolls in with ease and can store up to 30 pounds of items. It’s durable, cheap, and very functional. Another option is an Ikea storage box that looks like a suitcase and even includes a fake address tag. It is great for storing toys and is the perfect size for underbed storage.

IKEA shelves

When it comes to toy box organizer ideas, IKEA shelves can provide the perfect solution. These sturdy wooden shelves will give your children the space they need to keep their toys organized. They are also great for storage. Using IKEA shelves as toy box organizer ideas can save you money while still keeping the room neat and tidy.

IKEA shelves for toy box organizers can help you organize the toys in a fun way. You can also use them as a fun way to organize the room. Hanging storage is easy for little ones to access, and IKEA spice racks can hold books in place. Another great toy box organizer idea is to use an acrylic shelf shaped like a house. The house shape makes the shelves suitable for both books and toys, and adds a whimsical touch to the room. Other ideas include using baskets and industrial bookcases for toy storage.

Another popular toy storage option is the Ikea Trofast system. This versatile shelving unit comes with three different drawer sizes. You can also fill these shelves with bins to create more organization. This toy box organizer idea will give you more room for toys and is easy to customize. To make it even more appealing, you can choose color-coded bins for your toys.

Another idea for toy storage is to purchase an IKEA FLISAT doll house. This toy storage is perfect for lost tiny toys. Dress it up with a cute wallpaper sample. Next, fill it with the small toys. You can also mount this toy box on the wall to create even more storage.

Window bench with built-ins

If you want a stylish toy box organizer that doubles as a window seat, you may want to consider a window bench with built-ins. This type of seat usually has several compartments and is suitable for both a play area and storage space. These can be found in many styles and can be customized to match the room’s style and decor.

Window benches are the perfect place to hide a toy box or other storage for children. You can install drawers underneath the seat for easy access. Kids will love this option because the drawers are low enough that they won’t cause any mess. Similarly, a window bench with built-ins in the back can serve as a seat in a media room or kids’ playroom.

Another type of window bench with built-ins is the one with two-tiers. Some of these benches have drawers and shelves while others have woven baskets. You can choose the materials you’d like, from leather to silk to acrylic. You can even choose a wooden window bench made of bamboo or metal.

A window seat can be as simple or elaborate as you want. For instance, a window bench with drawers underneath it will give your kids ample storage space. You can make one yourself or hire a professional to create the perfect window bench. You can even install the seat on a stud in the wall. This window bench can also be topped with colorful pillows.