To organize your garden shed, start by thinking about what you want to store. Then, decide how you would best accessorise your shed. Using labels and creative storage solutions can help you find what you need easily. You can create a system for each section of the shed so that it is easy to identify the contents of each section.

Pipe brackets

If you want to get more things off the floor and onto the wall in your garden shed, you can hang pipes and pipe brackets. These can be used to hang bicycles and other large items and can also be used to hang sports equipment. This is a great way to free up floor space and corners, as well as workbenches.

Shelving units are great ways to organise your shed. You can get pre-made ones or make your own. Metal shelves are also strong and durable. You can also use old bookshelves, which are often donated. Wire shelving is another great way to get your shed organised.

Shelving is a great way to organise small items. You can also build shelves from scrap wood and stack them on the joists. You can then place them where you need them. Shelves come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that works for you. Some shelves feature drawers, while others have large spaces for larger items. You can even screw jar lids onto the bottom of the shelves and fill them with small items.

Another great option for organizing your garden tools is to use old PVC pipes. If you have spare PVC pipes, you can cut them into smaller sections and hang them on the walls of the shed. These can be fastened to the wall a few inches above the floor. You can also use pallets to store lawn and garden tools. These are cheap and easy to install, and will save you floor space.

Metal shelving

If you have a garden shed or workshop, metal shelving is a great solution for keeping things organised. They’re sturdy and durable, and they’ll stand up to the wear and tear of time and changes in temperature. They’ll also support heavy loads. In addition, wire shelves let light through, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Depending on the type of tools you have, you may want to add more shelving. For instance, you could install hooks to hang rakes, scarifiers, and other tools. Or, you could use plastic tubs that can be stacked atop one another. You can move these easily within the shed and label them to make them easily accessible.

Adding shelving to the walls and doors of the shed is an easy way to maximize storage space. You can also install pegboards to make finding your tools easier. Shelves and drawers also help keep things neat and tidy. Adding these features will make your shed look beautiful and help you stay organised.

Organizing your garden shed will save you time, aggravation, and money. Investing in some metal shelving and storage boxes will make the entire process go much smoother. Make sure to take inventory of what you keep in your garden shed before you begin.

Floating shelves

If you are looking for more space in your storage shed, consider installing floating shelves. These shelves can be used for a number of different purposes. You can use them for storing small items and they are also a great way to maximise floor space. They are also great for smaller spaces because they don’t have any supporting elements.

You can use wooden crates to store tools and equipment. These are inexpensive and can hold a variety of items. They’re a great way to organize gardening equipment and free up shelves. You can also hang tools with handles from them. A pallet is also an excellent place to store nails and clamps.

Aside from shelving, you can use jars as storage boxes. Mason jars are popular for this, but any jar with a screw top lid can be used for this purpose. You can fill them with smaller pieces and secure the lids. When you’re done, you can easily access screws and nails. You can also use jar lids as organizers. Yard tools can be particularly hard to organize. When not properly organised, they can end up forming huge piles on the floor. To keep them in order, use a home-made tool organizer.

Another great way to improve the organisation of your garden shed is by installing adjustable shelving. These shelves are easy to assemble and allow you to move the shelves around as you need them. Pegboards are also great for storing larger items and are a great way to access tools.

Plastic tubs

Plastic tubs are a great way to organise garden tools and accessories. These containers are lightweight and can be stacked, making them an excellent storage option. They also make a perfect place to keep cords and cables. This idea is incredibly cheap, easy to implement, and looks fantastic!

You can also use plastic tubs to store hoses and extension cords. Stored on the floor, hoses can cause accidents and clutter the space. You can also wrap them around a metal tub for a beautiful storage solution. You can also use metal buckets for this purpose.

Plastic tubs are a great way to organise your garden shed. You can even use them to store specific kinds of tools. If you have a large shed, you can mount them to the walls. Another useful idea is to place strips of magnet on the walls of the shed.

Another great storage option is plastic tubs without lids. These are an excellent solution for storing tools, cords, jars, gloves, and other gardening items. Be sure to label them so that you can easily access the items you need. For extra storage space, you can also use floating shelves. These shelves are perfect for keeping things out of the way, while still being accessible.

Pegboards are another excellent storage option. They can be purchased in various sizes and are great for filling an entire wall or a section of the wall. You can also purchase heavy duty pegs for larger items, such as power tools. Pegboards can also be installed on the backside of doors to keep small tools and seeds.


Wheelbarrows can be used as storage units for your garden tools. However, they can be quite cumbersome and take up a lot of space. To minimise space and to make them more accessible, you can use a wheelbarrow hanger or a storage rail and hook system. Another great idea is to hang them on the wall. You can even install track systems, which are easy to install and can hold all sorts of garden tools. The added bonus of installing tracks is that they can be installed high up on the wall, freeing up valuable floor space.

When choosing a wheelbarrow storage system, ensure that the rail is strong enough to support the weight of the wheelbarrow. Low-grade rails can cause damage to wheelbarrows, so choose the most suitable one. Make sure to use a double spring loaded support system to distribute the weight evenly. It is also best to place your wheelbarrow upright, as this will prevent moisture accumulation, which is the biggest killer of wheelbarrows.

Another clever tip is to use cast-off cultivator tines to create ramps. This way, you don’t have to walk on them, making it easy to access your tools and store them easily. You can also use these for storage of fruit, suet cakes, and even pine cones.

Organizing by function

When organizing a garden shed, you need to choose an arrangement that is easy to access. There is no point in rummaging through the storage space to find what you need, so try to keep the items that you use the most easily accessible. If you have a large collection of garden tools, consider storing them on shelves. Alternatively, you can hang wooden dowels or pegs for long handled tools. This method of organizing garden tools will free up floor space in your shed.

Another way to organize your garden shed is to set up a designated zone for each type of tool. For example, the left side of the shed could be dedicated to gardening tools. You can also designate specific shelves for certain categories. You can create your own system that works for you and will help you find the tools you need easily.

Another great way to organize your garden tools is to use jars. Mason jars are popular storage containers, but you can use any jar with a screw-top lid. You can place small tools in jars and attach the jar lids to the bottom of a shelf. You can unscrew the lids when you need to access screws or nails. Another common problem with garden tools is that they are often in huge piles on the floor. If you want to prevent this from happening, consider using a homemade organizer.

Sheds are also good places to store baskets. Be sure to place them out of the way but within reach. Basket storage options include full-length chains, rafter hooks, or stacking them on shelves.