If you’re looking to declutter and organize your basement, there are some tips you should follow. According to The Tidy Abode founder, Diane Eisenstein, setting up separate storage areas for items you use often is a good way to declutter your basement. Another certified professional organizer, Amy Trager, recommends setting up storage areas near stairs and lighting.


Decluttering your basement can be a challenging task. It requires a systematic approach to get rid of the things you no longer need. To do so, start by clearing a staging area for the items that need to go. This will free up space in your basement. Once you’ve cleared the staging area, you can begin to declutter.

Decluttering your basement can be tedious, especially if you are surrounded by racks and boxes. You might feel dejected once you see all those items. But you must remember that there are more important things to do. This means that you must make sure you have a clear, readable label for every single item.

Decluttering your basement is an important part of achieving a more organized home. It can also be a great way to create a more flexible space for your family. There are many ways to achieve this goal. You can start by organizing your basement, which will help make the space usable and convenient for your family.

While decluttering your basement can seem like a daunting task, it can be done easily and can be done in small increments. For example, you can take a day to sort through your belongings, box up items to be donated, and clean surfaces. If you plan to donate some of the items, you should begin by decluttering the largest items in the basement, and then work your way down to smaller items.

Creating a storage plan

When organizing your basement, you need to think about how much storage space you have and what you will use it for. It is a good idea to create zones for different items. Make sure to use transparent, air-tight storage containers. These containers can be sealed with desiccant gel packets to keep humidity at bay. Next, fill the containers with the items that you plan to store. You may also want to install shelving to keep items off the floor.

To make it easier to organize your basement, use a checklist. This will help you stay on track and keep track of what needs to be done. The checklist will also help you keep your plan organized. It is very important to organize your basement properly to make it easy to find the items you need.

Before you can start organizing your basement, you should clear out the clutter. It might seem daunting at first, but the first step is getting control of the clutter. The first step to organizing your basement is to determine what items you actually use and where they belong. If you do not need a particular item, you can donate it to the local Goodwill or sell it in a garage sale.

Organize the items by type. If you have children, your basement may be a fun place for them to play. Luckily, it’s also a great place to store their toys. A simple way to organize your children’s toys is to place them on shelves with wheels. This way, they won’t get stuck under the stairs.

Using heavy-duty hooks

Using heavy-duty hooks for organizing your basement can be an effective way to keep items organized. You can use them to hang heavy storage containers or folding chairs. You can also hang cubbies to store books, toys, and art supplies. They also make a great media console, hiding cables and other items that can be difficult to place in a cupboard.

Another option is to install a simple cabinet with drawers and shelves. This is a relatively inexpensive DIY project and is useful for storing many different items. You can also use the cabinet as a stand for a Christmas tree, once it has been decorated. You can also use heavy-duty hooks to store heavy items, such as hoses and network cables.

Another way to organize your basement is to use plastic bins that have clearly labeled compartments for different items. You can organize these items by category, season, and even by use. When organizing your basement, first determine how you plan to use it. If you have a finished basement, you should determine which areas will be used as rooms.

Another option for organizing your basement is to add shelving units. These can make your basement more spacious and prevent things from falling through the floor. If you only have a few feet of space, you may want to use floating shelves. They can be easily removed if you need to access something quickly. If you need more space, you can choose plastic storage bins or stackable shelves. Make sure you choose ones with wheels or handles, so you can easily move them around if necessary.

Shelving units

If you’re looking to organize your basement, you should consider building shelving units. These can be made of various materials, including wood or plywood. These can also be made to measure. A great example of a DIY project is the Ana White Shelving Unit, which is both light and sturdy.

This storage unit is six feet tall and has five adjustable shelves. These shelves can hold up to 200 pounds each. It can fit anything from giant teddy bears to carpentry tools. The units can be mounted to unused wall space. They’re very versatile and easy to customize.

A freestanding unit is another option for a basement redo. These units are ideal for organizing the space and rearranging it whenever you feel the need. They’re also fairly easy to build and don’t cost much. You can even build several units if you want more storage space.

There are several different types of shelves you can buy. You can also buy custom-made dividers that help you organize your items. This will keep them out of the way. You can also buy basket shelving for smaller items. Another option is to use lockers. These are great for storing personal items and hiding clutter. You can even set up a secret room for storing wine or other items.

Shelving units are a great way to get your basement organized. By putting items in their proper place, you’ll be able to save space. They will also make it easier to find things you need. You can also make sure you store like items together by using plastic bins or cardboard boxes. Just make sure to label the boxes so that you can find them easily.


Organizing your basement is not a difficult task, if you’re smart enough to use baskets. These versatile containers reduce visual clutter and create a soothing effect. Choosing the correct basket size depends on the items that you want to store in them. If your baskets are overflowing, a quick declutter may solve the problem.

If you’re organizing your basement by using plastic storage bins, use clear labels to separate your items. For example, separate linens, arts and crafts supplies, and off-season clothing. Plastic bins are also perfect for storing cubbies and other storage options. They also help you organize your personal items.

If you have a kids’ room, you should consider installing wire basket shelves in the basement. They can be used to store toys. Some wire basket shelves are made with wheels to make moving them around easier. They are sturdy, affordable, and easy to assemble. Moreover, they can prevent the basement from flooding and damage to your valuables.

To get the most out of the organization process, declutter the area first. You can use the Three-Box Method, which involves sorting items into three categories: Keep, Get Rid of, and Put In Storage. Once you have sorted your items into these categories, you can put them into appropriate storage space or give them to a charity. Once you have finished organizing the basement, you can also put away the unwanted items by disposing them of in the appropriate way.

Vertical storage

Vertical storage can be an effective way to organize a basement. It makes it easier to find things and put them back in the right place. You won’t have to lift heavy items or move them around. It can also help you save time and money. There are several types of vertical storage units that you can use.

One way to add vertical storage to an unfinished basement is by repurposing cabinets. Installing a cabinet above the dryer or washing machine can add storage space and hide bins or boxes. Another way to utilize vertical space is to use the Three-Box Method, which helps you organize your basement by zones. This method helps you decide whether to store items in boxes or hang them on the walls. If you use storage containers, label them so that you can quickly find them.

Another way to organize basement storage is by installing shelving. This will help you maximize the vertical space in your basement and protect your items from dust and moisture. Make sure to get shelves of the right size for the amount of gear that you plan to store. Wood shelves can break down, but plastic and metal shelves are durable and can withstand humidity and heat.

In addition to vertical storage, you can also use hanging baskets, storage cabinets, and wire fencing. In addition to these, you can install floating shelves or hang heavy-duty hooks for long items. Organizing your basement with elfa shelving can help you maximize your space and protect your items from water damage.