The ice-plant also known as the sea fig is a part of the Carpet Weed Family, Mesembryanthemum crystallinum. It has multiple branches with stems full of bumps that lays low to the ground as it spreads, growing to be around 24 inches high. The leaves are thick, flat, and shaped very spoon-like with wavy margins. This perennial sprouts, white or white with red, flowers with no stalk in axils of leafs. The flower has a large amount of stamens and 5 petals in a linear fashion. In the the months between March and October,  it has fruits with bumps that open in moist environments.

ice plant
You can find this plant in the central and southern coasts of California to Arizona, Baja California, Mexico, Southern California, Mediterranean and South Africa in saline full soils near bluffs, coasts, distributed sites, and coastal scrubs of sage.

Sea Fig
The juice from the leaves can be used to bring down inflammation of the mucous membranes in the urinary and respiratory systems; to help in difficult or painful urination and urination brought on involuntarily. This juice can also be used to ease the retention of water and lung inflammation.
WARNING: Large doses of this may be incredibly toxic because of the oxalates, never use the flowers or fruit where it is more likely to receive a lethal dose.