Sagittaria latifoliaWilld., or better known as the broad-leaved arrowhead, is a perennial a part of the Arrowhead Family. It has blue to white, oblong tuberous rhizomes. Leaves on stalks that are long and in the shape of an arrowhead with lobes that are very long and pointy.

The flowers are white and flexed, three petals per leafless stalk, and three nodes per stalk. During the months between June and September this plant will bear tiny clusters rounded out of winged, flat fruits.
They can be found near lake and pond edges, marshes, slow streams, and wet ditches in the widespread of California to Nevada and all throughout North America.

SagittariaSagittifolia bloem kl
The roots of the broad-leaved arrowhead can be eaten as a potato-like food substance, you also can make a tea for constipation, indigestion, rheumatism, boils, and fevers for infants in small doses. It can be added to other teas made of herbs to help ease constipation and as a calming agent for children with trouble sleeping at night. A poultice made of the root can treat open sores and wounds.
WARNING: Some of the Sagittaria species can cause dermatitis through direct contact, so gloves or other grabbing material is highly suggested.