White Haven is a small borough in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. It is located along the Lehigh River. The population was 1,163 at the 2020 census. The town is home to a variety of interesting attractions. You can check out Hill Inlet Lookout, Betty’s Beach, and St Bees Priory Church.

Hill Inlet Lookout

The Hill Inlet Lookout is one of the most scenic points of interest in White Haven. It boasts three viewing platforms that offer spectacular views of the water. While you’re here, you’ll also have the chance to see stingrays and migratory wading birds. You can also spend the afternoon snorkelling in the inlet.

If you’re looking for a spectacular view of the Whitsunday Islands, Hill Inlet Lookout is a must-see stop. Located on the northern tip of Whitehaven Beach, this lookout offers an unparalleled panorama of the white sands and aqua-coloured oceans surrounding the Whitsunday Islands.

From the lookout, you can also take a walk through the bush, which is suitable for families. This walk is maintained by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife service, and there’s an experienced crew to help you along the way. The lookout is a popular spot for visitors, and you can even view local wildlife as you go.

From the lookout, you can also see the famous Whitehaven Beach. From here, you can enjoy the world’s finest silica sand, pristine coral reefs, and the famous baby sharks. The pristine waters around Whitehaven are also home to several hidden gems such as Betty’s Beach.

The Hill Inlet Lookout is located a short walk from Whitehaven Beach. The view from the lookout is unobstructed, and the beach itself is a beautiful 250-metre walk away. It is easy to get there by foot, and the path includes a boardwalk and gravel pathways.

From the lookout, you can also take a guided tour to explore the inlet and nearby beaches. The tour also features informative displays about the local flora and fauna.

Betty’s Beach

Located near the Great Barrier Reef, Betty’s Beach in White Haven is a hidden gem. The clear waters and white sand make it an idyllic spot to spend the day. You’ll need a tent or a sleeping bag for this one, though. The only drawback to this beach is the lack of natural shade, so you’ll need to bring something to keep you cool.

When visiting Betty’s Beach, make sure to visit the inlet at the bottom, where turtles and stingrays frequent the area. From here, you can also take a 20-minute guided tour of the area’s marine life, where you can see rare ghost crabs and estuarine stingrays. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also head out on a catamaran, and don’t forget a wetsuit!

The white sand of Betty’s Beach is 98% silica and the water is turquoise and clear. The pristine location is also a great place to watch dolphins and turtles. This beach is one of the best places to go swimming, and it has some of the best views of any beach in the Whitsundays.

If you want to go for a walk, you can take the scenic Whitehaven beach walk. This walk is about 45 minutes round-trip and has spectacular views. While the trail is not easy, it is low-medium difficulty. You can also camp on the beach. Whether you choose a tent or camper, Betty’s Beach in White Haven is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hill Inlet

Hill Inlet is a beautiful inlet in the Whitsundays located on the northern tip of Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. With its blue hues and white sand, the inlet is like a beautiful mosaic that is best seen during low tide. It is accessible by ferry, power boat, or luxury yacht. The inlet is also a popular stop on overnight sailing trips.

The view from the lookout is spectacular and is worth the visit. From here, you can spot turtles gliding through the waters below. There are also several tours and informative displays to explore. One of the tours includes a swim in the clear waters. Visitors can also view estuarine stingrays and rare ghost crabs. You can also hire a catamaran to take you to the inlet and you can even rent a wetsuit for the experience.

If you are looking for a day trip that incorporates a trip to Hill Inlet, Cruise Whitsundays offers half and full-day tours. Hill Inlet is a breathtakingly beautiful spot with dazzling white sand and an abundance of marine life. During your trip, you can enjoy a catamaran tour and a guided bushwalk, while learning about the history and flora.

There are numerous lookout platforms on Hill Inlet. Several overlook the whitehaven beach from three different vantage points. You can either enjoy a view from the lookout or hike uphill and explore the area. The lookout track is wheelchair-accessible and opens 24 hours a day.

One of the best ways to enjoy the view from the crest of Tongue Bay is from one of the lookouts overlooking the turquoise waters. It is a popular destination for day-boaters but quieter at night. From here, you can view migratory wading birds and the rocky shoreline below. There is also a patch of fringing reef and public restrooms.

St Bees Priory Church

Visitors to White Haven can explore St Bees Priory Church, a beautiful parish church dating back to the 11th century. It is open to the public every day and is one of the oldest buildings in West Cumbria. Inside, you can find history displays about the village, the church, and the local saint St Bees. The Priory is an Anglican parish church and has plenty of free parking. Two blue badge spaces are available for those who need them.

The church itself was originally of cathedral proportions. It is filled with treasures dating back to the 12th century. The church’s south aisle contains artefacts found during archaeological digs in 1981, including a lead coffin containing the remains of a Crusader knight known as St Bees Man. These artefacts can be viewed and studied using a guide sheet, which is provided for visitors.

The village is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has a long sandy beach. You can visit St Bees Priory Church and the nearby St Bees Priory Church, and shop for locally made gifts, home accessories, and childrens toys. If you are visiting in the winter, you might want to plan an indoor activity such as watching the snow fall outside the church.

St Bees Priory Church is a beautiful place to visit and a great place to visit for the history buff in your family. It is the oldest church in the area and contains a beautiful stained glass window that depicts St Bega’s arrival. Visitors can also learn about the church’s history by stopping by the priory’s gift shop.

St Bees Priory Museum

The Norman west doorway is one of the most impressive in the county. It is decorated with three orders of columns and beak-head decoration and could date back to about 1140. The Priory also boasts a Romanesque lintel dating to around 1120. The Priory tower and six nave arcades are Early English. There are also fine Norman windows with Victorian plate tracery.

The Priory is one of the oldest buildings in West Cumbria, and has many exhibits about the town and its history. There are also displays about the Priory’s parish church and the theological college. There is ample parking at the Priory, including two spaces for blue badge holders.

The church and priory complex were both important centers of Christianity for well over a thousand years. The village grew around an early Christian church associated with the Irish saint Bega, and the Scandinavian settlers called the town Kirkeby Beghoc, which means “village by Bega’s Church.” The St Bees priory was founded in 1120 by William le Meschin, a German monk who had a seat in the Isle of Man’s parliament. Despite its modest start, the Benedictine priory was never wealthy.

In 1981, archaeologists unearthed a skeleton wrapped in beeswax and enclosed in a lead coffin. The coffin’s contents had likely decomposed in a similar manner, so archaeologists assumed that the skeleton would have been in the same condition. The coffin was also surrounded by a parcel of beeswax-treated cloth.

One of the stories connected with the St Bees Priory is about a beautiful Irish princess named Bega. She chose not to marry because she wanted to devote her life to God. She wore a holy arm-ring that was gifted to her by an angel. Despite being one of the most beautiful women in the country, she rejected her father’s marriage proposal and fled to Northumbria.