You can do a number of outdoor activities in Twin Valley. Hiking, fishing and scouting are just some of the options. You can also go wildlife watching. Wildlife viewing in Twin Valley is particularly great in the fall. Alternatively, you can take up a sport like horseback riding or ice skating.


The Twin Valley prairie is a butterfly lover’s paradise with over 27 different species. The prairie is also home to 170 different species of plants and animals. The prairie is considered an ecological treasure in the state. It is home to rare species such as the prairie chicken, which was once threatened with extinction in the state. Other rare animals that live in the Twin Valley prairie include the sandhill crane, marbled godwit, and upland sandpiper.

The Twin Valley features diverse habitats, spring wildflower displays, and rare old-growth forest. In addition, there are numerous prairies. The area is also home to some of the most diverse fish and macroinvertebrates in Ohio. This region of Ohio has some of the best wildlife management and habitat restoration in the U.S.

On a recent day, residents of the Shakopee neighborhood reported seeing a cougar. The animal was later found dead near the roadside. The deceased cougar was about 130 pounds and measured six feet from nose to tail. The resident, Andrew Pastrana, first noticed the cougar, and police discovered the body on the roadside. It is believed that the animal had been hit by a vehicle and died.


There are several locations in the Twin Valley area that are ideal for fishing. The Wild Rice River runs through the community and meets Mashaug Creek here. The City of Twin Valley maintains the Heiberg Multiple Use Park on the Wild Rice River, which features designated camping, handicapped accessible picnic shelters, and a dam overlook. The park is located along State Highway 32 on the east side of the city.

Fishing in Twin Valley Reservoir is great for pike, and the reservoir is also home to nearby Clear Lake. This fishing spot has a campground and boat launch on the east side of the dam. The Twin Valley Reservoir is located about 139 kilometers south of Calgary and 100 kilometers southeast of Lethbridge. The reservoir’s east side has a boat launch and parking area. It is accessible via Road 152.

Twin Valley Lake is located in Iowa County and has a maximum depth of 32 feet. The lake also has public boat landings and a public beach. The lake is home to a wide variety of fish, including rainbow trout, largemouth bass, walleye, and muskie. Anglers will be able to target these species using specific fishing tackle and methods.

Ice is starting to form on area lakes, making the fishing season in the Twin Valley area a little longer than you might expect. Don’t miss the community’s 3rd Annual Fish House Festival. This event is the region’s first wheelhouse enthusiast gathering. You can view the wheelhouses, meet the community’s members, and even win door prizes.


There are many different hiking options in Twin Valley, a small town located southwest of Dayton, Ohio. You can hike along the Twin Valley Trail, a 26.3-mile loop that offers access to forest, meadows, and wetlands. The trail begins from the parking lot on Eby Road, and winds through cedar glens, a horse farm, and open fields. It is open to the public, and there are also optional spur trails.

The Woodland Trail connects the Meadow Valley and Lost Canyon trails and is a 1.5-mile loop through prairies and wooded valleys. It offers stunning views of Twin Valley Lake and the surrounding countryside. Horse riders also use this trail, which offers scenic views and is not difficult to navigate. While there are some steep grades, the trails are mostly flat and easy to follow.

Twin Valley is home to a variety of wildlife. Hikers may be able to spot deer, rabbits, finches, heron, and toads during their hikes. The park also boasts restrooms, drinking fountains, and interpretive signage. You can take a day trip to Germantown to explore more of the surrounding area, or complete the trail in a few days.

Hiking in Twin Valley is a great option for those who enjoy the outdoors, but don’t want to be isolated or far from civilization. If you’re looking for a peaceful hiking experience, you can spend the night at a local campground. There are many different overnight camping areas to choose from in Twin Valley, and many are close to major cities.


The Boy Scouts of America’s Twin Valley Council has a new senior district executive, Reginal “Reg” Nelson. The Albert Lea, Minnesota, resident will be responsible for developing relationships with community-based organizations. He will also be responsible for selecting Scout leaders in his district area. Nelson has a long history with Scouting.

Scouting is a great way for youth to develop leadership skills and experience life in the real world. The program exposes youth to new and challenging situations, while reinforcing ethical standards. The experience builds self-confidence and provides skills that carry into adulthood. During the program, youth will learn how to deal with challenges, communicate with others, and follow through with their plans.

Scouts will have the opportunity to explore other cultures at the Council’s Spring Camporee, which will take place on May 14 at Camp Norseland. Scouts will be assigned a country and will learn about different aspects of that country’s culture. The goal is to expose Scouts to a variety of cultures, and the event will help them gain a global perspective.

While this campaign is not an official charity, the Twin Valley Council is seeking monetary donations from area residents. With 100% of the proceeds going to local food banks, the food banks can purchase more food and supplies for the hungry in the community. Cash donations are easier to coordinate and have no overhead, so they help food banks buy more food at wholesale prices. Donations can be made online and donors can choose the amount of donation they would like to make, as well as which food bank they would like to donate to.