If you are looking for a list of Things To Do In Tigard, you have come to the right place. Tigard is located in Washington County, Oregon, and was ranked the 12th largest city in Oregon in 2007. The city was incorporated in 1961 and is part of the greater Portland metro area.

Downtown Tigard

Choosing a location for your next home should be based on the surrounding community. Downtown Tigard has many amenities that will appeal to families. For example, it is close to several daycare centers and urgent care centers. You may also be interested in schools and proximity to parks and playgrounds. For families, convenience is important.

Downtown Tigard is also a popular destination for art lovers. It is a charming town with brick-paved streets and period lighting. The area is reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting, and there are art galleries, art walks, and even a glass-blowing studio. Additionally, Downtown Tigard is bike-friendly, making it an ideal place to explore the city.

There are numerous things to do in Downtown Tigard, including dining, shopping, and visiting local attractions. The city is home to two tax-free shopping centers: Bridgeport Village and Washington Square. In addition, it is home to the only professional theater company in the region. Moreover, it is also easy to reach the Tualatin River, which flows through Washington County.

In Downtown Tigard, Oregon, median home prices are about $605,000. There are 4533 active listings in the area, and homes spend about 33 days on the market. In addition to Downtown Tigard, other hot neighborhoods include Ashcreek, Charbonneau, and Greenway. Those who are interested in purchasing a home in Downtown Tigard should consider a property with two or three bedrooms.

House of Reptiles and Venomous Reptiles Museum

The House of Reptiles and Venomous reptiles Museum in Tigard, Oregon, offers a unique opportunity to view snakes, lizards, and amphibians. The museum also features a large collection of rare and threatened reptiles. The museum offers hands-on experiences, allowing visitors to learn about the life of these creatures.

Another unique feature of the House of Reptiles is the retail store, which is staffed by expert snake handlers. Here, visitors can buy dozens of snakes to take home. This museum is a great place to bring your kids for a picnic and a day of exploring nature.

The House of Reptiles and Venomous Revealing Museum in Tigard, Oregon, is a great place for families to learn about different kinds of reptiles and venomous reptiles. You can feed the Tegus and Leopard Tortoises and even take a peek at a 16-foot Burmese Python! The staff at this museum is knowledgeable and pleasant.

The House of Reptiles and Venomous Revealing Museum in Tigard, Oregon, was founded over a year ago. It opened to the public on February 1, 2012. Its mission is to educate the public about the dangers of deadly reptiles. The museum has a variety of live animals, including seven snake species, two lizard species, a black mamba, four types of cobras, and one scorpion.

The House of Reptiles and Venomous Resident Museum in Tigard has a long history of caring for animals, often rescued from animal shelters or seized from the wild. The museum has even taken in an American alligator, a two-foot-long specimen. The museum is located at 11507 S.W. Pacific Highway, Tigard, Oregon.

Dirksen Nature Park

The 48-acre Dirksen Nature Park in Tigard is a favorite spot for family outings. It contains native plant species, wetlands, and boardwalks. It’s also open year-round and offers free parking. This park is an important part of the City of Tigard’s biodiversity corridor.

The park’s playground has been updated to provide a fun play environment for younger children. It also has an interactive scavenger hunt and fun facts about Willamette Valley plants. In addition, the park is well-suited to families with strollers. There is also a boardwalk through the woods.

The park also has a nature trail. The Dirksen Nature Trail is easy to follow and winds through the neighborhood. But be warned: it can get quite muddy in the wet season. The half-mile-long trail is not the best choice for strollers, but it is an excellent option for families with small children. You can explore the park’s trails for an entire day or just a few hours.

The Dirksen Nature Park is located on the southern edge of Tigard. It’s 0.4 miles from downtown and offers a nice view of the river. It’s a beautiful spot for hiking or biking. The city’s nearby Tryon Creek Trillium Festival is another great place to spend an afternoon.

Cooper Mountain Ale Works

If you love the local microbrew scene, you should definitely check out Cooper Mountain Ale Works in Tigard. This large pub offers a variety of microbrews and a full bar. It also serves food. This restaurant is located in the old main street area of Tigard. You can order a takeout or eat in the bar.

The team behind Cooper Mountain has been brewing beer since 2014, and they have plans to add local wines and craft sodas to their menu in the near future. They started by working in the tech industry, and they used to frequent Max’s Restaurant every Wednesday for the $1.50 burger special. In 2014, they were at a wedding in Belgium, where they took beer tours and attended the Bruges Beer Festival.

Broadway Rose Theatre Company

Located in Tigard, Oregon, Broadway Rose Theatre Company offers live theater performances in an intimate setting. This community theater offers shows that feature local talent. The company hosts local productions throughout the year. Broadway Rose is a great choice for families or people who enjoy seeing live theater. It offers a wide variety of shows, from comedy to drama.

The company was established in 1984 and began presenting plays in the community. In 2006, the Broadway Rose approached the Tigard/Tualatin School District and requested a space for their theatre. They were granted the space in an abandoned building on the campus of C.F. Tigard Elementary School, which they leased for twenty years. The company received a $50,000 grant from the Paul G. Allen Foundation to help with the project. It also received funding from the Tigard Chamber of Commerce for a community engagement coordinator.

The company has grown from a small nonprofit to a thriving company. The company is backed by a dedicated group of volunteers who contribute time and talents for the productions. These volunteers assist with fundraising, production support, and administrative duties. The group is also supported by corporate sponsors and donations.

After more than a year of uncertainty, Broadway Rose has reopened with a line-up of fun musicals. It is committed to helping Oregonians participate in the arts and to providing a high-quality, affordable theater experience. This season features five mainstage productions at the New Stage in Tigard.

Founded in 1992, Broadway Rose is Oregon’s premier musical theatre company. Directed by Sharon Maroney, the company has won national recognition and increased arts participation in the state. It presents mainstage shows throughout the year, children’s musicals, educational summer camps for children, and technical internship programs for future theater professionals.