If you are looking for fun and exciting things to do in Tabor City, you have come to the right place. The town center is lined with beautiful buildings that feature different architectural styles. You can also visit the Deanery Church of the Lord’s Transfiguration, which features an incredible tower. You can even get a big beer for under 40 CZK, and enjoy the beautiful views of the Tabor town center.

Underground tunnels

If you are looking for an unusual tourist destination in the Czech Republic, consider visiting Tabor City’s underground tunnels. These tunnels connect the cellars of the Old Town and have historically been used to store food. They are located about 280 meters below the town square. You can explore them on a guided tour. You’ll walk through damp and dark tunnels to get a look at Tabor’s fortified tower and old wine cellar.

Once you’ve explored the underground tunnels, you’ll be glad you did. These underground passageways have been used to transport supplies and food during times of war. They also provide a unique history of Tabor. While you’re there, be sure to take in the history and artifacts displayed at the Kotnov Round Tower, as well as the exhibition about Tabor’s history.

There are also overlooks with views of the surrounding South Bohemian countryside. Tabor’s city center isn’t large, but it has many cafes, shops, and other attractions. The town center is Zizka Square, and is filled with a multitude of historical sites and landmarks.

While you’re in Tabor City, you should also visit the Old Town to explore its many landmarks. The 1420 old town is full of picturesque spots. The town’s cathedral is an impressive example of the Gothic style and features a 75-meter tower and 200-steps.

While visiting Tabor City’s underground tunnels, it’s important to remember that the tunnels are a sensitive area. It’s possible that someone could accidentally enter and cause significant damage. Before exploring, however, make sure you wear rain boots and carry a flashlight. If you do, you’ll avoid damage to the city’s historic buildings.

Before heading out to explore Tabor City’s underground tunnels, consider getting to Tabor City by car or train. There are trains that take about an hour and a half from Prague, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the area. The city’s train station is conveniently located near Zizka Square, and there are hotels located near both.

Whether you’re visiting Tabor for the first time or planning to return, it’s important to know where to get there. Tabor is a small town with many interesting places to explore. It’s easy to explore by foot, and it’s easy to see art works and other attractions.

You can visit the Hussite Museum in Tabor City. The admission is 70 CZK, and you’ll have the opportunity to walk underground. The Gothic Hall is the second largest secular Gothic hall in the country. It holds regular exhibitions, and is open on Wednesday through Saturday. If you want to explore Tabor City in the dark, don’t forget to visit the underground tunnels.

Tabor City’s underground tunnels were used as a storage for food and as a refuge from attack. Most of the houses in the historical center still have access to them. They are normally locked, but recently, about 500 meters were opened to the public. Tickets are 70 CZK and are available during the same hours as the Hussite Museum.

The underground system of Tabor City is located in the southern part of Bohemia. It was first created in the fifteenth century when cellars were dug beneath homes. Over time, the cellars were connected to form an underground labyrinth about 14 km long. You can see some of the city’s oldest houses and even see an alchemist’s laboratory and municipal stake.

Underground museums

If you love history, you can visit Tabor City’s Underground Museums. These ancient tunnels connect the cellars of the Old Town area. They were originally used to store beer and food. You can access these underground spaces from Zizka Square or the Town Hall. History buffs can take a tour and visit the Hussite Museum. It is located in the town center.

If you’re visiting Tabor, you’ll also want to visit the U Popraviste park. This beautiful park is built around the former gallows, which were used during World War II. There’s also a monument here that commemorates the victims of the Nazi regime. The monument features bronze lions and figures. The park also has a playground and benches.

If you’re flying into Prague, you can get to Tabor via bus or train. It is about an hour’s drive from Prague. If you’re driving, you can park at the Tabor Parking Center for a small fee. The Pisek Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the Czech Republic.

If you have children, you should visit the Tabor Chocolate Museum. It is a great place to introduce them to the history of chocolate, marzipan, and packaging. Visitors can even view marzipan models of Tabor landmarks, fairy tales, and other creatures. This museum also features a permanent workshop.

Tabor City is situated on a hilltop, making it naturally protected. Therefore, it was important to build protective town walls. These can be seen from Trzni Square. They are still standing today and are a great place to take a look around the town. They are also a photographer’s paradise.

The Underground Museums in Tabor City are not the only ways to explore the city’s rich history. The city is also home to the Todd House, a former home of a Congregational Church minister. The Todd House also served as a station on the Underground Railroad that helped freedom-seeking slaves escape from the South.

Visitors can explore the Hussite Museum located in Tabor’s former late-Gothic Town Hall. The museum traces the origins of the Hussite movement in the Czech lands. The museum is divided into several areas and begins with a 10-minute movie on medieval Europe. From there, the history is presented chronologically. The layout is confusing at times, so visitors should use English-language audio guides to help them find their way around.

The town’s town hall is impressive and contains a museum on the Hussites. The Underground Tunnels are another interesting place to visit. If you’re interested in the history of the Hussites, Tabor is one of the best places in the Czech Republic to learn about them and see relics of their era.

The Todd House is nearly 170 years old. It is a memorial to the local abolitionists. The Todd family lived here until the house was sold in the 1950s. The house was then occupied by local families until 1967 when Otha D. Wearin purchased it. She resold it to the city’s historical society. Since then, the historic house has been maintained in accordance with State of Iowa guidelines for historical preservation.

Aside from the Underground museums in Tabor City, there are other resources that explore the history of the Underground Railroad in Iowa. The State Historical Society of Iowa has been researching the history of the Underground Railroad in the state since 2002. They provide information and research assistance on various issues concerning the Underground Railroad. These resources are available to people of all ages.