When you visit Savannah, Georgia, it is important to take time to explore the historical sites of the city. There are many free walking tours, led by local historians. These tours are funded by tips from visitors. To join a walking tour, sign up online. After you have registered, you will be met at Johnson Square for your 90-minute tour. Another interesting place to visit is the Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah’s most famous burial ground. It was established in 1907 and is home to famous people such as Johnny Mercer and Conrad Aiken.

Jones Street

If you’re looking for something to do in Savannah, you might want to visit Jones Street. This street has many historic buildings and is close to the historic district. The street has been captured by many photographers over the years. It is also home to one of the city’s oldest restaurants, Mrs Wilkes Dining Room. In fact, there are often long lines outside this restaurant even before it opens. If you’re driving, you should look for nearby parking.

Jones Street is a gorgeous street that was recently voted the most beautiful in North America by Southern Living magazine. The area is also home to some great museums. The Georgia State Railroad Museum is a great place to see an operating turntable and historic railcars. You’ll be able to take a train ride here, too, if you’re feeling adventurous.

The Savannah College of Art and Design has a gift shop where you can purchase unique souvenirs. Here, you can find pieces created by the school’s faculty and students. These unique pieces are sure to delight your senses. If you’re looking for an unusual gift, you can check out the store’s curated collection of fine art, gifts, and handcrafted goods.

Another fun place to visit on Jones Street is the City Market, a thriving four-block neighborhood that is home to many fantastic merchants. The market also features excellent restaurants and live music. Once a place where locals gathered to shop, now the market has become a place to relax and enjoy the city.

Mercer-Williams House

The Mercer-Williams house in Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful historic mansion that was built in 1868. It is located at 429 Bull Street. It is a historic Savannah landmark and occupies the southwestern civic block of Monterey Square.

Today, the Mercer-Williams house is open for tours. Tours are led by local tour guides, who explain the architectural elements of the home. The house also has a beautiful private courtyard. In the past, the Mercer-Williams house was the site of one of the most notorious shootings in Savannah. This home has an interesting history, but one that’s as murky as the Savannah River.

The Mercer-Williams house is a popular haunted house in Savannah. Many people have experienced ghostly encounters there. One of the most famous cases involves a small boy with blonde hair. The ghost has been photographed in the house several times. The image can be seen in the windows during the day or night.

The Mercer-Williams house in Savannah was once the home of lyricist Johnny Mercer. However, it is better known as the house of Jim Williams, a notable Savannah antiques dealer and one of the characters in the famous John Berendt novel, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Mercer-Williams house is now a museum.

Deviled Crab House

Located in Savannah, Georgia, Deviled Crab House is a renowned seafood restaurant. Founded by Ella Mae Jenkins, the restaurant is famous for its crabs, which are deviled and served with slaw and fries. The restaurant is also known for its low-maintenance menu and the fact that the crabs aren’t served with tartar sauce. A few years ago, the restaurant was sold to a man who practically grew up at the restaurant.

The crabbing is harvested from the waters of the Lowcountry. In the Lowcountry, residents often pick up crabs after school and prepare deviled crab for lunch. In the Lowcountry, the residents have perfected the recipe for this dish. Today, travelers from Savannah and Hilton Head come here to enjoy deviled crab.

Savannah’s historic district is home to several seafood eateries. One of the city’s best restaurants, the Olde Pink House, offers dozens of dishes featuring shrimp and grits, blackened oysters, and crispy fried lobster tails. Other seafood restaurants include Pearl’s Saltwater Grille, Russo’s Seafood Restaurant, and Tortugas Island Grill.

Butterducks Winery

The winery is a short drive from downtown Savannah and offers a selection of sweet wines. There are three different tasting rooms and you can create your own wine gift basket. Visitors can also relax on the patio where they can enjoy the summer breeze while sipping a glass of wine. For the perfect summer dessert wine, try the Super Sweet Sensational Strawberry.

The Mercer-Williams House is an 1868 landmark that has been meticulously preserved. The property was purchased by preservationist James A. Williams in 1969. He collected antiques and curiosities from around the world. His collection includes antiques, a rare collection of art, and more.

You can also enjoy local fare at the brewery in downtown Savannah. They have a 5,400 square-foot beer garden. They produce many of their own beers and also serve Bavarian bratwurst and fresh-baked pretzel sticks. You can even join their Quality Assurance Team and collect loyalty points as a way to show your support for local business.

During your visit to the winery, you can also take in the city’s historic district. The area is home to over 100 boutique shops, restaurants, and bars. You could easily spend an entire day exploring the area. The city is rich in history and you can visit the World War II Monument, the Olympic Cauldron, and the African-American Monument.

Savannah’s Slavery Quarters

Savannah’s Slavery Quarters is a historic home and museum, located on 124 Abercorn Street on the northeast corner of Oglethorpe Square. It is a must-see for history buffs and is a great place to learn about Savannah’s early history.

Tour guides are very knowledgeable and will explain the history, culture, and social component of Savannah’s Slavery Quarters. Taking a tour is an eye-opening experience, and the juxtaposition of the former slave quarters with the slaves’ own homes is truly amazing.

The Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters are an important part of Savannah history. This Regency-style mansion is filled with period furnishings and decorative arts. The house is about a seven-minute walk from the other Telfair Museums sites. You’ll have an entirely different experience, exploring period rooms full of exquisite decorative arts. Interactive exhibits are offered for all ages, and guided tours give you a sense of life 200 years ago.

The Owens-Thomas House and Slavery Quarters were once a home for the Owens family. It was a place where enslaved people lived and worked for the family. Although the slaves’ history was hidden from view, archival documents helped researchers piece together details of their daily lives. Ship manifests provided names, ages, and physical descriptions of the enslaved people. Census records showed that many of the slaves were illiterate. Jail records were also a valuable source of information.

The history of slavery in Savannah is intertwined with Savannah’s history. It stretches from the colonial period to the Revolutionary War, and slave trade continued in Savannah after the War. After the Revolution, the merchants of Savannah’s Slavery Quarters continued to import African captives from West Africa. They traded with these slaves by Atlantic and intercolonial routes.

Paris Market

One of the most popular things to do in Savannah is to visit the Paris Market, which features items from France. You can also stop by the cafe to indulge in some macarons. The market is located in the historic district of Broughton Street, and is free to visit.

The market also features shops, cafes, and restaurants, including the Paris Market Cafe. The cafe offers espresso, tea, wine, and pastries. Its owner modeled the cafe after her favorite cafe in Paris. Another Savannah attraction to visit is the Savannah Bee Company, a store where you can sample honey and mead.

While in Savannah, be sure to stop by the Paris Market, which is themed after a Paris flea market. The store is located in a historic two-story building, built originally as a grocery store in 1874. Its owners, Paula and Taras Danyluk, are emergency physicians and speech pathologists, but they decided to create a unique and charming boutique. They wanted to bring vintage, unique items from Europe and other places and bring them to Savannah.

If you are looking for a souvenir, you may want to check out the Paris Market, which is located on the corner of Broughton and Whitaker Street. There you can browse for antiques and jewelry, and then sit down for some delicious cafe-style food. One of the other things to do in Savannah is to tour the historic Sorrel-Weed House, an 16,000-square-foot mansion.