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Skipper Woods

In the eastern part of the town, you can hike through Skipper Woods. The woodland is known for its large, dense trees and is an undiscovered locality, although Hewison lists a standing stone here. There are several walking trails leading from the wood to the town’s waterfront and grand Victorian villas.

Inchmarnock’s Hostage Stone

Inchmarnock’s Hostage stone is a carved stone found during excavations in the medieval churchyard. It is an extremely rare artefact, being engraved with a single, gruesome scene: three warriors dragging a fourth character away in chains. The engraving is difficult to read, but the museum has re-created a copy of the carved stone.

The inscription on the stone describes a traumatic event for the island’s inhabitants. It also describes an event that occurred around the eighth century, when the Scandinavians first arrived in Scotland. The stone depicts early Viking contact with Scotland and reveals how this event affected the islanders. In 2014, the Hostage Stone travelled to Denmark and was on display at the Viking Ship Museum at Roskilde.

The inscriptions on the stone provide some insight into early Celtic warfare and the technology used to build ships and armored warriors. The “Hostage Stone” shows a manacled warrior being led to a ship by mail-clad figures. According to the “Annals of Ulster”, it was a common practice for raiders to take captives and enslave them in return for a ransom. However, the sources offer little information on how the ransom negotiations actually took place.

Inchmarnock was also home to an early monastery. Several early carved stones were found around the medieval church. Another key artefact associated with the early settlement is a large assemblage of inscribed slate, which is one of the largest assemblages in the British Isles. This material may provide insight into monastic schooling and design. The archaeological survey has also provided new insights into the daily lives of Inchmarnock’s residents.

The images on the Hostage Stone were carved into the slate with a metal stylus in the eighth century. They are believed to depict a raiding party leading captives to a boat. The cruciform pattern and the carved frog-marching party have prompted various interpretations of the stone’s meaning.

Crarae Burn

There are several attractions in and around the Crarae Burn. The Crarae Gardens are a popular attraction, which has a diverse collection of maples, birches, rowans, and other trees. The gardens are also a good place to see native birds and red squirrels.

The Crarae Burn is the centrepiece of a wooded paradise. It is a rippling burn, with waterfalls and sparkling waters. You can walk or jog along its banks, and you can see red squirrels and the tallest tree in Britain.

If you are looking for something to do with children in Rothsay, Crarae Burn is an ideal destination. The scenic burn is crossed by a series of bridges. There are also several cascades that meander through the forest. Lush Himalayan plants grow in the shade of conifers in the area. Archeologists have found evidence of human settlement in the area, dating back to 3500 BCE. In the 1950s, archeologists excavated the site, discovering three human remains and 15 different species of seashells.

The National Trust for Scotland acquired the site in 2001, and since then, they have carried out a major restoration program, including refurbishing the bridges, steps, and paths. The garden contains several hundred species of rhododendrons. It is particularly beautiful during spring and early summer, and the later flowering varieties add fragrance to the atmosphere.

Crarae Light Railway

The Crarae Light Railway in Rothsay is a great way to see the beautiful Scottish islands of the Outer Hebrides. There are five different routes to take, and all of them include a unique experience. The railway is free and available on iOS and Android devices. You can even download the app to your Apple Watch.