Plankowner Brewing Co

If you’re looking for something unique in Upstate South Carolina, Plankowner Brewing Co. in Boiling Springs might be the place for you. Founded by former U.S. Navy veteran Shawn Waggoner, Plankowner focuses on commitment, tradition and community in its creation of craft beer. Its location on Sloane Garden Road in Boiling Springs is convenient, too.

The Brewery is located in the former Abbott Farms store. You can taste a selection of local craft beers at the taproom. Plankowner specializes in Belgian tripels, English brown ales, stouts, and apple ciders. While you’re there, enjoy a live band or take in the town’s community park.

Armour’s Red Boiling Springs Hotel

If you’re in the market for a getaway in the Smoky Mountains, The Armour’s Red Boiling Springs hotel is a great choice. The hotel is located near several area attractions and has several historic buildings. Armour’s Red Boiling Springs is the only hotel in the state to feature a working mineral bath. It also has an on-site restaurant and two acres of grounds, including a fire pit and badminton courts.

The Armour’s Hotel is a National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)-listed hotel located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. It was first built in 1924 by attorney John Smith, and was later known as Smith’s Brick Hotel and Counts Hotel. It was acquired in 1991 by Bobby Thomas and Brenda Thomas, who wanted to preserve the historical importance of the hotel.

The Armour’s Red Boiling Springs hotel has two-story native brick construction and 22 guest rooms with private baths. Guests can enjoy mineral baths or massages in the spa, and the hotel also hosts weddings and conventions. The Armour’s Red Boiling Spring Hotel offers free WiFi, and complimentary breakfast is served daily.

Five kinds of mineral water

If you’ve ever been to Red Boiling Springs, you’ve probably noticed that the water has five different kinds of minerals. This mineral-rich water has varying levels of hydrogen sulfide gas. In fact, it’s believed that the area has over fifty different springs. You can try each kind for yourself in private wells in the town.

The town of Red Boiling Springs is a unique place to experience these types of mineral water. The town’s mineral water is known to be extremely therapeutic and can even cure some illnesses, so be sure to visit if you are suffering from an ailment. There’s even a museum dedicated to the healing properties of these waters.

Red Boiling Springs is 75 miles northeast of Nashville, Tennessee. It’s a small town with a rich history. It was an old resort town that was famed for its natural mineral waters. They were said to cure everything from diabetes to rheumatism. In the 1920s, there were as many as 11 majestic hotels in Red Boiling Springs. Some of these hotels even had bowling alleys and dance halls to accommodate guests.

The town of Red Boiling Springs was once a popular summer vacation spot for families, but today, only one venue still offers mineral baths. This historic venue, Armour’s Hotel and Spa, was constructed in 1924, and is one of the oldest places to experience mineral baths. During the 1920s, there were as many as 14,000 people visiting the town in one summer.

Drinking bottled mineral water is a great way to get the minerals your body needs. It can even help with digestion. However, mineral water is not cheap. Many people prefer the taste of this water over tap water, but it does cost a bit more. In addition, you can purchase a filtration system for your home, which helps remove unwanted substances from your water.