Brewster Gardens

While you’re in Plymouth, MA, you should make sure to check out the Brewster Gardens. These gardens are located in the city center. They are home to the Town Brook, which the Pilgrims used for water and reeds for thatching their roofs.

Brewster Gardens is a free park that encompasses the original garden plot granted to Elder William Brewster in 1620. This area was very valuable to the Pilgrims because of its fresh water and abundant springs. It also had abundant thatch, which was an essential material for their houses. The gardens are a beautiful spot to visit, and they’re also a great way to remember Plymouth’s early settlers.

The museum’s collection features a variety of authentic artifacts from the Pilgrim era. Its interactive exhibits offer a unique opportunity to learn about Plymouth’s history. You can even play Escape the Mystery Room. You can choose between 8 different themes and play at your own level.

The town of Plymouth is a historic town with many interesting places to visit. The Brewster Gardens are a green space that offers the public a space to reflect on the city’s history. The town’s history goes back to 1620, when Pilgrims settled in Plymouth. They built their houses by the town’s Town Brook, which provided them with clean water. The historic homes that were built along the stream are still visible in Plymouth today. Another place to spend an afternoon is the Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum where you can learn about Plymouth’s early English settlers. The native Wampanoag were also a part of Plymouth’s culture, and the English role-players are very knowledgeable about the culture and history of the time.

Historic Patuxet

Historic Patuxet in Plymouth is a living history museum complex that recreates the early days of the Plymouth Colony. The complex was founded in 1947 and is housed in the former Plimoth Plantation. It contains authentic buildings and exhibits pertaining to the colony’s beginnings.

The Plimoth Patuxet Museum tells the intertwined history of the Plymouth colonists and the native Wampanoag people. Visitors can tour 17th-century English Village, which has authentic timber-framed houses and aromatic kitchen gardens. The Craft Center has potters creating replicas of 17th-century Europe. Finally, the Plymouth Center houses a full-scale replica of the Mayflower II.

Plimoth Patuxet Museum is a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The museum is comprised of two living history exhibits, a Craft Center, and four retail stores. A rare breed animal farm is also part of the grounds. The museum also houses an orientation film in the Henry Hornblower Visitor Center. The museum’s exhibits include the Mayflower II, the English Village, the Wampanoag Homesite, and the Maxwell and Nye Barns. In addition, the museum has recently added the Plimoth Grist Mill.

In the museum, a replica of the Mayflower landed in Plymouth Harbor. Visitors can also see the Plymouth Grist Mill, which is a reconstruction of a 1636 grist mill. The mill used water diverted from the Town Brook to power large millstones. You can purchase samples of cornmeal and taste fresh ground corn meal at the site.

Mayflower II replica

The Mayflower II replica has recently returned to Plymouth after undergoing extensive renovations. The ship has spent the last three years in Mystic, Connecticut, where it underwent $11.2 million worth of work. It is expected to arrive at Pilgrim Memorial State Park in Plymouth on Monday. There are plenty of activities you can take to celebrate the arrival of this historic ship.

Visit the Plymouth Harbor Cafe, where you can sample local cuisines and enjoy the scenic view of Plymouth Harbor. You can even have a date on the waterfront here! Another thing to do in Plymouth is a visit to the National Monument to the Forefathers, which is the largest granite monument in the United States. The monument is 81 feet tall and is made up of 5 smaller statues. The monument has deep historical significance.

A visit to the Mayflower II replica will give you a sense of what it was like for Pilgrims to live in Plymouth in the early 16th century. You will also see how the first colonists dressed and worked. The museum also has revolving exhibits on the life of the Pilgrims. The exhibits range from Christian values to the influence of the Pilgrims on the American government. The museum also has a variety of tours that educate visitors about Plymouth’s history.

There are several museums to visit in Plymouth, including the Plimoth Plantation living history museum, the Mayflower II replica, and many other places. The town is not large, but it offers dozens of attractions that are worth seeing. You can even walk around the town and take in its history. But walking around can be very tiring, so it’s a good idea to hire a bicycle to take you from place to place. To make your journey easier, Plymouth Bike Rentals offer modern, well-maintained bikes with child-friendly accessories. Bike rentals are available for single, two, or three-person trips. Moreover, the company also offers delivery service.

Mayflower Brewing Company

If you’re looking for unique activities, Plymouth’s Mayflower Brewing Company is a must-see attraction. The craft microbrewery offers seasonal brews, tours and tastings. It also has a souvenir shop. It is located in historic Plymouth.

The brewery features a variety of brews, including its signature New World American IPA. This brew delivers bold fruit flavors and a mild bitterness. The brewery also offers live music and food events throughout the year. You can also check out other breweries in the area and try one or more of their beers.

The Mayflower Brewing Company has been around for about three years. Originally, it was focused on making beer and distributing it locally, but in recent years, it has expanded its mission to include on-premise consumption of beer. The brewery has been serving full pints at its tasting room since 2012.

You can also tour the Jabez Howland House, the only remaining house of the Mayflower Pilgrims. The museum contains authentic artifacts and well preserved items. If you’re a game-player, you can participate in an escape room. The rooms can have different difficulty levels, and you can test your skills at the game.

If you’re looking for unique activities, the Plimoth Plantation Museum is one of the top attractions. The historical site features an 18th century house, the Pilgrims’ home, and a 10-ton rock. The museum also features a new visitor center and a plantation museum. It is open from April through October and admission is free.

Americana Theatre Company

The Americana Theatre Company in Plymouth, Michigan is a nonprofit 501(c)3 professional theatre company that serves the Plymouth area. This company is currently in its fourth season. The production is based on a novella by Eudora Welty, with a book and lyrics by Alfred Uhry and music by Robert Waldman. Americana Theatre Company is an affiliate of The Foundation for Creative Achievement, a registered nonprofit organization.

The Americana Theatre Company is a professional theatre company that was founded by Derek Martin in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It has grown to become a popular venue in downtown Plymouth, receiving excellent reviews from the local community and across the country. The company’s mission is to tell good stories with good people. The theater is open to the public on Friday evenings and on Saturdays, and gates open at six pm.

The Americana Theatre Company in Plymouth will present “It’s A Wonderful Life” as a radio play. The radio adaptation of the 1940 film is a fun and family-friendly production. This show will be available at the Plymouth Center for the Arts and will run for two performances on weekends.

The company’s artistic director, Derek Martin, is an experienced actor, director, choreographer, theatre technician, and producer. He is the founder and co-artistic director of the Americana Theatre Company in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Derek has been involved in the theatre world for over 18 years. He earned his BFA from the University of Hartford and an MFA from Regent University.

Mayflower Cruises Lobster Tales

There are many reasons to visit Plymouth, Massachusetts. One of them is for the lobsters. In Plymouth Harbor, Lobster Tales offers a unique lobstering experience. Guests can experience the lobstering process first hand and even help haul in the traps! Another great reason to visit the city is for the fun and educational activities.

While you’re in Plymouth, you should visit the historic Plymouth House. This colonial home still has its original wattle and daub wall. It also has a fold-down bed and a low cooking chair. The historic house is located on the Plymouth Harbor. You can take a cruise of the harbor and see the historic home. You can also go on a pirate cruise for an hour. There are also lobster traps, pirate goodies, and live entertainment onboard.

The Plymouth Harbor is the site of Plymouth Rock, the original landing site for the pilgrims. It is an important landmark and a symbol of the New World. It marks the beginning of the first colonies and America’s “hometown.” A visit to Cole’s Hill, a National Historic Landmark, allows visitors to see the original Mayflower Pilgrim burial grounds.

Another reason to visit Plymouth is the museums. You’ll learn about the local history, including the Wampanoag Indians. These Native Americans were in the area for about 10,000 years before the new settlers arrived. As a result, the early settlers encountered conflict with the indigenous population.