Eagle Cave

If you want to experience the wonders of an onyx cave, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Eagle Cave in New Richland. It is the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin and was discovered in 1849. It opened to the public in 1938. Since then, it has become a popular tourist destination.

The ancients thought the cave was sacred and closed its entrance to all but the Great Eagle. The Great Healer then cleansed the area. But when the men returned, they discovered a dark secret. The tribe began to hear the Death Song. Eventually, the men made their way back to camp.

Once inside, you can explore Eagle Cave’s three levels of terror. You will be given a light-up wand to carry with you. You can leave your wand on all throughout the cave to scare off any monsters.

Howard Amon Park

Howard Amon Park is a multi-use recreation area along the Columbia River in Richland, Washington. When the city was incorporated in 1912, the park was named after the arch that was the city’s first landmark. Since then, however, the arch has been replaced by a new one.

The park features a playground, wading pools, and riverfront views. The park also hosts many community events. The park’s bandshell is the site of the largest public concert in the Tri-Cities. The park is a great destination for families and for active individuals alike.

The Amon family moved to the lower Yakima Valley in 1904. The area is now home to several parks, including Howard Amon Park. In 1904, they purchased the Rich Ranch from Nelson Rich, a local landowner and member of the Washington State Legislature from 1901-1902. The Amons soon became well-known figures in the area, investing in roads, schools, and irrigation systems. They also donated funds to provide Richland with the city with its first telephone connections.

One of the most popular attractions in Richland is the USS Triton Submarine Memorial Park. If you’re visiting Richland with the family, make sure you visit the Sacagawea Heritage Trail. The Sacagawea Heritage Trail and the Fox and Bear Public House are also popular tourist attractions. The Uptown Shopping Center has several shops and restaurants.

Oakwood Fruit Farm

Located in the countryside near Richland Center, Wisconsin, Oakwood Fruit Farm is a family-run business with 180 acres of grapevines, apple trees and vineyards. Visitors and customers are always welcome at the Richland Center apple orchard and vineyard.

Founded in 1904, the Oakwood Fruit Farm produces a wide variety of apples. The farm is home to over 20 varieties of Winsconsin apples, including the famous Zestar, Wealthy and Royal Gala varieties. It also produces grapes, fresh apple cider, and grass-fed beef.

Located on Apple Ridge Road, the farm features 180 acres of apple trees and vineyards. Visitors can enjoy apple cider, fresh apples and homemade caramel apples. The farm also sells baked goods and fresh produce. The farm is open from mid-August through the end of the fall season, and admission is free.

Oakwood Fruit Farm’s historic building, which was over a century old, has recently been replaced by a modern building. It replaced the original hip-roof barn. In December 2010, footings were dug for the new structure. The owners studied other orchards on the east and Wisconsin to plan the new facility. It’s a testament to the family’s careful planning and attention to detail.

Galaxie Skate Center

If you’re looking for fun things to do in New Richland, Wisconsin, Galaxie Skate Center is a great place to go. The rink offers both new and used skate rentals. Plus, you can play arcade games and win prizes! There are also floor games, such as Musical Doors, Roller Dodgeball, and more.

The Galaxie Skate Center has been in business for about 50 years and has an impressive skating floor made of hardwood maple. The rink also features an excellent sound system. If you’re hungry, you can grab a burger and fries at one of the concession stands. The owner is engaged in the business and cares about the experience of his customers. The facility is open all year round, though its summer hours are from mid-June to mid-September.

Mel’s Micro brewpub

Mel’s Micro Brewpub is located outside the Richland Center. The brewpub has a pool hall, pub food, and a brewing set-up. It serves over 25 different beers and has daily specials. This pub also serves a variety of food and is a good choice for an early night out.

The microbrewery serves up a diverse range of beer. There are 44 taps at Flight Tap & Table, as well as a food menu to match the beer. There are also 30 televisions for watching sports, as well as a live music stage.

Los Amigos 2

The owners of two Mexican restaurants in southwest Wisconsin recently faced a crisis when their tortilla supplier shut down, leaving the restaurants without a main ingredient. The tortillas are the basis for much of the menu, including tacos, burritos, and nachos.

Los Amigos is known for its friendly staff and low prices. It also has a takeout counter. In addition to Mexican-inspired cuisine, the restaurant also carries groceries and non-food items. Its great service has earned it a 4.4 rating on Google.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Albert D. German Warehouse

If you are interested in architecture, the A. D. German Warehouse in Richland Center, Wisconsin, is a must-see. This Mayan Revival warehouse was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Wright was born in Richland Center, and the warehouse was constructed in 1921.

The building’s interior was also redesigned many times. The architect used a process that he called iteration. The first rendering and final set of drawings were based on a concept that was developed in 1934. Subsequent changes changed the building’s orientation. In addition, he added an apartment for his wife, Anna German.

The A.D. German Warehouse, which opened in 1921, was the last of Wright’s warehouses. Its imposing cube of brick and cast-in-place concrete was constructed in the town where Wright was born. The building’s design is reminiscent of ancient Mexican architecture. Its three lower floors were intended for storage of non-refrigerated goods, while the top floor was a cool storage area. Wright also designed a small annex that would be the sister’s music studios.

Ridge and Valley Tours

There are a number of ways to explore rural America, and a great way to do that is to go on a Ridge and Valley Tour. These tours take you to local farms, cheese factories, wineries, and more. You’ll also get to experience farm-to-fork cooking and more, and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to meet a local farmer.