When you visit New London, Connecticut, there are plenty of things to do. Check out the Wall to Wall New London Mural Walk, Connecticut College Arboretum, Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock, and a Cross Sound Ferry lighthouse tour. You can also check out some of the area’s museums.

Wall to Wall New London Mural Walk

The Wall to Wall New London Mural Walk features 16 completed murals throughout the city. The walk is a great way to explore the city’s diverse cultural heritage. It also allows you to see some of the city’s most impressive buildings and other landmarks. The walk also features beautiful, bustling shops, the waterfront Park, and some amazing restaurants and art galleries.

The Wall to Wall New London Mural Walk features a variety of artwork, ranging from semi-abstract to Disney and Pixar characters. The art is located throughout the city and you can pick up a map at the Hygienic. The map is updated regularly, so you can always check it out for the latest artwork.

One of the most notable murals is a collection by WPA artist, Thomas Sergeant LaFarge. He painted three murals in 1938, depicting scenes of the whaling industry. LaFarge emphasized perspectives up and down the rigging, while also emphasizing the physicality of sailors.

The Mural Walk has changed the face of an entire section of the city. The canvases have ignited conversations, and people have stopped to linger for a few moments on sidewalks or in parking lots. As a result, the city has become a more vibrant place. And there is something deeply humanistic about it.

Another important landmark is the 1896 Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, a 50-foot obelisk that pays tribute to the town’s Civil War veterans. It was dedicated May 6, 1896, and has a bronze plaque with the seals of the city and state.

Connecticut College Arboretum

The Connecticut College Arboretum is a 300-hectare arboretum and botanical garden. Founded in 1931, the garden is located on the Connecticut College campus in the towns of New London and Waterford. The arboretum is open to the public throughout the year.

The Connecticut College Arboretum is an excellent destination for those interested in botany or gardening. It’s a year-round attraction with a diverse collection of plants, a landscaped campus, and more than 200 species of native and exotic plants from around the globe. There are also guided tours of the Arboretum’s Native Plant Collection and Caroline Black Garden, which features a variety of woody plants in a garden setting.

The Arboretum also hosts events for people who are interested in learning more about trees. It hosts two natural landscaping conferences each year, one for homeowners and one for professionals. The Arboretum has long welcomed school groups, which often visit to learn about plants and how to properly care for them. The Arboretum also holds a student-led environmental science competition, called the Envirothon. The winners of the competition go on to represent their state in a North American contest.

The Connecticut College Arboretum is a natural classroom, encompassing 750 acres of diverse land. Its grounds and plant collections are open to the public daily from dawn to dusk. The Arboretum is home to a variety of birds and animals, and the campus is home to numerous geocaching locations.

The Arboretum offers three distinct plant collections: the Native Plants collection, the Caroline Black Garden, and Campus Landscape. The Native Plants collection contains approximately 300 species and varieties of woody plants. The Arboretum also includes a four-acre pond. The Campus Landscape collection has over 200 tree and shrub varieties. There is also a cactus collection and an experimental area for growing cacti and ferns.

Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock

Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock in New-London, Connecticut is a local landmark that serves up great seafood. It’s located on a small piece of land between Crocker’s Boatyard and the AMTRAK Mainline. The ambiance is inviting and the service is excellent. The menu is full of fresh seafood and there are many options for libations.

The restaurant opened in 1996 and can accommodate more than 160 diners. Located on a waterfront property, the restaurant’s expansive outdoor seating is ideal for groups and families. The waterfront restaurant features picnic tables and a covered pavilion. The restaurant also allows you to bring your own alcohol, which is convenient if you’re on a budget.

The famous Hot Lobster Roll comes on a toasted bun and is topped with butter and sliced lemon. If you’re looking for a great lunch, you’ll want to try this restaurant. They serve both small and large lobster rolls. The lobster roll is served in a toasted split bun and is stuffed with hot, buttery lobster meat. The lobster roll is a delicious meal that’s large enough for two people.

Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Tour

During the summer, the Cross Sound Ferry offers lighthouse cruises. Departing from Orient Point, they take visitors to six lighthouses and other points of interest on a two-hour journey. Some of these sites include Bug Light, a historic lighthouse built during Prohibition to warn liquor smugglers from the coast. Visitors may also enjoy the North Dumpling Light, a modern-day beacon used by tourists to find their way to the town’s restaurants and stores. The Long Island Lights Cruise, on the other hand, takes passengers to the renowned Plum Gut lighthouses aboard SeaJet, a high-speed ferry that features two enclosed air-conditioned decks, plus an expansive outdoor deck.

The Cross Sound Ferry offers two routes that provide spectacular views of the lighthouses and other landmarks along the coast. Its lighthouse tours are unique and are designed to give visitors an entirely new perspective on the past. There are two routes for the lighthouse cruises and two forts built during the Revolutionary era. There are also architectural tours of the lighthouses, so that even those who don’t love lighthouses will find something to suit their tastes.

The ferry service also offers narrated tours and charters of the area’s lighthouses. This is a fantastic way to experience New London’s waterfront. Additionally, there are special trips to the Race Rock Lighthouse in New York. In addition, the ferry company offers two lighthouse cruises, the Classic and the Lighthouse Cruise.

Navy Submarine Base New London

Located in Groton, Connecticut, Navy Submarine Base New London is home to approximately 16 attack submarines. The base is comprised of more than six hundred acres and 160 major facilities. Its mission is to train professional submariners and put combat-ready submarines into the world’s waters. The facility is home to more than seven thousand active duty military personnel and their families, as well as several DoD civilian staff members. The base is also home to the United States Coast Guard Academy.

The Naval Submarine Base New London is an extremely large complex that contains more than 400 buildings. Over seventy submarine tenant commands and over fifteen attack submarines call the base home. In addition to submarines, the base also houses submarine training facilities, military housing, medical facilities, and support facilities.

Submarine Base New London is home to several historical submarines, including the USS Nautilus. This submarine was commissioned in 1954 and is now a National Historic Landmark. A museum honoring her service is located close to the main gate. On non-working days, civilians are welcome to visit the ship.

Naval Submarine Base New London is the primary submarine base on the East Coast. It is located in the town of Groton, Connecticut, and is surrounded by historic sites and attractions. The base is also home to the United States Coast Guard Academy, which was founded in 1850. It was the first submarine base in the United States Navy, and it was commanded by retired Commodore Timothy A. Hunt, who lived in New Haven, Conn.

TRICARE Prime patients are assigned a primary care manager who will coordinate medical care and make appointments. However, those who do not have TRICARE Prime can opt for walk-in appointments. The Naval Submarine Base New London also has Child Development Centers, or CDCs, which offer care to military dependent children from six weeks to five years old. The CDCs are accredited by the Department of Defense and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.