When visiting Molalla, Oregon, you can find several great things to do. For a relaxing vacation, you can visit the Willamette Falls or check out the world-class BMX track. If you enjoy history and culture, you can check out the Dibble House Museum. You can find a great selection of dining options as well.

Willamette Falls

The natural waterfall, Willamette Falls, can be found on the Willamette River, between the towns of Oregon City and West Linn. It is the seventeenth-widest waterfall in the world and the largest in the Northwestern United States. It is a popular tourist destination.

In addition to the falls, the area offers a wide variety of recreational activities, including sport fishing and jet-boat heritage tours. Willamette Falls is also the site of two annual festivals, the Willamette Falls Celebration and Lockfest. Currently, the City of Oregon City is working to add a riverside path to the waterfalls. In addition, the city is planning to turn the former Blue Heron site into a mixed-use heritage tourism and business park.

The Willamette Falls Legacy Project Vision Report was developed to provide public input and provide a vision for the future of the site. It includes inspiration drawings of possible site development. However, the report was never meant to be a requirement for Master Plan approval. Therefore, visitors should approach it with the same perspective as they approach other City documents. It provides broad policy direction, but should not be taken as a regulatory requirement.

Willamette Falls was named after the tallapus that created the site. The Tallapus originally tried to build a fishing spot at the mouth of the Pudding River, but eventually moved on to Rock Island in the middle of the Willamette River. Eventually, the tallapus constructed the resulting falls from the bank to the bank of the river.

In the early 1800s, European-Americans began to settle the Willamette Valley, but only a small portion of the original Indigenous people remained in the area. After land treaties were signed in 1851, the Klackamas ceded their territory to the United States government. Today, their descendants still speak the Chinuk Wawa language and build plankhouses in the area. In addition, they often fish at the falls.

World-class BMX track

The Molalla BMX track is currently closed for renovations. The track is scheduled to open in late May. Once completed, the track will be an exciting destination for BMX riders from around the region. A free one-day membership is available to riders. Donations are needed to keep the track operating.

BMX racing

Molalla, Oregon, is one of the places in the world where you can experience the thrill of BMX racing. The city is home to a BMX track that is sanctioned by USA BMX. The facility is operated by volunteers, who oversee the track’s maintenance, officiate races, and run concession stands. The facility is open to the public and holds races most weekends.

The Molalla River BMX track is undergoing renovations and will conform to USA BMX standards. The project will also improve the concessions and administration building. The track will be able to host more events. Upon completion, the facility will feature new lighting and a raised track.

The new BMX track will open in late May. It will be improved to attract riders from all over the BMX region. The facility is sanctioned by USA BMX and will host several national and regional events. It is located just west of Molalla Elementary School and features a grass field. Before you ride, be sure to fill out a Park Use Application.

Dibble House Museum

The Horace L. Dibble House is an 1859 farmhouse in Molalla, Oregon. It is a unique western saltbox house. Saltbox houses are more commonly associated with Colonial-era New England, but this one was built in Oregon. Its quaint exterior and original woodwork make it a unique and delightful place to explore.

The Dibble House Museum is a National Register-listed historic property. Built by Horace Dibble around 1859, the house’s design resembles those of colonial-era New England homes. The family lived there until 1904, when it was purchased by the Molalla Area Historical Society, which was formed to preserve the building.

Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of produce at the farmers market. The market is open from late May to September and features a range of fresh produce and local products. One of the specialties at the Farmers Market is Golden Artisan Goat Cheese, a rustic French-style cheese that is handmade by local farmers.

While you are in Molalla, be sure to visit the Molalla Train Park. This historical site features a variety of trains, including H-scale model trains. The park is free to enter, and the Pacific Northwest Live Steamers operate the train and maintain the park with donations from guests. In addition, the park runs on the profits of its snack shack.

One of the things to do in Molalla is to take a hike in the nearby Table Rock Wilderness. The area has twenty miles of hiking and equestrian trails. There are also camping and horseback riding opportunities.

Molalla Train Park

Take a free ride on a miniature train at Molalla Train Park. The park runs miniature trains that run through park-like settings along the Molalla river. Rides are offered daily from 11:30am to 3:45pm. The park also offers special events and a museum. The park is located in Molalla, Oregon.

The park is open on Sundays and is free to the public, but donations are needed to keep the trains running. The park offers train rides on Sundays and Saturdays and special events throughout the year. Jeremy McArthur visited with his family four years ago. The park was a new experience for him, and he hopes to take his children again one day.

Harry Harvey, the man behind the park, started the park in 1963. He purchased a plot of land in Molalla and formed the Pacific Northwest Live Steamers in 1963. Duling’s grandfather had an idea to build an engine together. Since then, Duling has visited the park almost every weekend. He and his family store several of their trains at the park. He prefers steam engines over diesel engines.

While the Molalla Train Park is not a theme park, it is all about trains. The park features private trains that run on a track that spans four acres. The park also offers picnic areas and train rides. The park is not an amusement park, but rather a quiet park where you can ride one of their private trains. The park runs one train on Sundays.

The park is open to the public May through October. The park offers trains that are one-half inch scale. The train rides are large enough to fit adults on board. The park also has a snack stand and gift shop. Admission is free.