There are many things to do in Millinocket, Maine. Explore Ice Caves, take a moose safari, or enjoy a snowmobile ride. There are also museums and art galleries to explore. The town’s population is approximately 4,114 according to the 2020 census.

Ice Caves

Ice Caves are a great spot for ice climbing, winter camping, and other activities. Located about 18 miles outside of Millinocket, they are accessible by foot via a dirt road and blue-blazed trails. There is a large informational sign at the trailhead.

Ice caves are formed on glaciers and are generally not very big. Visitors often find ice sculptures on the walls. Ice caves are common in Maine, and while they may not look as icy in the summer, they’re still worth a visit. The trail to the cave is a moderate 1.5-mile hike, with ups and downs. There are also exposed roots, but the hike is not particularly difficult or unsafe.

The ice caves are accessible by foot through a trail that is approximately a mile long and winds through tall pines and large glacial erratics. The ice caves are formed by a series of glaciers that ploughed the boulders together during the last ice age. The Nature Conservancy provides metal rungs for visitors to climb down into the ice caves. Once inside, the temperature drops to freezing point. You can even see icicles forming.

Visitors are encouraged to wear proper footwear and gloves to explore the caves. Although they require a rope and iron rungs to climb down, the caves can be slippery. For extra safety, visitors may want to wear microspikes, especially on the icy rungs in spring and early summer.

The ice caves in Maine are not very deep. The average person will spend around 10 minutes exploring them. This small cave is close to other attractions in the area.

Moose safaris

If you want to experience the excitement of a Maine moose safari, there are many different options available. You can go on a tour or rent a vehicle, depending on your preferences. The guides will know where to go to get the best moose sightings, and they will show you how to safely spot them. While you’re out on the tour, you can also rent bikes, ATVs, canoes, snowmobiles, and snowshoes to take part in a variety of activities.

Moose safaris are best during the spring and summer months. Some tours start as early as April and continue through mid-fall. Moose are most active during early morning and early evening hours, so you’ll have the best opportunity to see them. Most tours will take you to the best spots to view them, and some companies even offer boat tours. Boat tours are better than van tours because you’ll get a better view of the animals.

The best way to view moose in Maine is to join a guided tour. These tours are popular and fill up quickly. Make sure to book in advance. You’ll need to make reservations 30 days in advance to guarantee your spot. You’ll also learn more about the landscape of Maine and possibly encounter other wildlife.

Maine is home to approximately 76,000 moose. These enormous animals are most common in swampy, boggy areas, but they can also be seen in wooded areas and along roadsides. Moose like to roll in mud and stand in shallow water to avoid predatory insects.


The town of Millinocket, Maine, is home to a 500-mile system of maintained snowmobiling trails. These trails allow snowmobilers to explore nearby areas such as Mt. Kineo on Moosehead Lake, Baxter State Park Area, and further north in Aroostook County.

The town is also home to Maine’s only antique snowmobile museum. This museum is open on weekends and by appointment. Visitors can view photos and models of antique snowmobiles. Besides snowmobiling, visitors can also cross country ski the surrounding areas. The town also has 350 miles of well groomed trails and two prime cross country skiing destinations.

The town is home to the largest fleet of Ski-doo snowmobile rentals in Maine. Whether you’re looking to take a guided tour or simply take the trail to enjoy the scenery, Millinocket has something for everyone. The town also offers restaurants, lodging, guided tours, and winter activities.

If you’re planning a snowmobile trip, Maine is one of the best places to go. This state has more snowmobile trails than any other state in New England, and the terrain is spectacular. There are plenty of places to stay, from cozy cabins to full-service inns. Many accommodations also offer parking for snowmobiles.

The NEOC offers rental snowmobile gear for every size. Visitors can rent a helmet, bibs, jackets, gloves, and boots. They also sell facemasks, which can be worn for safety. NEOC is conveniently located along the ITS86 trail on Millinocket Lake.

Millinocket is known for its outdoor culture. The town is home to the New England Outdoors Center, Northern Outdoors’ Katahdin Adventure Base Camp, and North Country Rivers. Visitors can take in the outdoor culture of the area by visiting the MOOSE PRINTS Gallery and the North Light Gallery.


Museums in Millinocket offer visitors an educational look into the history of this Maine town. Whether you’re interested in logging, Native American culture, or milling, you can find a wealth of information about the town’s past at the Millinocket Historical Society Museum. Located on Central Street, this museum offers visitors a peek into the town’s past and features artifacts and photographs from local businesses and residents.

The Northern Timber Cruisers Antique Snowmobile Museum is another great place to visit. This museum contains over two dozen exhibits about antique snowmobiles. The museum is open on weekends throughout the winter and by appointment. It also hosts a snowmobile antique show in February during school vacation. In addition to museums, Millinocket has several parks and hiking trails. The town also hosts the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and the Millinocket Memorial Library.

Winter camping

Winter camping in Maine is an ideal way to enjoy the beauty of the state’s natural surroundings. In addition to camping, you can also take advantage of state parks, which offer a variety of winter activities. For those who want a more rustic experience, these parks are ideal for camping in a tent.

There are several campgrounds in the Millinocket area that offer winter camping. The Papoose Pond campground, for example, offers 180 campsites as well as 60 cabins to rent. Cabins can accommodate between two and six people, and range in size. You can also rent a cabin at the Kidney Pond campground, which has 12 cabins ranging in size.

The Baxter State Park campground is open for winter camping from December 1 to March 31. Reservations for winter camping can be made by phone or through the Park’s Millinocket headquarters. However, make sure to check out the Park’s winter rules and guidelines before making your reservation.

Another popular camping site is the Big Moose Inn, a full-service facility located on Millinocket Lake. This campground offers water hookups and can accommodate RVs up to 33 feet long. It is pet-friendly and offers WiFi in the lodge. It also offers kayaking and two restaurants.