There are many things to do in Jellico, Tennessee. Whether you want to explore a historic district, visit a local farm, or simply enjoy the countryside, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. There’s also a local arts and crafts fair and a Farmers Market. You can even find a grocery store in the town, which makes it easy to stock up on food.

Jellico Arts and Crafts Fair

If you are looking for things to do in Jellico, Tennessee, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of options for the whole family. There are a variety of crafts and arts to choose from at the Jellico Arts and Crafts fair, and if you’re looking for something a little different, try the Jellico Farmers Market. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available from local farms in this area, and there are many activities and resources for families in the Jellico Recreational Park.

Taking classes or workshops is another great way to indulge in Jellico’s unique crafts and art. Jellico is home to numerous craft workshops, and the town’s annual Arts and Crafts Week showcases some outstanding craftwork. If you have an interest in arts and crafts, you may also want to check out the Tennessee Craft booths. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting the local fine craft movement. They strive to help artists expand their businesses and reach a wider audience. In addition, they strive to make the arts and crafts fair a focal point for the community.

Jellico Farmers Market

If you are looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, visit the Farmers Market in Jellico. The town is known for its farmers’ market, where you can find a wide variety of local products. Guests can buy local fruits and vegetables, as well as crafts and other items. The market is celebrating its 43rd anniversary this year.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a starter home, a new home, or a second property, Jellico offers a wide range of home choices. There are currently twelve homes on the market in Jellico, with an average listing time of ninety days. The neighborhoods of Fountain City, Inskip, Norwood, Whittle Springs, and Harrill Hills are some of the most sought-after ones.

While the town is largely based on coal mining, there are a variety of retail businesses. It is also a small city with a low crime rate. In 2016, there were only 94 crimes reported, making it a very safe place to live. The cost of living is very affordable as well, with the cost of living index being 78.9. This is considerably lower than the national average.

Jellico Recreational Park

There are a lot of things to do in Jellico Recreational Park, Tennessee. It is a small town 65 miles west of Knoxville that has plenty of outdoor activities for the entire family. The town is surrounded by several beautiful state parks. In Jellico, you can visit Cove Lake State Park, a 667-acre natural lake that is home to 400 geese and the raised earthen remnants of the ancient Mound Builders. Other attractions in the area include Indian Mountain State Park, where you can paddle boats and visit a duck pond. You can also explore the Cumberland Trail, which winds through 11 counties in Tennessee. In addition, the Royal Blue Wildlife Management Area features acres of beautiful scenery.

You can also take a train ride at Indian Mountain State Park. This state park is located on the Tennessee-Kentucky border and is a 20-minute drive from Williamsburg. The park is a multi-use facility that was established in 1971. It is a popular destination for tourists from Tennessee and Kentucky.

The park includes many picnic areas and hiking trails. It also has three large picnic shelters that can accommodate twenty to fifty people. The shelters come equipped with grills and tables. There are also individual picnic areas for families to enjoy a meal. The park also offers a pool for swimming and has a lifeguard on duty.

Jellico, Tennessee has an excellent education system, with high school graduation rates of 87.5%. The town also has several medical clinics and buses that run to surrounding towns. If you are in Jellico, you can also take advantage of the city’s low cost of living. The cost of living index in the city is 78.9, which is considerably lower than the national average.

Cove Lake State Park

Cove Lake State Park is a 673-acre park in southeastern Tennessee. It is an impoundment of Cove Creek and was created in 1936 by the Caryville Dam. The park offers various recreational opportunities. The area is known for its fishing, boating, and camping.

The park is a popular location for weddings and has an indoor pavilion that can accommodate up to 130 people. It is also home to an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a wading pool for kids. There are 106 camping sites in the park, and they are all equipped with electrical hookups. There are also two bathhouses with hot showers and restrooms, and there is a camp store and firewood for sale. Camping is available for up to two weeks.

The park is surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland Mountains. The park is part of the Powell Valley, a valley that divides the Appalachian Mountains from the Cumberland Mountains. The area includes several mountains, including Cross Mountain, the highest mountain in Tennessee west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Another nearby mountain is Fork Mountain, which overlooks the park. Cumberland Mountain extends along the northern rim of the valley, spanning nearly 40 miles between the Bruce Gap and Cumberland Gap.

Cove Lake State Park is located in Campbell County, Tennessee. This state park is 617 acres, which includes a lake and two other bodies of water. The park was created by the Caryville Dam in 1936. Since then, it has become a popular destination for outdoor recreation.

Cove Lake State Park is also home to the Cumberland Trail. The Cumberland Trail is an 11-mile (18-kilometer) trail that runs through Cumberland Mountain. This trail will connect the Cumberland Gap to Cove Lake State Park. During your visit, you can also take a hike up Fork Mountain, a scenic mountain. From there, you can travel up Cross Mountain to the interior of the Cumberland Mountains.

Cove Lake State Park offers plenty of activities and facilities for families. The park has a swimming pool and several hikes that are suitable for all ages. It is also home to 36 campsites, which come with picnic tables, electric and water. The park also features a number of historic and modern cabins.