If you’re looking for things to do in Jefferson, Texas, there are plenty of things to check out. There’s New River State Park, Caddo Lake State Park, old mill antiques, and ghost tours. Jefferson is also the county seat. The city is located in northeastern Texas.

New River State Park

New River State Park is located near Jefferson, North Carolina in Ashe County. It covers 3,323 acres in a protected watershed of the New River. The New River is one of the oldest rivers in the U.S. It offers many activities and scenic vistas for visitors to enjoy.

Visitors to the park will find seven access points along the river. Some of these access points are suitable for swimming or kayaking. Other access points provide the opportunity to enjoy picnics. Several of these access points are equipped with large picnic shelters and interpretive displays. There are also programs and events that provide more information about the area.

New River State Park offers a tranquil setting to experience the beauty of this river and its surroundings. The river flows slowly through the park, and the banks are covered in wildflowers. It is considered one of the oldest rivers in the country and was designated a National Scenic River in 1976.

A diverse range of wildlife is also found here, including rare species of plants and animals. In the lowland forests, you can observe wild turkeys and ruffed grouse. In higher elevations, you can spot red-tailed hawks. Serious bird watchers can also spot a variety of uncommon species, including golden-winged warblers, black-billed cuckoo, and northern oriole.

Caddo Lake State Park

Caddo Lake State Park is located in eastern Texas. It is operated as a wildlife management area and is home to the state’s only natural lake. The park offers several hiking trails and other outdoor activities, including fishing. Visitors can also see a number of rare species of birds and other animals.

Caddo Lake is a naturally preserved wetland under the Ramsar Convention, an intergovernmental treaty that aims to conserve wetlands. The lake was once heavily polluted, but the Ramsar Convention helped preserve it. The water is eight to ten feet deep and is home to abundant wildlife.

The park offers camping in tent or RV sites with electricity. It also has a nine-mile shoreline trail, as well as a few areas specifically for mountain biking. Visitors to Caddo Lake can also take a boat tour of the lake. In addition, visitors can enjoy southern cuisine, antique shopping, and waterfowl hunting. Caddo Lake State Park also has several cabins for rent. These historic cabins were built by the CCC and are in good condition. The park also features a recreation hall, which was built during the Depression.

Caddo Lake is a natural lake straddling the Texas and Louisiana border. Its shallow waters and cypress forest are home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. Its habitat is a critical place for endangered species and migrating birds. During spring and fall, the lake is covered with a dramatic morning mist.

Old Mill Antiques

For a spooky, haunted experience, you can visit Old Mill Antiques in Jefferson, Kentucky. This antique and craft shop is notorious for its haunting reputation, so make sure to book a tour in advance. The store features an eclectic collection of antiques and craft items.

Old Mill Antiques is an old mill with antiques that are more than a century old. The shop features antiques from around the world and is open to the public. It is also home to several ghost tours. It also features a shop with books about haunted houses.

If you have time to spend at this antique shop, you should also stop by the Jefferson Historical Museum. This building was originally a federal court house and post office and is one of the most historic places in Jefferson. This historic building has a rich history and is a must-see for any visitor.

If you love vintage and antique items, Old Mill Antiques is an excellent place to spend a Sunday. This antique shop has over 20,000 square feet of space. There are plenty of items to look at, including jewelry and glassware. The store also has a variety of antiques and estate jewelry.

Visiting historic sites in Jefferson is an excellent way to spend an afternoon. The city is home to historic landmarks, fascinating museums, and interesting transportation from the past. Historic attractions in Jefferson include the Jefferson Historical Museum, which is located in a red brick building that was built in 1888. Its history includes antique guns and Marion County relics.

Ghost tours

If you are looking for a fun way to spend your evening, consider one of the many Jefferson ghost tours. Known as one of the most haunted small towns in Texas, Jefferson offers a unique experience that will pique your curiosity and intrigue you. Tours take you through abandoned buildings and dark alleyways to hear stories of murder, tragedy, and paranormal activity.

The Jefferson Hotel has a ghostly reputation, and the ghost of a headless man who carries his head in his hands is not the only one roaming the grounds. There are also ghostly manifestations of a pregnant woman and a murdered prostitute. The prostitute was murdered for her diamond necklace, and her killer dumped her body in a nearby forest. Her spirit now lives on in the hotel.

Ghost tours in Jefferson are one of the most popular activities during Halloween. Some tours last for one hour, while others are longer. Tours begin and end at the statue of Thomas Jefferson. The tours are separate from the nearby Precious Gem and Kimball Theater, but they are not related to them. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose an extended tour, which adds 30 minutes to the time.

The Excelsior House is a historic landmark located in Jefferson. Built in the 1860s, it was owned by Captain William Perry, who later became mayor and a prominent businessman. After his death, his wife Louise took over the house, but the hauntings did not dissipate. She would sometimes hear noises that were heard in the house when the lights were turned on, or would feel a presence in the home.

Bed and breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts are a special type of accommodation, often small, that gives you that home away from home feeling. They usually have unique amenities like gardens, private patios, and dining rooms. You can also enjoy a full American breakfast and a private bathroom with bathrobes.

There are many things to do in Jefferson, including exploring the town’s historical sites and unique shops. The town also features a Bayou area that makes it a favorite for relaxing water activities. You can also see the famous clip-clopping Clydesdales as you walk the streets of the town.

If you’d like to learn more about the area’s history, horse-drawn carriage rides are a great way to do so. You’ll pass historic homes, churches, and more, while a knowledgeable driver gives you the inside scoop. You can also take a boat tour or ride the Historic Jefferson Railway to get a glimpse into the area’s history.

Riverboat tours

If you’re looking for a great way to experience Jefferson’s rich history, you can take a riverboat tour. Big Cypress Bayou Tours offer one-hour tours that share the history of Jefferson with visitors. These tours are also pet-friendly and available from Monday through Sunday at 10:30am, 2pm, and 3:30pm. They’re closed during the winter months, but they can accommodate special requests.

The Nance riverboat service is situated on the southern bank of the Big Cypress River, just south of the Marion County Courthouse in downtown Jefferson. Its family-oriented tours take passengers along the former steamboat turning basin. Jefferson was once a major river port on the Big Cypress River, which led boats from the southwest to the Mississippi and Shreveport.

Riverboat tours in Jefferson are conducted by Nance Bailey, a veteran tour guide. She knows Jefferson’s rich history and is skilled at picking up on the interests of different groups. She tailors her tours to appeal to each group, so you’ll be treated to customized stories. You’ll learn about Jefferson’s rich heritage and see how it links to the surrounding communities.

For more information about riverboat tours, you can visit the official website. There are several companies that offer guided tours. Some offer free tours, while others charge a small fee for a private charter. You can also book private tours for as little as $390. You’ll ride a period-correct replica vessel. Be sure to check national and local public health directives before booking a trip. You can also visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s travel health notice webpage.